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I don't have anything against intamin prefabs as of now. El Toro and T Express (the two latest prefabs) are both great examples of wooden coasters and are generally very successful (I may need to hear an opinion of T Express from @Mega-Lite to verify the success of T Express).


Having ridden El Toro, it blends in the wooden coaster element and the over engineered element very effectively. It's perfectly smooth on the airtime hills (which is essential on a coaster that intense) then it becomes quite bumpy on the twister section (like a wooden coaster should be). I don't know why they no longer appear to manufacture them, the latest versions surely would've encouraged more.


I don't think Colossos should become defunct in this situation, surely they could make some repair... oh wait, it's Merlin. Ideally, I would hope for it to be repaired.



Then again, there is the RMC option ;)

(On a coaster this size, it could be rather brilliant)

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Isn't there the rumour that termites or something have been attacking Colossos?  If that's true and there'sa true infestation, then wood might not be the way forward...

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You called?


T Express is second only to Helix in coasters I've ridden, it's brilliant. First drop is the steepest on any of the Intamins and you hit it running thanks to the cable lift (I've heard El Toro slows down as it crests the top?), these things combined make for one of the most intense drops I've ever experience. The rest of the ride is non stop intense ejector air, some moments like the first hill sustaining it for insane amounts of time. Bits inbetween the airtime are taken at silly speeds so don't have time to drag on too much. It's huge, it's brutal and it's just fantastic fun. It's not coaster perfection though, the way the air time is not consistent in every row bugs me slightly and I wish it offered a bit more variety (like the sideways airtime on Piraten). Riding it at night when you couldn't see what was coming, while reminding myself what a life changing country I was in, brought tears to my eyes and made me remember why I got into this stupid hobby.


I wouldn't say the coaster ever gets bumpy or anything, it's butter smooth all round, smoother than Balder infact and that's hardly rough.


It's so hard to find anyone who has ridden both El Toro and T Express and isn't either an American who'll die before he says El Toro isn't better or a showoff who'll say T Express to prove he's been to Korea.


Really hope this RMCing everything idea fades out soon, Wildfire left me feeling a bit dry and I'd much rather Colossos reopened, each to his own though.

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