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    Cole - smash her back doors in.Bieber - smash his face in.
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    Professor Turds sewage works.A fun trip for all the family through a Transylvanian treatment plant.Could work!
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    Haha, yeah true. They'd have had to chav it up a bit "yo yo yo ho ho, this is a mother funkin hold up you sons of biscuits. You've got da black spot, innit blud"
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    Nearly impossible for me to choose between the two. I need both in my life! I couldn't do one top 10 because I can't really compare them. I can completely enjoy and appreciate a great thrill ride with no themeing at all (although 6flags push this too far with parking lot - the ride). In fact I don't think a large outdoor thrill ride can be themed in a way that changes the actual on ride experience much. To really work as an experience, themeing needs to be completely immersive, that's just no possible when you are so high up you can see for miles around. Unless you can build something on Disney scale to block out your surroundings, or in a hole like Nemesis.My perfect ride is TAAO Spiderman, which I guess is an experience ride made thrilling. If I have to decide, I'd go experience rides. When done well they have a soul and joy about them that a coaster can rarely match.
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    Nearly impossible for me to choose between the two. I need both in my life! I couldn't do one top 10 because I can't really compare them. I can completely enjoy and appreciate a great thrill ride with no themeing at all (although 6flags push this too far with parking lot - the ride). In fact I don't think a large outdoor thrill ride can be themed in a way that changes the actual on ride experience much. To really work as an experience, themeing needs to be completely immersive, that's just no possible when you are so high up you can see for miles around. Unless you can build something on Disney scale to block out your surroundings, or in a hole like Nemesis.My perfect ride is TAAO Spiderman, which I guess is an experience ride made thrilling. If I have to decide, I'd go experience rides. When done well they have a soul and joy about them that a coaster can rarely match.
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    Nearly impossible for me to choose between the two. I need both in my life! I couldn't do one top 10 because I can't really compare them. I can completely enjoy and appreciate a great thrill ride with no themeing at all (although 6flags push this too far with parking lot - the ride). In fact I don't think a large outdoor thrill ride can be themed in a way that changes the actual on ride experience much. To really work as an experience, themeing needs to be completely immersive, that's just no possible when you are so high up you can see for miles around. Unless you can build something on Disney scale to block out your surroundings, or in a hole like Nemesis.My perfect ride is TAAO Spiderman, which I guess is an experience ride made thrilling. If I have to decide, I'd go experience rides. When done well they have a soul and joy about them that a coaster can rarely match.
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    Haha, yeah true. They'd have had to chav it up a bit "yo yo yo ho ho, this is a mother funkin hold up you sons of biscuits. You've got da black spot, innit blud"
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    Double post, but meh.The Inbetweeners movie full trailer is now out :)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDTudLDCx5U&feature=player_embedded
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    Who remembers the black spot? A long time ago, a bit sketchy in my mind.I seem to remember the train to the farm being diverted occasionally, some went straight to the farm, others got theatrically 'hijacked' by pirates where a kind of show was put on by actors when the train stopped. A few terrified kiddies were pulled from the train to be used in the show and at some point a black spot was put in the palm of the hand of one of them. They would then be told they would die a slow and painful death because of their black spot(!), but be given a voucher for a free ice cream to make up for it. Such a good idea and I remember loving it as a child. Why was it gotten rid of? Would such a thing have a place in todays Thorpe?My little sister was once infected, she got the black spot (+free ice cream!), and I am forever jealous.
