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  1. Mattgwise

    2018 General Discussion

    Cheers, Still silly that it's not just on the ticket selection page! A lot of people will miss this with it being on the event page rather then general ticket page! Also, when they first went on sale they were 4pm to 10pm, then changed to 5pm - 10pm and now are just 6pm to 10pm. Still amazing value regardless.
  2. Mattgwise

    2018 General Discussion

    Does anyone know why the evening only ticket has disappeared from the ticket selection page of the Thorpe Park website?
  3. Mattgwise

    2018 General Discussion

    Admittedly I have a friend who said the same about last weekend but I have not had any major issues on the 6 visits I have made this year. Hopefully it will be sorted soon!
  4. Mattgwise

    2018 General Discussion

    You must have gone on a bad day as my recent visits have been great. Swarm and Stealth regularly dispatching in less than a minute (40 seconds on Swarm in several instances) Nemesis Inferno admittedly has been slow for a couple of seasons now. Really shows how every day can differ.
  5. Mattgwise

    2018 General Discussion

    As much as queuing is a pain, I think I'd get bored pretty quickly if I always had fast track and barely queued.
  6. Mattgwise

    Tidal Wave

    Hilarious! Also hilarious that it says this... Scott Montague asked why Samurai was running with '20 seats unfilled' and thirty minutes later returned to Twitter to report a break down. A blatant lie considering it isn't allowed to run with less than 15 riders!
  7. Mattgwise

    Europa Park

    There are plenty of parks in the UK that operate with open crossings so don't think that is due to health and safety being more relaxed in Germany.
  8. Mattgwise

    Park Music

    Correction. The "old and more suited" Colossus theme...
  9. Mattgwise

    Park Music

    Correction. The "old and more suited" Colossus theme...
  10. Mattgwise

    Park Music

    Oh dear, how disappointing! Such a shame when the new station/dispatch was so upbeat and tense! This is just like Colossus area, too calm and fantasy like for the ride. Ah well might as well get used to it
  11. Mattgwise

    Europa Park

    Absolutely incredible considering this was the root cause of the fire as well. What a phenomenal company and family!
  12. Mattgwise

    TPM Blackpool Weekend 20th - 22nd July 18

    Ahhh sorry to hear. It was great meeting you and glad you enjoyed it. Keep an eye out for future events and hopefully see you on another later on in the year or next year.
  13. Mattgwise


    Also has a "please note: Vortex is currently closed" message on its ride page on the TP Website. Something TP rarely do. https://www.thorpepark.com/rides/vortex Haha - Look at the tab at top of page when you open the link > it calls the ride "Vortext"
  14. Mattgwise

    TPM Blackpool Weekend 20th - 22nd July 18

    We are definitely staying at Blackpool South Shore Travelodge (near football stadium) and some of us have already booked. Would be great to see some more of you on this trip.