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Heide Park


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10 minutes ago, BaronC. said:

According to the park's Facebook, Colossos will be closed for the 2017 season because they work required is more expensive and takes longer than initially expected. 


Sad times.


Bad times - I'm hoping to visit Heide later this season - and was the only ride I was looking forward too here!  I'm going in OCT so maybe just maybe it'll be open for then! 

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15 hours ago, Mark9 said:




Not good enough.


Who do they think they are, Alton Towers?!


Obviously I know you comment was in jest but...


To be fair to them there are some serious structural issues going on with that ride and seems they realised it's more than what they initially expected. As well as the money aspect of it, it's kind of an unexpected issue that's popped up and clearly more than there maintenance budget. It wouldn't have been an issue they would have taken lightly. Germans love efficiency!.

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I'd love to state I'd never make my first visit to the park if they ever dream of removing Colossos, but who am I kidding I'd still want the other creds! 


Would be a shame to not be able to get the Intamin woody collection though, owing to the fact I have T Express and that's probably the rarest.


The only slightly sliver lining if it closes would be my friend tells me it wasn't all that great anyway, though that may have been a sign of it's decline into closure...

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It really wasn't that great, last time I rode it it bounced around a few parts as well...


I think there's a lack of soul to the Intamin prefabs as well, over engineering removing some of the charm and flaws that wooden coasters work well on...


I'm so non plussed at the idea of Colossos being spited...

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