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    Someones message on Twitter to Piers [email protected] I'd like to regulate your face. With a train. #bbcqt
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    Got back from Spain the other day and I of course had to spend a day (or 2) at Port Aventura after sight-seeing in Barcelona.Day 1We got the train to the park and got there for opening time and foolishly decided to head for Furious Baco first thing, I didn't realise that this was the first and only ride in the park for a a large amount of space so it was incredibly busy and we waited almost 2 hoursFurious Baco - Theming was great overall, it seemed that it was supposed to be a winery that had been overtaken by monkeys. As you leave the station, you enter a tunnel where there are lots of spinning cogs and flashing lights, then out of nowhere, a monkey comes along (at this point the train is hooking onto launch system) and the moneky presses a button and off you go! After the launch straight you go downwards slightly which created a bunch of negative gs for a second or two. You then whip round the first corner in extremely close proximity to the canyon which was very claustrophobic and at 80mph, VERY intense. This ride truly kicks the crap out of Stealth and Rita as I found it much more intense. The in-line twist at the end was yummy too. The only bad feedback from the ride was that sitting at the far sides of the train created a rougher ride than sitting closer to the middle and whilst I agree with this, I didn't mind it too much. Easily the best ride in the park. the low throughput created long queues unfortunately but we managed to sit at the front to make it worth it.We then headed over to Dragon Khan which took about 10 or 15 minutes as we couldn't find the bloody thing. The queue wasn't too bad, half an hour approx. Dragon Khan - The queueline could have been a bit more imaginative since it was just cattlepens under a Pagoda building but we were not too bothered due to the short queue and high throughput. I honestly expected the ride to be bigger when I first saw it but hey, it was still quite impressive. The ride itself is fairly smooth but you'd expect that from a B&M. There were no particularly intense parts of the ride apart from exiting the zero g roll which you seems to get pulled out of. Overall a very fun ride which isn't as intense as its appearence and the high throughput made it very re-ridable. It is similar to Nemesis Inferno because its fun without being very intense, but Dragon Khan was twice as long so twice as good as Nemesis Inferno. I got a really nice t-shirt too which is black and has a silver dragon on it with Dragon Khan writte below it which was 16.90 Euros (more expensive than other shirts because it was nicer I imagine).We were now getting closer to the intimidating tower overlooking the whole of the park: Hurrakan Condor. However we stumbled across the El Diablo - Tren De La Mina first which was a relief since I avoid Detonator every single time when I got to Thorpe Park.El Diablo - Amazingly themed, just like Thunder Moutain Railroad. with waterwheels, windmills and great theming scattered around the whole ride area. 3 lifthills created a nice long ride, I was dissapointed at the lack of any vaguely steep drops though. It was great how it interacted with the log flume though when it was flying overhead and you could wave to people in the logs. The second lifthill was suich a waste, after climbing to the top, you glide round 180 degrees before being attacked by trim-brakes, it was just wasted speed, so pointless. The last drop was good, a really long drop built up lots of speed which was great and then went through a couple of tunnels too.So Hurrakan Condor was looming upon us with only 1 out of 3 of us wanting to go on it. So we walked up to it in peril thinking how sickening it was just to watch it. I then thought, I'm only coming here once (and the day after) so I thought I had to give it ago despite consciously avoiding Detonator everytime I go to Thorpe Park. I find drop towers the most intense ride experiences by far.Hurrakan Condor - After reluctently joining the queue and after waiting 20 minutes or so, a choice was upon on, stand-up or sit-down. We chose to sit down since it seemed less scary. It is themed as a broken tower with the middle missing so about 80ft of tower was remaining which was where the brakes kicked in, so if one were to view from a distance, you would not be able to see the cars braking after the drop which was quite a clever idea. The top of the tower was jsut a themed piece of roof which was slightly wonky which added to the 'ruined' effect very nicely. So climbed the tower as speed, much faster than other drop towers since it onyl takes 4 people up at a time (there a 5 sides to the tower, some sit-down, some stand-up which all function independently and thus drop at different times). After emerging out of the building, it seemed you were hhigher all the other rides already and you were not even half way there. To put this into perspective, Detonator is 115ft and Hurrakan Condor is 300ft. at the top, the car slowly began to slow down and when it came to a halt, you knew the catchment car would unhook immediately after so it was VERY tense. You then hear it unhook and the camera catches your 'falling face' which was not pretty for me. This is the only ride that I couldn't help but scream on because it is just so ridiculously intense. I hold a steady scream for 3 seconds before I run out of breath. We are still falling and begging for the brakes to kick in at any second which they inevitably did, much to our relief. This truly took my breath away at it was a huge relief to get off. Half of me thought 'this ride was built by the devil' but the other half of me thought 'that was such an adrenaline rush!'