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Canada Creek Railway: The Bear Hunt

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The Bear Hunt which opened on Saturday is a look out for bears through the Canadian Rockies.. so what do you think of the Canada Creek alterations and the attraction itself?I thought it was bloody excellent and Tussauds first real attempt at theming at the park since Tidal Wave. Considering it seemed to be a last minute thing, it's really been pulled of nicely. Its a bit short but considering its using something that otherwise would have been left blank its a great little ride that Families will enjoy.

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At the moment there are 6 bears around the track as they signs say but more a yet to arrive at the park to give a total of ten.It was quite fun going round the track though and counting the bears. This comming from a 17 year old. Reminded me of those places kids go were you have to spot items around the area.

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Discuss Thorpe's Canada Creek Railway here!Personally, I think it's a shame it was ever shortened. The route from the farm to Canada Creek where it went behind Burger King was the most exciting part, and the waft you got from BK was lovely. :P I see that for this year only (whilst it's closed), the bears from the railway are scattered around Loggers Leap. I take it they'll be returning to the railway next year?Also, along near Nemesis Inferno, I see the railway has not only long gone, but the landscaping has been done so well that newcomers to Thorpe would never have known it went down there! Is it all gone and well landscaped behind Burger King, and right the way to the farm?

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