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Whilst the park has indeed built some highly impressive rides and luckily has the ground setting and creativity to do so, it is such a great shame that the local housing positions have proved such a problem for the park that some projects have been downscaled or scrapped altogether. Apparently the recently denied water park plans originally stated for the theme park to also be extended too, but that was since downgraded.


The park's planning problems seem to be similar to Legoland's and Towers to an extent. Lets hope they can eventually buy all those houses in close proximity to the park.

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It's a valid point raised, but when rides are constructed the final piece is chosen from normally a variety of concepts. It's quite possible, if the original concept and this one had a similar footprint/ride structure etc. that they have gained more money since then and are able to go back and redo the ride in a better manner.

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On another note, here's some renders of how the rides will incorporate (to be honest it's not amazing in how well they interact, but it's a feat in itself for being able to fit another coaster in underneath this giant bundle of knots)







So it's again a slightly altered layout (it seems, so far, no 2 boomerangs of this kind have been exactly the same) but this one appears closer to Paulton's one then Ben 10. The reverses will be in a new tower building above the old outside turn of river quest. 



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Would be a bit bizarre on a new ride for them to fit restraints that haven't been used for over a decade.



I was referring to most Intamin restraints in general, as they aren't as comftable as restraints on coasters by the likes of B&M, Mack or even Vekoma [on their newer designs at least]. Hopefully Taron will have a restraint system that makes for a comftable ride and won't detract the experience.


The factor Indy & Colossus use the same restraint type is probably a coincidence. Rita's restraints  aren't all that great either and I expect it's the same for the likes of Baco & Tornado as well.  The restraints on the 10 looper at Cinecitta are an improvement to say the least, but I'm sure there is still room for improvement.

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