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Dreamland Margate


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They have released some more photos, and I think it is safe to say that theming on this level has never been done at Thorpe (or any other UK park to be honest);











(Pictures from Screamland Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/screamlanduk )


It looks like they have put a lot of effort into this event, really hope it pays off for them!

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Thanet District Council slammed over ‘insensitive act of historic vandalism’ as fairground rides intended for Dreamland left to rot at Ramsgate Port


Thanet District Council has been slammed after a number of former fairground rides intended for Dreamland were ‘left to rot’ at Ramsgate Port.

The rides, which included a Corbiere Wheel, a Junior Whip and an American Whip, and were in some part purchased using government grants, have been stored outside, without cover or protection since the amusement park in Margate opened in the summer.

While there was never an intention by the Dreamland Trust to use the rides in full as they once were, it planned to recycle elements of the rides to use for other purposes at the park.

But the council’s management of the rides has been blasted by former Green Party councillor Ian Driver, who described its actions as ‘vandalism.’

He said: “These rides are of great historic importance, some of them are over 70 years old and are amongst a tiny handful of surviving examples.

“The Heritage Lottery Fund allocated £1.235m to restore these, and other rides, to their former glory for the public to use and enjoy at Dreamland.

“But sadly they have been dumped at the port of Ramsgate forgotten about and allowed to rot and deteriorate.

“It’s probably too late to restore them now as they have become so badly damaged.

“This is an insensitive act of historic vandalism by Thanet Council and the latest in a series incompetent blunders surrounding Dreamland.”

However, the council insisted that some of the rides were damaged beyond repair prior to being stored at the port.

A spokesperson for the council said in response: “The rides which were recently stored at Ramsgate Port were mostly former rides donated to the project – some of which were for theming or for restoration.

“Those remaining are elements of former rides with most beyond economic repair.

“They are not part of the agreed programme of rides for Dreamland delivered as part of phase one.

“The rides were not financed or acquired by the council although one ride was financed using public money, the Corbiere Wheel which was acquired using the Sea Change grant and discussions are ongoing with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport regarding its future.

“The Junior Whip has been taken off-site and is due to be restored for future use at the park.

“The rides have been moved to another site due to recent increased port operations (the new car shipment service with Gefco) until a permanent solution can be achieved.”

Link:  http://www.kentnews.co.uk/news/thanet_district_council_slammed_over_insensitive_act_of_historic_vandalism_as_fairground_rides_intended_for_dreamland_left_to_rot_at_ramsgate_port_1_4403548

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Aside from this unfortunate news, how are dreamland doing in terms of attendance? My family went and they're going back soon as they loved it...

Not sure - they are £3 million in debt (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-35048830), but the late opening of the Scenic can't have helped attendances so hopefully it will improve this year!

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Personally I don't think the admission price system helps. A park like dreamland would get more custom having a token and wristband system as it did in the past.

I think there's too much of a problem locally with 'nusance youths' who would hang around intimidating everyone and changing that atmosphere of the place. This keeps them out.

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I understand why its pay to enter due to the issue of unwanted people hanging around....... However I feel a mix of the two ideas would work well. 

Have a £5 entry price which can be redeemed off the price of a wristband for unlimited rides Or simply includes the cost of one free ride.


The park needs one more iconic ride. It has the scenic which is great. But it needs another 'decent' rollercoaster, log flume or adult drop tower. (Shame the old looping star not in loudon castle cant be used)

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Hey guys, small questions, so for some reason apparently I cant see any posts after this https://gyazo.com/b3fc71543bcadf6f38c2a3e4be60f4c8 , but when looking at the park list, the last post was made in February 


so I can't see what's been talked about after, anyway, I'm probably going to be heading to dreamland next week, as it's only like 50 minutes from where I live, just wondering if anyone knows what attractions are still there, I know the top spin went to WWL and was wondering if it returned, again, apologies if if's been mentioned before as I can't see it, and was wondering if stuff like the crazy mouse was still there as I don't see it on the site 


*edit* apparently me posting has allowed me to view the rest of the topic? lol, anyway, still curious if anyone knows what's down there, if not then no worries though 

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^ Called it! :lol:


Had this through email;



Pay Per Ride

Coinciding with our first birthday celebrations, we are delighted to announce that Dreamland will become FREE TO ENTER and PAY TO RIDE from this Saturday 18th June onwards.
Guests will be able to enter the park at no charge and choose to pay to ride or purchase a wristband for unlimited rides.

The great thing is that Dreamland is now open to everyone each weekend and during holidays. Non-riders who wish to visit the park and see our vintage ride collection, laugh at the on-park entertainments team or enjoy performances on the bandstand, can do so at no cost. 

Those brave enough to manage one or two rides, can choose a pay to ride option and those serious about getting the most out of their day can buy a wristband for unlimited rides. 

And better still, for the first time, Dreamland is introducing an exceptional value for money wristband for smaller guests measuring under 1.25 metres with prices starting from just £8 (in advance online). This wristband can be used for unlimited access on up to 19 rides and gain access to 3 attractions (Mermaid and Pirate School, the Dreamland Ark (yes, it's back from this weekend!) and the Teddy and Betty Show.

