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  1. Good riddance. Much better without it. In fact since the ride added VR I appreciated "Air" a hell of a lot more! VR just isn't for coasters IMO. (or dark rides 😂
  2. Mattgwise

    2019 Season

    With the fiasco of rides not being able to operate under 5 degrees???? Can't see it. To me it looks like stars, rather than snow.
  3. "well our policy and belief is we should never actually put our prices up unless we're giving our customers something in return." Umm I am pretty sure most years ticket prices have a tiny increase half way through. Pizza Pasta definitely went up in price a couple of times during the season (It then had no bbq base pizza in my last two visits in October) The car park at Thorpe went up twice! Hmmmm!
  4. Yes I was thinking in the furthest corner, but certainly a valid point regarding traffic spilling onto the road. If it had a long dedicated road like some of those parks abroad that pay on entry it would be easier. Putting a contactless reader on the barrier ticket machine would reduce the hold ups that the car park regularly gets due to people having not paid.
  5. It isn't designed for it no, but it really wouldn't be that difficult to change, but we all know they wouldn't change it. The pay as you go in works very well in many parks abroad.
  6. Ooooo! Sticking up for Marhelorpe are we??? 😂 It's a running joke that those of us of the last couple of Thorpe TPM meets would understand, because we know how much Marhelorpe loves Walking Dead Ride! But back to Room on the broom, regardless of what the outside looks like it will still be a hit for most families who visit the park.
  7. You're going to be rethinking that when you have been to Cedar Point! Oh and the outdoor queue of Walking Dead is one of the best out there. How many queuelines let you sit down. 😍
  8. They have repainted burger kitchen into a less colourful style so would imagine it will be considered its own area. What's funny though is a proportion of the old Charlie facade can still be seen to the left of the dungeon untouched (see the Towers street link Stuntman707 posted).
  9. Lots of updates through theme parkguide https://live.themeparkguide.biz A shame the same can't be said for the queue. Shocking! Not painted (although I'm sure it will eventually), half the tiles are clean or new with the rest rotten and the floor all eneven. The chicken place looks nicely done, but I'm sure it's the same food as before, the artwork just makes it look nicer.
  10. Yes, but its. Still a valid point! That gravel end of the car park has remained the same for a few decades, bar taking out the wooden dividers! Actually they did refurbish the tarmaced section last year!
  11. There is a thread for them. Further down the main page go through this order and you'll find them all and all the details. 1. Planned trips and reports 2. TPM official meets 3. TPM 2019 meets Or click below https://forum.maniahub.com/forum/137-tpm-2019-meets/
  12. In terms of smaller meets, people usually organise outside of the forum with their friendship groups. The best piece of advice is to just try and get yourself to a meet. I'm now leading on the trips but only first started coming two years ago. I too was nervous but once I arrived I felt like I knew everyone for a long time and was made to feel welcome. At the moment the trips have group sized that are smaller than they were a few years back so now is a good time to try it out. @EpicSmatty and @JoshuaA both attended for the first time at Christmas. Could you both kindly let @profburp know how easy you settled in Any questions PM me!
  13. Or you can purchase this now...
  14. Well OK maybe it wasn't originally where it is now, but still not Monks Walk.
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