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  1. Terry Terry

    TPM Christmas Meet 2018

    Nooooo! That’s literally the day before I come back from uni 😓
  2. Terry Terry

    Park Count - 2018

    Thorpe Park x6 Alton Towers x2 Brighton Pier x1 Sad times
  3. Terry Terry

    Cedar Point/Canada 2020 (TBC)

    Do you mean difficult to get to by car or difficult to get to by public transport?
  4. My family and I are considering doing a trip to Cedar Point and Canada (maybe Canada’s wonderland if I can convince them to go). The intention is to spend 2 days at cedar point, stay in the Hotel Breakers, get fast lane plus for both days and a maybe sunrise tour on one of the days then spend some time in Canada. There’s just a few things I want to know about: What’s the chance of Cedar Point getting a new large scale coaster in 2020 considering it’ll be their 150th anniversary?/Is it worth waiting till 2020 to go as opposed to 2019? When in the summer (between late July and the end of August) is the weather going to be ideal so that there is a smaller chance of downtime for their coasters? I’m not too worried about busyness as I intend on getting fast lane plus. What’s the best way to get to Cedar Point from the UK flights wise? We will definitely get a hire car. Is Canada’s Wonderland worth it? And if I only go for 1 day (which is likely if I manage convince my family to go in the first place) is it worth getting fast lane plus? Is there anything else I should know in advance before going to Cedar Point? (Or even Canada’s Wonderland?)
  5. Terry Terry

    Fear on a Ride

    Saw’s drop feels more intense than normal drops due to being one car so it accelerates quicker, but it’s not something that will freak you out and make you puke the moment you go over. Plus the beyond vertical descent is such a small angle from the vertical so you won’t notice the track going inwards. It’s sort of comparable to the first drop on dragon’s fury as that has quite an intense first drop compared to coasters with long trains.
  6. Terry Terry

    Fear on a Ride

    The drop on Stealth is probably the least intimidating drop in the park imo. You’ve gone so fast at the beginning that it only feels natural to gently fall down at the top. The holding brake on Oblivion’s drop actually makes it so much less frightening as it allows your body to adapt to the steep position (this is why I find the drop on Falcon’s fury less intimidating than most drop towers), then it just feels like a large straight drop after that. I remember you saying you’ve ridden Th13teen, that drop track is scarier than a vertical drop imo.
  7. Terry Terry

    Fear on a Ride

    @ChessingtonSam I’m so glad you’ve finally managed to get on inverting coasters! I’m also surprised you went to Smiler first, it’s quite something to say that your first looping coaster was the inversion record holder! (That reminds me, my first looping coaster was Colossus back when it was the record holder but it’s not quite the Smiler.) If you get the chance, you should try out abroad parks as some differ hugely from UK parks with their rides, the way they operate and loads more. You'll get to a point eventually where if there’s something new (like a new ride/coaster type) at a theme park you haven’t done before, you’re much more excited than you are nervous. ... Oh, and after a while it’s possible you might not see Chessington the same way as you once saw it...
  8. Terry Terry

    TPM Fright Nights Meet Saturday 13th Oct 2018

    I’m only just starting uni so I have no idea about what my schedule is then. I would like to come and if I’m free that weekend I might try to make the effort to come down on the basis that I haven’t made myself broke by then.
  9. Terry Terry

    Education (Exam Results)

    That couldn’t be any more true, as long as you’ve got into some sort of sixth form or college and have a pass in English and maths you’re fine. Aside from that GCSEs kinda don’t really affect anything. It is always possible to prove your school wrong at A level. E.g. I got a B at GCSE DT which I was upset with but then I got an A at AS (where I then dropped it).
  10. Terry Terry

    Education (Exam Results)

    Was the A^ in aqa certificate further maths? I didn’t do it when I did GCSEs but probably would’ve done it if my school offered it at the time.
  11. Terry Terry

    Education (Exam Results)

    I got my A level results today, and I’m so relieved! Especially with physics which was a killer of a subject 😵 Maths - A* Further Maths - A Physics - B As a result of this I will now be going on to study Civil and Structural Engineering at the University of Leeds!
  12. Terry Terry

    Which past Thorpe ride do you miss the most

    I think a few others may agree with me on this one, but it has to be Slammer. It was the best flat ride in the park especially when you’re rotating forwards and under and one of the most unique in the world, well it was one of only 2 in the world (then 1 after catapult closed). But I as sad as it was for it to close, it makes sense why. Now they just need to physically remove the thing 😣
  13. Terry Terry


    This park have just announced what appears to be one killer coaster named the Steel Curtain! https://youtu.be/g9RST-tnYLs It will be 220ft tall, have a 197ft high inversion and have 9 inversions (the most on any US coaster)!
  14. Terry Terry


    I just found out I got a pass in grade 7 piano with 112/150. It's the lowest I've ever got in a music exam but considering how insanely difficult I find piano compared to trombone, I'm actually really glad about the score! 😊
  15. Terry Terry

    YouTube Channels

    I got to meet Taylor and Harry from Coaster Studios and Coaster Bot today!