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  1. Very strange. Can hear it around 35 mins in the TPW vlog. Is this an intentional change or just a mistake as it sounds like something used once before and they do sometimes incorrectly change
  2. Interesting decision. Whole queue area or station?
  3. Terror Tomb closed in 2001 and was replaced with Tomb Blaster which has been in the park ever since. Abdab was the name of the main character.
  4. Carnival is just an event not a new land.
  5. Big top audio park wide for the entire event confirmed! šŸ˜‰
  6. Let's move it to 3 per ride or it'll be closed season again before it finishes! Angry Birds 4D Experience (3) Black Mirror Labyrinth (3) Colossus (3) Depth Charge (3) Detonator: Bomb's Away (3) Flying Fish (3) King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgems (3) Lumber Jump (3) Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride (3) Nemesis Inferno (3) Quantum (3) Rocky Express (2) Rumba Rapids (3) Rush (3) Samurai (4) Saw - The Ride (3) Stealth (3) Storm in a Teacup (3) Storm Surge (3) The Swarm (3) Tidal Wave (3) Timber Tug Boat (3) Vortex (3) Zodiac (3) Samurai +1 Rocky Express -1 (sorry Theme Park Fanatic)
  7. I think I agree with the others. Very different and both great for completely different reasons. If I had to pick though Cedar point slightly wins it. I agree with Doyle's last point!
  8. The old music played all of last season as well but oddly had half the area wrongly programmed to blast out Angry Birds in the first part of this season, though the queue has always played it this year so far. It has however recently just reverted on the exit path to the Imascore jungle mix. But yes it's a far better track anyway. Just a shame the same hadn't happened to the colossus queue too.
  9. Thorpe is a one day park assuming you get there for opening. They have a pretty dire security queue to get in which could ruin your day if not there early (I'd recommend 45 mins before opening). As long as you are in the park within the first 15 minutes of opening you can usually get on 2 or 3 rides in the first hour. Just don't head to Swarm first, that tends to quiet down significantly around 3 to 4pm as most would have done it and tend not to return to the area once done as its a dead end. Even if queues are say 50 mins each doing the above you'd manage to get on all. It's very very rare I've ever done Thorpe on a relatively busy dahly and not got on everything and a couple of rerides in a day.
  10. Great reports, Karnan looks great, shame about its reliability. Where you off to in the states? Il be out there end of May to Cedar Point and Kings Island.
  11. Prior to the pandemic we ran trips to other parks including AT, CWoA, BPB Port Aventura, Toverland and Phantasialand but with not much happening at Thorpe attendance to all meets gradually declined so for now we will just trial Thorpe meets this year. If these go well or more interest occurs we will look at other park trips for 2023.
  12. We also have the two rides opening later this year. Only shame is ALL new attractions are low capacity, but it will certainly create more rides to spread crowds than now.
  13. We will look into potentially meeting up in the summer time and possibly Fright Nights, early on in the event. Any meets we plan will be posted in similar fashion to before. Keep an eye out in the next month or two. In the mean time If you are interested in meets resuming please let me know here so I can gauge interest.
  14. Very concerning to see over the last couple of seasons the capacity reduce on Tiger Rock. Had noticed for last two seasons gaps between boats in station during loading but today was on another level with just 11 boats in operation (it has around 26). I guess in fairness the ride is well over 30 years so it could be that some of the boats are coming to the end of their life but think they need to repair or replace. Some pics from in the station...
  15. In that case it really is just a shame they can't send it more frequently of which I am sure I had heard there was a reason they don't though can't remember exact details.. The Parc Asterix one Oxygenarium regularly has 4 boats on the lift. Anyway won't really affect me as with that pool of water in the boats I simply won't ride these days.
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