. So I was very pleased that I managed to do it.After that, we thought we should do some of the flats in the area before heading for Stampida in the Far West. All the flats were terribly run as only one member of staff was opperating them and when you have to lock and unlock every single restraint or lapbar individually, this takes a huge amount of time which bores the rest of the queueline to death, as well as the riders waiting in the burning hot sun. After a few of these, we headed to Tomohawk which is a small Woodie where you sit single file in a yellow train which again, didn't help throughput. However, it interacted nicely with Stampida so if you were lucky there would be 3 trains at once in relative synchronicity so there was lots of waving to do. Overall though, a crap ride as it was short and had poor throughput. We thought Stampida would be a better bet after this.Stampida - towards the beginning of the queue you are faced with a decision: red or blue. We went on the red train first since its my favourite colour. So the path splits off into 2 seperate queues which zig-zagged up towards the station. After dispatching at the same time, you get to know your enemy (the blue train) which again required lots of waving and evils. The blue train gets a slight head start though because it seemed to make things fairer in the long run. Noth train storm down the first drop where the supports of the track over head create a brilliant head chopper effect so everybody puts their arms down to avoid a percieved collision which was quite funny. The next corner was very rough and very intense and thus forced you to hold on, but after that its safer to hodl your hands up. Later on, the trains split into seperate tunnels where they go their own way for bit. Both trains then come charging at eachother other which is really fun and then they join back up in synchronicity again for the last few drops and turns which was quite clever. Certainly one of the most fun rides in the park due to its competitive nature. The ride was as good as Zeus at Parc Asterix but Stampida tops it due to the fun created by the dual tracks. The graffiti on the queueline was awful, the brown wood was covered in red, blue and black marker pens with innapropriate drawing, words and pictures of Homer Simpson. That's the only downside to the ride. I felt that theming was not too important for this ride because it would get lost in the density of the huge wooden structure. There were a few waggon wheels here and there though.The water rides were incredibly budy throughout the day due to the scorching hot weather which was understandable. We did both the log flume and the rapids though, along with the spinning barrels which was the equivelant of Chessington's old ride, Rodeo. Again, very fun flat but disgraceful throughput as the woman had to unlock each of the 20 cars individually with a key.Grand Canyon Rapids - God throughput as one man was allocating each group of people to the boats. Great theming throughout, it was a canyon in the wild west which had barrels, buildings,, train tracks, tunnels, and waterfalls incorporated into it. The ride itself went very fast for a river rapids which was good because it created more splash when crashing into the white water. The only cattlepen river rapids queue I have ever seen which was strange but it soon shifted and we got our ride.Silver River Flume - A huge cattlepen of boredom, broken fans and queue-jumpers added to a frustrating queuing experience where we waited almost 90 minutes to ride. At least we got a boat to the 3 of us though when we eventually did get on. Quite a long log flume with 3 seperate lifthills and drops which all interacted with the minetrain although we didn't see any trains go past so no waving unfortunately. The splash didn't get you drenched but gave everybody a refreshing soak which was glorious on such a humid day. After having a look at all the shops, we decided to give it a rest for today since it had been very tiring. The ride count ended up at 11 which was okay considering the Furious Baco queue at the start of the day. It was a learning curve though for the next day so we knew what to ride and when to ride. I advise leaving Furious Baco to the end of the day unless you get through the park gates really early. The only major ride we had missed off was Tutuki Splash in Polynesia which we would head for first the next day. I also recommend bringing your own food since their's is overpriced, poor quality and far from generous portions.#1 - Furious Baco#2 - Stampida#3 - Hurrakan Condor#4 - Dragon KhanIf people are interested I will post Day 2 soon. Hope you enjoyed reading it (this has been longer than any of my English essays lol)
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    Short trip report from trip today. It won't be a post of beauty like Jacks as I couldn't be bothered to get the camera out.Went with a group of 12 workmates who don't have the same ride addiction issues as me, so much time wasting messing around with toilets, shops, decision making etc. grrrrr.Arrived just after 10, heart sank at the size of the queue to buy my ticket but it moved along at an impressive rate with all but one booth open and it only took 10mins. Some of my friends had pre booked their tickets but with only one collection window open it took them ages, meaning we didn't get in to nearly 11 which really takes the piss. Not the best start to the day. I also wanted to get some cash out but the (free) machine outside was out of cash, so had to get it from the (expensive) machine inside. I'm sure this was just one of those things and not another Merlin money making scheme.Straight to Stealth, 10min queue, all good. By the time we got off it was up to 45mins and all major rides were a similar length, by my standards that's a busy day and I was not impressed. We found though that many advertised queue times were wildly inaccurate, Saw showed 60mins, was really 20, Rush showed 10mins was really 35. Don't know if the system they use was broken but it's not a problem I've had before.Rumba Rapids, since I last went at the start of the season (and moaned about the state of it on here) has had a bit of a clean