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Right so my favourite TV programme comes back last night! Misfits!

Now earlier this year the disappointing news of both Lauren Socha (Kelly) & Iwan Rheon (Simon) would not be returning (Antonia Thomas aka Alisha was killed off last season) so the only people who are staying from season three is Curtis & Rudy who joined last season, personal I neither like both of them massively so this already started season 4 off to a bad start but being an optimistic, I looked forward to the new members who joined the cast!

Fast forward four months and Misfits is back! Now watching the episode,it seemed like not only did the cast of season three disappeared but aswell as the story line from the past three seasons, so as a big fan of it, this confused me greatly, with no explanation of either this new story line or finishing the old one.

The plot:

From what I gather, this episode was an explanation of the new characters but also another story line of a mystery man with a power to give people greed towards the briefcase locked to his hand full of money, of course all the characters get filled with this greed and got against each other to get this briefcase, the story line takes a while to get into but once into it, it a fairly good story line.

Now the new characters seem interesting but only time will tell if I grow to like them or even if they grow my expectations of the previous cast, episode two seems very intense with one of the new characters and plenty of plot twist galore, so bring on season four!

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Whilst Piggate is still fresh in the mind..

It's all about House of Fools on Tuesday.

Anyone watched the new episode of American Horror Story? I personally thought it was great, back to the gory and weird panning shots. Lady Gaga is brilliant (never doubted her anyway #trufan) and the

Posted Images

Misfits ended for me when Robert Sheehan left, it went downhill fast from then on in.

Sheehans new program Me and Mrs Jones which has just started on BBC1 is excellent. Very very funny, especially once the first introduction type episode is out of the way. Check it out.

Another one that has recently started and I'm loving is Hebburn. Been a lot of good new comedy recently.

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American Horror Story Asylum! I absolutely loved the first series and was quite skeptical about series 2, with the use of same actors but different characters. But oh boy it has exceeded my expectations by a million. I've watched the first 2 episodes online from when it was broadcast in America but I believe it starts on FX in the UK this week (wednesday I'm thinking). Some of the acting, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters and Zachary Quinto I'm looking at you, is exceptional. If you're a fan of horror/drama/bloody good television then check it out! (Also it has such a brilliant opening titles sequence :wub: )

I'll just leave this here:


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Misfits ended for me when Robert Sheehan left, it went downhill fast from then on in.

I never got into his character or saw enough of him to be horrified when he left, I started watching the show mid season two so the characters that was in season 3 was my favourites

On the note of AHSA I have been trying and trying to watch this but it seems like I haven't had the time yet! As Sheepie knew he got me hooked on AHS season one and I was very excited for this but I haven't had a chance to see it yet!

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I am loving American Horror Story Asylum too, it's amazing! They have really upped the ante with this season, each episode has been fascinating with so many developments in the story and we are only 5 episodes in (at the pace of FXUK)! I also think that the title sequence is even more impressive and disturbing than last years which I thought would be hard to top.

Talking of disturbing... this song is surely on its way to become a cult horror classic theme!

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Oh American Horror Story <3 I've never been this enthusiastic about a TV show before, I just love it so much! The acting and writing is quite literally incredible, I strongly suggest people watch it because it's just brilliant!

In other news, Chris Lilley (best known for Summer Heights High and Angry Boys) has a new show coming out next year :Dhttp://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/lilley-spicks-and-specks-return-in-newlook-abc-lineup-20121129-2ahg6.html

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Just seen the Christmas BBC1 films trailer. We have...

Shrek Forever After

Alice In Wonderland

Prince Of Persia

A Christmas Carol


The Sorcerers Apprentice

How To Train Your Dragon

The Princess and the Frog

Nice line up. Making me feel all Christmassy.

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for me the BBC line up at christmas I'm really looking forward to Alice In Wonderland - just love the whole Tim Burton take on it.

Up I am obsessed with in terms of Pixar films the only thing that beats it for me at the moment is Toy Story. The thing I love about Up is how you end up crying less than 5 minutes into the film and be laughing 30 seconds later!

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Woo love Up! Although I must be the only person that didn't cry at the beginning :o

It's all about The Snowman tbh! Every Christmas I have to watch it :P Sad ending though, especially with the music. My brother can't watch the ending to this day, after it made him cry as a child!

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