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Lol, I just enjoy the company of girls! Can talk about guys, bitch about people, and I can just really be myself. My guy friends don't mind how I am but they don't really like me talking about, and I can't really say wow that guy is hot without them going "EWW" haha.

At college I'm more friendly with girls, at Work I'm more friendly with guys. Its one of those things, no one I know gives a damn about sexuality, its your actual personality that matters. My best friend at College knows I have a boyfriend even though I haven't told her and she hasn't asked me.
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Even though you went on a holiday with them

Oh, well apart from Gay Holiday yeah :(Nah I'm talking like an actual serious conversation. That's not something I ever have had or anticipate having with any of them. There's only a couple I think would be mature enough to handle it, if you catch them in the right mood. Even then I don't think I would, can't be doing with the aftermath!I figure it's part of going to an all boys school. Any sort of emotional anything is completely supressed, because ya gotta be macho, otherwise you'll get bullied for being 'gay'.There was this poor little kid that join in year 7, had long blonde hair, looked dead cute. But oh no, that made him gay. He got bullied so bad he had to leave, poor thing.Grr, now I can't even remember the point of this post, I swear I was working towards something!Edit: Remembered the point! Yeah, was just gonna say that why I'm so greatful for the friends that I know through here (you know who you are!), without whom I'd probably go insane. I don't deserve them really.
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I cant seem to get along with girls that well I have a few girly friends and they are close to me.Otherwise they are all Boys and ever since I were a small child I had mostly boy friends.

I like to have girly days out, I guess that is the only obv gay part about me ,lol.


Its funny with girls it doesnt really work the other way...I'm straight but doesnt make me seem like I'm a lesbain for having mostly boys as friends and even if I was lesbain (which I'm not). If I have mostly Boy friends...I'm just known as a slut lol.
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I've really enjoyed the last few pages of conversation; we've gotten into quite a good debate.That's really good to hear though Rush, what a good attitude to have. Most of the time it's pretty obvious that I'm gay, but like other people I don't go around telling people that I'm gay unless it comes out in normal conversation... like I'll say that I'm going to stay with my boyfriend for the weekend or whatever.But yes, this post is kinda contradicted by my avatar- I've just realized, although I only uploaded this one because I thought it looked good and I wanted to change my other mongy one! :lol:Haha. Anyways it doesn't matter who's gay and who isn't, it's good to have some kind of discussion on it though!

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Haha. Anyways it doesn't matter who's gay and who isn't,

Gay's are not welcome here, your banned if you are.Please for the love of god I'm joking, after all we would like to have people actually visit the site ;)But yeah, I don't tell my friends that I am, my friend Chloe for example, just 'knew' was leik urr alright then.
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