up. Someone has gone at the queue line and tunnel with a pressure washer and some fairy lights have been but up over the old berry advertising in the dark (both things suggested on the forum). It's not amazing, but looks respectable and is exactly what was needed.Detonator sounds like it's blown it's speakers at the top, just muffled noise which kept cutting out. Still a great ride though.Tea cups, always fun. One of my group commented on how great it is that they were actually Tetley teacups, not my feelings but goes to show that sponsorship isn't seen so negatively by 'normal' people.Saw and Colossus were brilliant, neither felt rough to me.X/WTF - I appreciate them making some effort with the lights and music, but it just illuminates the whole inside too much for me. I've always thought the only thing that made it in any way good to ride was the darkness making it disorientating, and that's been lost. Lasers which don't throw light in all directions would work better for me.Rides on Slammer and Rush were great, but the dispatch time is shocking. The staff just seem to meander about the place with no real purpose and certainly no hurry. I know safety checks must not be rushed but I think someone needs a kick up the bum. Girl checking our restraints on Rush was great though, gave us jazz hands and did a little dance throughout the ride. Random but fun. (To balance this out all the coasters were being run with mega efficiency which I'm not used to on my quiet days. Well done all round).What the hell with Vortex restraint slamming itself into my nuts at a thousand miles an hour. Least safe safety feature ever.Inferno has had it's station given a much needed clean (something else I'd moaned about on here). Lack of tunnel effects throughout.Loggers suddenly has all it's backstops out on the top half of the lift, some of which looked shiny and new (another thing recently discussed on here at length - begining to think we are being watched! If we are, please put a bin liner or something over the tunnel roof hole - ta).Surprise of the day - Samurai. Rode at lunchtime, the standard short and so much less forceful than before ride. Then rode again later, last ride of the day (they shut the queue line behind us) and WOW. It honestly felt like stealth when it started, acceleration wise. It was so intense, I thought I was back at Chessington. And it went on for ages, it really is an amazing ride when it is like this. So, can someone tell me: did the controller use a more intense setting (does one even exist), or was it because it weighed less at only about 30% full it was able to be so awesome?Got on basically everything, some multiple times, on a 'busy' day with an indecisive group. Quite impressive. One of my best trips in a long time.
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    Continued!Another one of my favorites. Just about time to fit in some Black Buccaneer. Vampire again. And a last ride on Rattlesnake just before the queue closed. A great day. I'll leave you with my best of the day. Thanks for reading, well done if you made it through! More to come this summer if you can cope!
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    Merde...Regarding kids tv...
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    Today was the day. Exams over therefore it was time to get the ball rolling theme park wise. In preparation for what should be a fantastic season I purchased a new Panasonic Lumix TZ8 camera which I tried during this visit. I found the camera to be very user friendly and although the weather was rather miserable, some of the images still turned out pretty well. Packed in 34 rides without really trying to be honest, the park was relatively quiet for a weekend with Saw and Colossus peaking at 45 but staying at 30 for the most part of the day. I never thought I would say this but operationally Thorpe were fantastic. Especially in the morning. Headed to inferno first thing and was convinced it was on one train. However even if there were just us two they were dispatching before the train reached the break run. Brilliant from the inferno team. Also, massive well done to the Stealth team. The best dispatching I have ever seen on the ride. Unfortunetly the usual problems with Rush staff have continued this season, lots of staff dossing by the console. Even so, with only Storm Surge down for around 90 minutes even reliability was decent. Yet despite all of this I felt something was missing. I can't quite place it. Something small, just left me very slightly underwhelmed. Maybe it was the ease of which rides were riden or the weather but I dont think so. Maybe I will find what it is later in the season. Still, great visit and a promising start to my 2011 season. Till the next report, thanks for reading and here are the photos...Rush in all its glory. Swing A on both my rides was pretty poor barely reaching 90 degrees. Bit of Stealth. Bit of tree. Happy days. Detonater was excellent as usual. Only queued ten minutes for it. I think I have lost it with Inferno now. It completely lacks ANY sort of forces/unique ride experience. I think Vampire packs more of a punch. Hopefully LC12 will at least have some character. Sad to report that Colossus is now ROUGHT AS boo. It had improved over the last couple of seasons but my two rides bashed the crap out of me. Saw was fantastic. Defo my Thorpe n.o 1. It has everthing. A decent theme, fun indoor section and an outdoor section which really does blow your mind. The last turn into the bracks is really intense!Another shot of Mr Forceless himself. Lots of deceleration on the brakes. Intamin goodness. The overback is the only slight let up after the main drop. Ejector airtime of the MCBR. End is nigh. Loggers was good fun as usual. Into the MCBR.Didnt get on Storm Surge today, stayed at around 60 minutes pretty much all day. After the loop, you could fall asleep. Decent shot of Stealth from Crumba. Through the trees!Final shot of the coma inducing Colossus. Thanks for reading, more PTRs to come soon!
