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London Dungeons


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You just turn up with your friend at your friend's booked time slot. For future - any guest of a MAP holder doesn't need to pre-book at a time slot, and you can both get in the priority entrance.

If you're there to buy a MAP (or exchange vouchers) just tell them at the front, and they'll also let you in to the ticketing area to do this.

I hope you have a horrible time.

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Well I visited today and I have to say, we ended up buying the photo at the start because it was so good :P

I also loved the boat ride and the drop tower certainly shocked me on how fast it was! However, I was disappointed was vengeance, it didn't really impress anyone in there and the guy was having to tell us to shoot them, but when we did shoot, nothing exactly happened. It didn't really have a story line either, to be honest I didn't understand it! I was also shocked how they put a 1.2 m height restriction on!

Other than that I had a great but scary time, it wasn't to bad overall but there were some scary moments!

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Intensity is nothing to do with height, as many members prefer Detonator to rides like Apocalypse or maybe Hurakan Condor in PortAventura which is over twice the height.

It's all down to the manufacturer. Detonator is manufactured by Fabbri and instead of falling under gravity, it is forced downwards by 4 pistony type things at the top (pneumatics I think), whlilst Intamin drop towers just fall under gravity.

Extremis is manufactured by ABC who have very little information on their website regarding how the ride works, but in short the intensity you feel has nothing to do with height.

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No, that is them building the new one at the new location.

Really shocked that they have gone for a brand new one. There was nothing wrong with the old/current one. Maybe they will use it in their next dungeons so it didn't bother them purchasing a brand new one. Will definitely avoid disruption of closing the current one early to move it I guess.

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