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Looking at both layouts, Shambhala looks like it'll still remain strong over the B&M hypers. I've been on neither however, and probably won't for a long while, so I can't really compare, however Shambhala does look like a better overall ride. Although, Mako's colour scheme [emoji108]

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Still not overly hyped for a ride focusing on air time. Remaining sceptical, which is one thing that looks good for Mako is it isn't just up and down. It has some decent banking and turns. I think there's one trim on Mako's layout, maybe 2. But Seaworld parks often from my experience don't even turn the trims on. Bigger concern should surely be the trim that's looking likely on Hulk...

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Benin was using the little known linguistic device of sarcasm. TPMers don't use sarcasm much do they?


Judging by the amount of people voted most sarcastic member in the 2015 awards, I'd say that is false.


I'm also aware your post was slightly sarcastic as well.

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