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    I'll blow this conversation back open and back you up here - I've helped refit the ones on Dragon Falls when the springs and the like have broken and it is an anti rollback system - in the event that the main conveyor belt did snap. Yes the ride will stop more than safely but anti grip will rarely work well enough to hold a boat load of potentially 500kg from slipping down the hill - what if the belt snaps, as Pluk has pointed out?Whoever thinks that 'it's meant to be like that' is talking total cottage cheese - all the ones on Dragon Falls are working and click properly onto the boats! If one was broken, the ride wouldn't open!
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    Attendance figures for 2010 can be found HEREThorpe and Alton both up over 3%, Merlin must be very pleased especially with the current economic climate.
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    At some point in the late 90s I think lots of rides at Chessington changed their name/brand for no reason at all. For example, Smuggler's Galleon became Black Buccaneer, Dragon River became Dragon Falls and Terror Tomb became Forbidden Tomb. The rides themselves stayed the same, although they probably had a few minor changes made.___________________Pretty much everything in Tomb Blaster now is from Terror Tomb. Here are all the changes:I think the queueline was pretty much the same, except the dimly lit room next to the queueline when it goes indoors used to be Abdab's office, I think. Abdab would be seen sleeping on a chair or something. Can anybody correct me on this? I can't remember myself.On to the ride itself. Firstly, all the animatronics of Abdab (the central character from Terror Tomb) have been removed, leaving a few random gaps in some of the scenes. Also, previously riders would go inside the tomb to search for an ancient green jewel, meeting with Abdab along the way who wanted it to himself. The jewel can still be seen in a few places around the ride, if you look closely.In the opening scene, there is a little ledge next to the track before the train goes up the ramp. Abdab used to be positioned here, holding a lamp, shouting at riders to get out of the tomb because "the jewel IS MINE".That ledge is still there today.Snake scene. Again, there is a gap where Abdab used to be positioned, under a little arch to the left of the scene. He used to be pulling on a rope, lifting the hatch to let the snakes in. Today, the hatch is still there, but now moves by itself without any rope pulling. Magic, I guess?In the spike scene, originally, Abdab would be on the rotating platform holding a metal ring, shouting "Now you're gonna get spiked!" One of the spikes on the floor would move at that point, I think. When he pulled the ring, the platform would suddenly rotate, taking him by surprise and sealing him behind the wall. So it was in reverse to what happens now, if you like. Then the coffin would light up behind the scrim (again in reverse, so it would start in the open position instead of already shut as it is today). You would hear Abdab shout "I think I've found it!", as supposedly he can see the jewel in the coffin. Somehow he then falls into the coffin (I am not sure how this was achieved, I can't remember this scene and the now removed POV video did not show it very clearly). A skeleton then shuts the lid of the coffin on him, holding the jewel in its hand. It all linked together, and made much more sense than the sequence that plays out now. The only things that remain of this sequence is the skeleton holding the jewel behind the coffin. Where Abdab used to be on the platform, the mummy with the laser now stands.The fire pit scene, in which the big statue of Anubis with laser eyes appears, you may notice a wobbling obelisk to one side. Abdab used to be clinging on to this wobbling pillar, trying to reach for the jewel which is now embedded in the paw of the statue. Why does it keep moving to different places!? And how did he get out of the coffin for that matter? Anyway, you can see it in this photo...The biggest change is the finale scene, which has been completely gutted except for the set itself and the moving stone heads on the walls. Now, there is a large snake animatronic that hisses a lot. Before, there was no snake at all, instead a very strange and probably rather amusing 'rock band' sequence. Abdab would be seen standing in an iron maiden with the lid open. Next to him was a mummified guitarist playing a heavy metal song about how they are going to kill Abdab for trying to steal the jewel. Then a shiny strip curtain would rise up behind them, revealing several mummy animatronics that would dance along, which I remember being very scared of! After the song, the iron maiden would shut on Abdab, supposedly killing him, and the jewel would be seen embedded on the other side of the iron maiden, glowing, in a rather ironic moment. Poor chap, he got so close.One last thing, you know that bit where the trains stop momentarily to view the on ride photos on the screens? On the right of that corridor, a "ghost" Abdab would appear holding the jewel, with glowing holes in his body, taunting riders because he did get the jewel in the end, even though he got killed. The trains would then carry on into the offload station, after passing some flying heads on poles (similar to the screaming room in Alton Towers' Heaunted House/Duel). Recently I had a look and the pole mechanisms are still there above the track!Hope that helps! It is all I can remember from when I visited myself in 2002, and all I could tell from the POV that was on YouTube a few years ago (now removed by the user).
