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  1. Mattgwise


    This must have happened very soon after I came off it as I rode it at about 2:50! Whilst queueing for the ride there were long delays in loading guests and initially upon joining queue there was about 5 minutes of just a few guests loaded (as shown in pic below) which was odd in itself. Platformers then wrapped a yellow belt around one of the seats before the restraints were lifted again and guests added to all the remaining seats (bar the closed off seat). The ride was simply dispatched and started following that. About 3 cycles later I was on, so must have happened very soon after if they say 3pm!
  2. Mattgwise

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    That is unbelievable to be honest! Shocking!
  3. Mattgwise

    TPM Fright Nights Meet Saturday 13th Oct 2018

    With two of you new to the group it is a perfect opportunity. If its any help I actually only joined the group at the start of the 2017 season due to being too nervous to go on previous visits! Within 5 mins I was fine and enjoying myself. Now I'm running trips! It's madness. I've made some great friends who all share similar interests.
  4. Mattgwise

    TPM Fright Nights Meet Saturday 13th Oct 2018

    Great to have you there Mer! I'll put you and Mike down then!
  5. Mattgwise

    TPM Fright Nights Meet Saturday 13th Oct 2018

    Date confirmed as 13th Oct Dom
  6. Mattgwise

    TPM Fright Nights Meet Saturday 13th Oct 2018

    The date has been set to Saturday 13th October based on being the most popular date in the poll. Please message or reply below to confirm your attendance, even if you voted in the poll.
  7. Mattgwise

    Cedar Point

    Just under 6ft. You have a fair point about skinnier legs potentially being knocked about TBH. Still glad you enjoyed it though.
  8. Mattgwise

    TPM Fright Nights Meet Saturday 13th Oct 2018

    Voting for the 2018 TPM FN meet closes in less than 6 hours!
  9. Mattgwise

    Cedar Point

    I have to personally disagree about the leg restraints. I'm not a slim person at nearly 16 stone and didn't feel they limited my experience in any way at all. The only pain I felt was the airtime causing the lap bar to hurt my stomach on a few of the hills. A truly quailty ride that I'm already missing.
  10. Mattgwise

    The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    @Marhelorpe will be over the moon! Will have to ride this over DBGT next time you're at the park! 😂
  11. Hi everyone, Halloween is coming up and that means we will be holding the annual TPM Thorpe Park Fright Nights meet. Based on a poll the date of the event has been set to Saturday 13th October 2018. Please message or reply below if you plan on attending even if you voted in the poll. The event will take place over the whole day as the park will be open 10am - 10pm, with horror mazes from 3PM. Below is the provisional plan for the day: Park opening - Meet in the dome 10:15 - Start making way around the rides 1:30ish - Lunch 2:30 - Meet back up and start making way to first maze choice. 3:30 onwards - More mazes and rides in the dark until close (maybe another stop for food later if people hungry) The meets are great fun and everyone is invited, even if you have never posted before or even been to a meet at all. If it's your first meet, I understand it can be nerve breaking - but we were all there once before, so all know the feeling, please don't let this stop you from attending. Once you are there you'll be part of the group in no time at all! Everyone attending will have my number or be a part of a FB messenger group. Attendees Cedar Creek ChiapasC (evening) Jessica2 Jenzie1997 Marc Mattgwise Mattymoo Mer Stuntman707 Terrortomb Maybe DavidB Jack MarkC Terry Terry Smilergeorge
  12. Mattgwise

    Europa Park

    Oh dear, it really is not Europa Parks year! Glad no injuries, and bet they have these trains repaired/replaced in a week!
  13. Mattgwise

    Rumba Rapids

    Looks like Rumba also getting the modified boat treatment.
  14. Mattgwise

    TPM Meets Calendar 2018

    Hey all, Due to the change in leading these meets this has obviously meant a change in the calendar for 2018. As a result of the change the calendar will also change: September abroad trip will no longer take place (this year anyway) October - TPM Fright Nights Meet December - TPM Christmas Meet A provisional 2019 calendar will come around November time. In the meantime keep your eyes peeled for information on the Fright Nights meet. Matt
  15. Mattgwise

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    I made a return visit two weeks after we went and it was quieter, but still not too quiet and a good atmosphere. Like you I don't think it seemed to be massively busier than previous years and the week I went saw two days extended until 8pm but also two days where it shut early at 5pm, showing a very mixed week. I guess we will have to wait and see when profit reports are released. Last time round they made £1 million after tax: https://www.insidermedia.com/insider/northwest/revenue-rises-at-blackpool-pleasure-beach I think the problem is lack of advertising out of the area. There were tonnes of signs all over Blackpool but I have not seen anything down south and haven't seen any advert on TV once.