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Canada Creek Railway: The Bear Hunt


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I managed to get a final ride on this attraction on the 30th oct. It is such a great ride and I will miss it alot. I would rather thorpe left the track in place and kept the trains in case there's a way they can bring it back in the future. One thing they could do to make it stand in to the modern thorpe is add some theming and make it a scary trip around or just open it at Fright nites as a horrer ride or something.

Or would be nice if they rerouted it again to go behind Nemesis Inferno/Rumba Rapids and over the old Treasure Island site onto the swarm island and have a new station there as well as in Canada Creek to actually provide a transport ride like before when it went to Thorpe Farm!If only!!!
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I never went on CCR as I was always too busy on the big rides like SAW and Nemesis Inferno but now I feel like I really missed out on a good ride.In my opinion it seems like one of those signature rides that have a big history and should never be removed from a park whether it costs alot to maintain or not. I see why they chose to close it though.Still, the deed is done I guess. Another ride bites the dust! :P

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Well, this is something I sort of promised myself I would do..Really, it's just a collection of photos I've taken over the past year on CCR, just so that they're in one place and so that they're always there for the memories! sad.gifEnjoy them as much I enjoyed riding CCR:

The somewhat themed shed which leads to Loggers Leap's enclosed area.


One on many views of Saw. These sorts of views just aren't possible without CCR.

300215_2450142055970_521562144_n.jpgSaw exitting its second inversion.


Saw going through the Immeleann turn.


Air time hill.


The end of Saw, and management I think?




Wish I timed this photo better to get a Saw car in that reflection. :P


The lock of the gates. thorpeparkjack should remember the reasoning behind taking this photo... :ninja:


The story board.




View of the Loggers queue on a warm summer's day. I remember back in the day when all of that queue would be full...


Loved this bear! :')


Fishy bear. It did used to have a more realistic looking plastic fish in its mouth, but rumour goes someone leant out of the train, grabbed it and threw it in the river...


The 'tree hugger' bear.


I can't remember when it didn't say 8 bears to be honest.


The contraption which gives you a cold trickle of water on Loggers Leap.


There was always something interesting underneath Loggers' lift/drop...


...included leaks.


One of the rare times the breeze and the right timing left you with a refreshing mist of water.


The nice little grassy area near the station. Hopefully this could be extended to a picnic area or something?

I know it's just photos really, but hopefully it leaves some memories for everyone to enjoy. To round it all off...


CCR will always get the thumbs up from me!!

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Your wish is my command pluk!

Unfortunately it's all down to Facebook and their silly mucking around with links, but I've updated them with the new links (so hopefully they'll last a while...). My apologises about the quality of photos (all are on my old camera, and I'm not the greatest photographer) and despite what the time stamps say, all these photos were taken during the 2011 season. Hope you enjoy reminiscing over them! :D

(Oh, and Fred, it was a surprisingly tight squeeze in there - sorry about taking so long to respond, I only just got myself free! ;) )

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I do hope this is a moment of clairvoyance...


I think my feelings on CCR and whether it should open again or not have been perfectly clear since the moment it's closure was announced... (stuff it; if Slammer mucks up again any time soon, just close it permanently and reopen CCR with the savings... ;) )

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