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    Day 4Our last day in GermanyAfter breakfast we headed into the park for our full 30 minutes of ERT, first up again was Blue Fire. Two very quick rides on Blue Fire’s front row and then we went back to the Spanish area to queue up for Atlantica for when it opened at 9am. EP’s Atlantica and Poseidon were the first water coasters we had ever ridden on and we loved them both (although I think we enjoyed Poseidon slightly more). As we were in the first boat of the morning we didn’t seem to get too wet, maybe the water pool was too calm when we hit it, and since there was no queue in the station the ride ops asked if we all wanted to go round again, of course we did! And we did get quite wet on that second go. This turned out to be a bit of a forecast for the rest of the day, it was now time for some serious re-rides!3rd Day on park ride count:Alpine Coaster x4Swiss Bob Run x3Ghost Castle x3Fjord Rafting x2Blue Fire x2Silver Star x2Atlantica x2Poseidon x2Eurosat x2Pirates in Batavia x2Atlantis Adventure x2Piccolo Mondo x2ColumbusTirol Log FlumeWorld of DiamondsCrazy TaxiUniverse of EnergyElf RideEuro TowerSleigh Ride “Snowflake”The Flight of IkarusPegasusCassandra’s CurseEP – ExpressHistorama MonorailAnd for lunch we made a return trip to FoodLoop and the food was just as good as the first visit, however the experience wasn’t quite as exciting after having sat at the looping table but it was still great fun.Leaving the park at 5pm we collected our bags from the hotel and got our transfer back to Basel to start our trip back to Gatwick. It was whilst we were at the airport we saw this amazing pinball machine. “Are you about to board a plane? Maybe you are a bit nervous about your flight? What better time to play a game themed around terrorism!”...As many people have said on this forum before, there is just so much to say about Europa Park that it would take you a very long time to cover it all. Even after writing this ‘full’ report of our trip most of the rides have only been mentioned by name. So to try and rectify this here is some information about our favourite rides at the park.Best Family CoasterHelen: Swiss Bob RunPhill: Swiss Bob Run although it is a close one between this and the Alpine Coaster. Swiss Bob Run was our first Bobsled coaster and we really enjoyed it. It was also fun watching the expressions on some of the other riders faces when they arrived back at the station, especially when you could see how really uncomfortable some guys were when they were sharing seats with their mates.Best Thrill CoasterHelen: EurosatPhill: Silver Star, despite reading bad things about it online it was my first hyper coaster and I loved it, especially the first drop. The intense screaming from some of the riders seemed really unnecessary but quite funny. Eurosat was a great space themed coaster that reminded us of WDW's Space Mountain if it had dropped some E's at a European rave! It was amazing, if a little rough in places. Best Dark RideHelen: Pirates in Batavia and Ghost Castle, I can’t choose between those two.Phill: This park is full of great Dark Rides and that makes it very hard to choose but I think because it is so similar to one of my favourite rides from my childhood (Phantom Fantasia/Wicked Witches Haunt) I would have to say Ghost Castle. But Atlantis Adventure is great too! I apologise for the photo overload from Ghost Castle but I really loved this ride! With this guy at the entrance that spits/sneezes at people as they walk past and this creepy picture in the queue line, one thing is certain this is no Haunted Mansion! A skull chandelier in one of the queue line rooms.Entering this station and seeing the old clamshell ride cars it was almost like the 2000 Thorpe Park fire had never happened...Singing in German these guys were definitely more creepy than the Grim Grinning originals. Best Water RideHelen: Fjord RaftingPhill: Atlantica almost wins just for it’s great use of “He’s a Pirate” from Pirates of the Caribbean, that was really cool. But I think I would have to go for Poseidon for its great theming at the start and also that fantastic second drop. But Fjord Rafting is a great example of how to make a river rapids ride, the best I have ridden in Europe so far. The first day we rode Fjord Rafting the smoke machines in the tunnel were not working so we did not really understand the point of the fire effect in there. However re-riding it a couple of days later it all made sense and we wished Thorpe Park would do something like that with their tunnel. Random Trip AwardsThe ride that made us feel most hungry: Piccolo Pizza... I mean Piccolo Mondo. Mostly a small dark ride advert for the Italian Restaurant next door, Pizza and Ice Cream... I wish the character on the back of the boats/ride cars had been used more though.Most random piece of merchandise bought:A small bottle of the essence they fill the Magic World of Diamonds walk through attraction with, which you also smell every time you go on the Tirol Log Flume or the Alpine Coaster. Now our house smells like Europa Park. In summary we had an amazing time at the park and can’t wait to return. We will definitely be recommending Europa Park to all our friends and family. Thanks for reading our trip report, we leave you with a video we have quickly edited together from some clips we filmed on our trip. Thanks Phill and Helen.

