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Could be worse - you could've spent £33m on the real thing.

Just got myself some queue line signage from a recently deceased dark ride in Cleethorpes, That ride being Tommy Tinkaboo's Sweet Adventure:     The 4th one is actually from the r

I actually managed to collate (the majority) of my tat recently... So have fun... Clothing Hoodies Stealth x2 Valhalla Disneyland Paris Mickey Mouse Shirts Air Beast Blue Fire Cedar Point

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11 hours ago, wegloo said:

I mean it's a calendar so they should be in order


But then there's the small problem of me not properly knowing the months of the year in order. I mean I know there's only 12 but my mind has just chosen not to remember their order. That's the trouble with a selective memory, I can't memorise the months of the year but I can memorise Pi to 27 places without trying to learn it.


My mind's f*cked up.

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2 hours ago, pluk said:

Ah, that makes more sense than what was in my head, of your cushion doing something odd while you controlled it remotely from across the room!


I laughed out loud reading this!  Now I have a weird image of a cushion prancing about.  I just know that is going to pop into my head at some point when I'm in a shop on my own....and start laughing (not for the first time)

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Hey folks, I'm having a big clear-out of all my stuff, and I've chosen to shift some of my theme park merch. I thought I'd offer them on here before throwing them to the eBay hounds - I'm happy to let them go for free if you're willing to pay the postage cost (which ought to be little over £3 in most cases, via 2nd class).


Take your pick - I've got resins of Nemesis, Nemesis Inferno and Vampire (the Nemesis and Vampire ones are early editions I think), an old Stinger frisbee from Paultons Park, some LEGOLAND Windsor Top Trumps and (not pictured) the Merlin Thrill Rides (Alton Towers/Thorpe Park/Chessington) Top Trumps (the pre-Smiler edition). All of them are in great condition, though the frisbee has a few points of wear.





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I used to own a cup we got from The Great Escape, but it's gone now.


I have two Cyborg T-shirts I got from Six Flags (a blue one from Great Adventure and a black one from New England), as well as a Superman cape and a Green Lantern cape that I got at GAdv. My mom also got a Daffy Duck plush at GAdv, and I got a Marvin the Martian plush.


There WAS a free refill Reese's branded cup we got at Hersheypark, but seems it went the way of the TGE cup.


Oh, and an ORP of me and my brothers on the Wild Mouse at Hershey.

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