All wristbands are cheaper when booked in advance online.

I think this is a fantastic decision and I hope it pays off for them.  It's refreshing to see a park that listens to what the public want.

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Those numbers aren't good! Hoping the council, who I think are heavily committed funding this, hold their nerve and keep it open. It was never going to be easy at the start but if they can keep the restored rides coming it should draw ever increasing crowds. I imagine it was the Scenic delay which has crippled them from the off.

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Screamland 2016 Information


The multi-award winning scare event will return on Fridays abs Saturdays from october 14th to october 29th. This year nothing is the same so keep close and try to avoid the horrors!


Returning With A Twist


 As said, none of last years mazes will return the same, with each of the returning mazes having story alterations to make them more unique (take note Merlin)!





Festino's Forgotten Funhouse - King Of Clowns


Pearlywight, the self-styled king of clowns, and Alonzo Festino's one-time apprentice, has taken control of the old funhouse. Frenzied with fury, the cannibal clown and his hoard of carnivorous cohorts have overthrown Festino, presenting Festino's Forgotten Funhouse in their own sinister style.


It is guaranteed to wipe the smile off your face permanently!


Scare Factor - 5





The Final Cut Presents... They Came From Outer Space!


role in a science-fiction screamer! Collect your ticket for Horrorwood Picture House, and pass through the silver screen... Become part of the action in an alien adventure, as The Final Cut takes on a whole new dimension.

Lights! Camera! Hacktion!


Scare Factor - 5





Dead & Breakfast II - Murder Hotel


Fag Ash Lil, the sickingly sarcastic landlady at Better Days guest house, opens her creaking doors once again, to welcome you into her decrepit seaside hotel. But behind the salt-scarred façade, deep in the bowels of the building, an even darker horror awaits. Sharpen your senses as you take a journey into Dead & Breakfast, don't miss it, or you'll be gutted, but beware… the hunt is on.


Scare Factor - 5




New For 2016!


There are also 2 brand new mazes coming to Screamland in 2016, one will be replacing 2015's Abracadabre.




The Bloody Mirror


Enter a mist-clad netherworld of mirror and madness and journey towards an inevitable encounter with Bloody Mary herself as you gaze into the bloody mirror fir a trail with a twist.

Call her name… If you dare.


Scare Factor - 5





The Paradise Foundation


Happy but broke? Rich but unhappy? No problem… contact The Paradise Foundation, where we can transform you, literally, into the very best version of 'you’. Take a tour of our facility, or check yourself in fir the revolutionary, if controversial, BLISS full transformative service? Doctor Prometheus and his devotees will ensure you are never quite the same person again, but remember, paradise comes at a price… are you a patron or a provider?


Scare Factor - 5





Much last last year there are also sideshows around Dreamland, with one brand new one being announced so far!




The Storyteller


Join Eliza Body, the strictly sinister spinster, as she reads twisted tales from her weather worn storybook. But, be warned, as Ms Body has a peculiar propensity for bringing the characters in her stories vividly to life…


Scare Factor - 2



Tickets and Prices


Early bird tickets are available to buy now, with various prices.


Friday 14th October
General Entry - £15
Fastrack - £20 (£4 per maze)

Saturday 15th, Friday 21st, Saturday 22nd & Friday 28th October
General Entry - £19.95
Fastrack - £24.95 (£4.99 per maze)

Saturday 29th October
General Entry - £24.95
Fastrack - £29.95 (£5.99 per maze)



It looks very likely that Screamland will 'win Halloween' once more, with many people saying last years event put most other scare events to shame!

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Here's our first look at Pearlywight from Festino's Forgotten Funhouse - King of Clowns!


""Pearlywight, the cannibal clown has taken control of the Fun House from Alonzo Festino and has pronounced himself the King Of Clowns. Hungry for blood him and his fellow hoard of cannibal clowns are on the attack and looking for YOU! Can you make it out the other side?"




As as well as the first look at Dr.Prometheus from The Paradise Foundation! 


"Meet Dr Prometheus. He's a psychopathic mastermind with a God Complex. He has revolutionised The Paradise Foundation introducing the controversial BLISS full transformative service. Fancy being transformed into the very best version of yourself? Take a tour of the facility and check in for the full treatment! You will not come out felling the same!"





We then have Fag Ash Lil from Dead & Breakfast II - Murder Hotel!

"You've met Fag Ash Lil, the sickeningly sarcastic landlady at Better Days Guest House? Well, she opens her creaking doors once again to welcome you into her decrepit seaside hotel."





Next we have Eliza Body, The Storyteller...

"Eliza Body is a stickler for the rules, diction and smartness and will not abide naughtiness or foolish fun. Only at Screamland will you witness her tales being told and sometimes her stories even come to life! Can you behave? Let's hope not!"





Lastly, we have Armand from The Final Cut... They Cane From Outer Space!

"Armand, The Box Office attendant at The Final Cut is ready to welcome you into this year's film, an alien exploration through various extra-terrestrial scenes."



Bloody Mary is expected to be revealed in the coming days!

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