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    Day 3As this was our second of three days in the park we decided that as well as the rides we were going to try and catch a few of their shows. The first one we saw was the Ice Show “Surpr’Ice”, this was a nice 30 minute ice skating show performed in the middle of a large circular theatre with tiered seating. First on the ice was a great warm up clown guy who not only got the crowd in the mood but also broke down any language barriers by performing most of his set in mime. The ‘story’ of the show seemed to involve a bell boy at a hotel falling in love with a famous lady guest. Quite how a Michael Jackson impersonator fits in with the story I am still not sure but on the whole the show was impressive with lots of tricks on the ice and one act who also performed aerial acrobatics on a ring suspended from the ceiling.The next show we tried to watch was “An English Love” based in the Globe Theatre replica in the England area of the park. Entering the theatre the stage was set out with many stereotypical English bits of theming involving a red phone box. Whilst we were all waiting for the show to begin we were all treated to many Beatles songs being played over the theatres sound system. I suppose this may annoy some British guests as of course everyone in the UK loves the Beatles, but I am a big fan so we loved it. Eventually the music stopped and the lights dimmed, the effects lights started to do a display and then the house lights came back on. After this happened a few times a young lady came on to the stage to announce in German that there was a technical problem and that they would not be able to continue with the show. So that had set us back about 20 minutes so we now had to make up for some lost time.The third show we watched later in the day was their arena show “Der Teufel + Die Königin” (The Devil and the Queen). This show lasted for around 40 minutes and had involved a number of knights taking part in a tournament in front of the King, one of which was the King’s own daughter. Needless to say one of the contenders sells his soul to the devil and is transformed in to the powerful dark knight who seems intent on winning the contest. Who will win? Will Good triumph over Evil? Alongside the stunt horse riding and joust style events there are many special effects including one or two that may come as a slight surprise. We definitely recommend this show, if only Thorpe Park could pull this kind of show off! Afterwards stick around by the side of the arena for a chance to see the riders and feed some of the horses.2nd Day on park ride count:Swiss Bob Run x2Eurosat x2Columbus DinghyFeria SwingPanorama TrainBlue FireAtlanticaTirol Log FlumeAlpine CoasterVienna Wave SwingerPirates in BataviaBritish CarouselSilverstoneCrazy TaxiPoseidonCassandra’s CursePegasusQueen’s DiamondsUniverse of EnergyEuro-TowerSilver StarTeacups (or Koffiekopjes = coffee cups in German)Ghost CastlePiccolo MondoAfrican QueenShows: Ice Show “Surpr’Ice” and Arena show “Der Teufel + Die Königin”We planned the end of the day so that our last ride would be on Piccolo Mondo, a nice relaxing children’s dark ride that has been re-themed this year (it used to be Ciao Bambini) so we could end up in the pizzeria next door for some food before the park closed. Although the pizzas were nice we felt they weren’t quite up to the high standard of the rest of the food at Europa Park. That night we spent most of our time in the courtyard back at the hotel and we watched both of the fountain shows that night, the first one was good but the second is definitely the best.My next entry will be about our last day on the park & in Germany and it will feature a run down of our favourite rides and attractions.
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    You want a report that delivers?You want one that gives you Fluch?Here you go Day 1 – Hansa ParkA misty morning greeted us on the coastline, and after a quick grab of breakfast we began the 30 minute walk to the park from the hotel... A really nice walk actually to be quite honest, helps save money from the rather dis-regular bus services that do run along the main roads to the park from the area...At 9:30, we arrived at the very grand entrance...Hansa of course used to be a Legoland of all places, but is now a family run park with some real things to say if the last two additions have anything to say about it...After faff getting the tickets due to a distinct lack of staff, we entered, and immediately I discovered my first costumed characters of the tripThe entrance of the park is a very small main street plaza thing, which has some work being done on some of it, but it suits the recent aim of the park for theming and I was very impressed...Ohhhh, I spot coasters in the distance, Nessie and Rasender Roland, a Schwarzkopf Looping and Vekoma Mine Train respectively that interact with each other heavily...Now as Nicky was on coaster #97 before this trip, we decided that Fluch von Novgorod would be #100, so we did Nessie and Roland first...NessieThis is a weird one tbh, I wasn’t sure what to expect from it when we went on, but one thing I definitely didn’t was the excessive CLUNK this ride made at the top of the lift hill... That could have set the scene enough but at least lap bars prevent stupid amounts of head-bashing... Some impressive moments of interaction with Roland and a few strong helixes and small bit of airtime are all that follow after the initial strong loop... There’s just something different about Anton’s loops... Bless him for them as they are so different and forceful... The final plunge into a fish mouth (Krake didn’t do it first) was amusing as well before those BRAKES...It was fun certainly, so a solid 7/10 for me...Rasender RolandA rather winding queue with the first of many animatronic bands in this park led us to this custom Vekoma, and like most of their mine trains, it was just kind of bland without an excessive about of theming supporting the attraction on a whole... Again the interaction with Nessie is there and the water-splash was at least a good attempt to putting some theme to the ride, but it just had nothing around the main area of the layout, and hence didn’t really do anything... Aside from be different to picture...Measly 6/10... Two coasters down so now it was time for Hansa’s biggest investment in the past few years and probably the biggest it has ever made, the Launched Eurofighter epic that is known as...Fluch von NovgorodTo think this opened the same year as Saw... Granted back then it was opened unfinished and they didn’t finish the interior theming until sometime last year, but, the result is nothing short of fantastic...The result this rides gives is the atmosphere of Hex, with theming that would impress Disney, and finished off with a quality smooth ride... The backstory for this ride is... Well complicated, especially if you don’t speak German fluently, but essentially bad things went down and unsurprisingly, we get stuck in the middle of it... Time for some photos, and since I only took photos of the outside queue (as they ask no photos inside) and only a third of the ride actually takes place outside...And the inside got even better, with several interactive elements, including a animated tapestry, finger slicer, talking statue head and falling chandelier, brilliant theming from floor to ceiling and just is generally amazing... The one flaw is that there is a lack of space, as the queue splits into 3 (and is generally split into 2 for the most part) near the station for front, back and single rider, which can be very claustrophobic and involve much elbow bumping and the like... But in the overall grand scheme of this ride, it is a tiny, tiny flaw...So we reach the station, and it is small yet grand, with a single car loading and offloading at one time as there is no need for them to have multiple cars doing so, especially as they were only running two anyways... But regardless, ravens caw as cars return from the ride, screams can be heard from the ride, and the epic chandelier really helps finish this setting and cement the theme... Once on board the traditional Eurofighter cars, the doors open (as the Germans do love their doors on dark coasters) some epic dispatch music plays, the lights go on and off and you leave into the darkness...Now this part will be spoilered as I will be saying what happens in the ride, so if you don’t wanna know, skip, if you do... Read on...
    I could not speak highly enough of Hansa’s effort with Novgorod... It is absolutely fantastic from queue to exit shop... Even the exit is an adventure, as you can even use some steps or a slide to descend into the maze of an exit, and then a crystal covered mine shaft leads to the shop... The theming literally doesn’t end and to say that this ride needs more recognition is such a shame...The ride itself is forceful and smooth, no roughness or tearing itself apart, the story is complex and really engrossing regardless that I couldn’t understand it, the soundtrack (which is purchaseable) is also brilliant...I don’t give rides perfect scores often, but this one thoroughly deserves 10/10 for pure adulterated effort and joy...Rest of the park to come in Part 2...
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    I've always wondered why they bother on a lot of rides. No one physically checks them on vortex - if the light is right they know it is locked properly. Saw also has these lights, so why bother. It just slows down dispatch.
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    Nice report, oh it takes me back. A very weird and wonderful place. And I spy a hidden Mickey in your photos! Yay!!
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