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  1. Park Music

    I’m very glad that theme park soundtracks are becoming much more recognised as in the past they didn’t appear to be too big a deal. That’s probably because enthusiasts were the only people that really cared about them (and the majority of theme park visitors are GP). Now all they need to do is release full orchestral scores
  2. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Honestly I think having Infusion, Icon and The Big One together is an effective use of colours as it forms red, white and blue (subtle patriotism maybe). Could symbolise that Britain for once are getting something worth while and that they are proud of it.
  3. Park Count - 2017

    Agreed, the ride experience isn’t very memorable as there aren’t really any standout elements (apart from the 1st brilliant airtime hill and the second launch). It leave me somewhat disappointed when I rode it.
  4. The Small Parks Thread

    Nah, they already ruined it!
  5. TPM Christmas Meet 2017!!

    Looks like I won’t be going. Words of wisdom: don’t become a talented musician, you’ll have no spare time.
  6. Favourite Coaster Launches

    This will be no surprise, but mine has to go to Kingda Ka. Firstly, it’s a very long launch so there’s plenty of time to take in the experience unlike Stealth’s launch (which is good, but much shorter and more forgettable). The launch feels as if there’s two stages to it. The first half feels like Rita’s launch so it felt like it was finishing after this half. Then all of a sudden the train has another burst of speed (where it reaches 128mph). At this point you are going so unbelievably fast that the wind is the only thing you can hear and feel, it’s just breathtaking.
  7. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    I don’t dislike the first film, but I preferred the others because the first one dragged on a bit too much for my liking.
  8. European Theme Park Tips

    Generally with PA (and I can’t help but bring this up again), the people that enjoy the park are the ones that buy the express pass and the people that hate it don’t but it. But it is completely understandable why, both times I went I didn’t see Shambhala with a queue shorter than 2hrs.
  9. So as part of a choir related tour, I had the opportunity to go to Disneyland Paris. However, as it was one of these school style trips, it was inevitable that the visit would result in huge compromises. To start off, we only had one day in the park. In addition, we spent quite a lot of the morning preparing for a concert (reducing the amount of time we had) and had to have dinner at 6:00 in which we couldn’t stay afterwards (despite being told that we would stay till 9 ish). My ride count was not great: - Hyperspace Mountain x2 - Indiana Jones x1 - Pirates of the Caribbean x1 - Star Tours x1 With regards to the rides, I’ll begin with Hyperspace Mountain. I was left quite disappointed, the changes really left the ride feeling bare. Space Mountin Mission 2 was one of the only roller coasters where the theme actually got me (bear in mind that theming rarely makes or breaks a coaster for me). I thought the onboard soundtrack was poorly arranged for the ride; randomly scattered Star Wars tunes does not at all compare to a fully synchronised orchestral soundtrack (as featured on the previous SM). Comparisons aside, it was a great ride, just not as good as it used to be. I did used to rate this above RnR (WDW), but based on my last 2 rides it would move down a few places in my list. But apparently this is only temporary (I’ll hold my list for now), so hopefully SMM2 (or any original SM theme) returns with it’s glorious soundtrack. If that soundtrack doesn’t return for whatever reason, the new one must be original and orchestrated to satisfy me. The rest of the rides were pretty good. Indiana Jones was running rather smoothly and both pirates and Star Tours proved better than their American counterparts. Disneyland Paris is one of those parks which I just haven’t had a sufficient experience in, but I’m looking forward to the days I get to go with no compromises. The last time I went was 4 years ago on the exact same tour with the exact same choir, again we only went in the Disneyland Park (my ride count was better though). The time before that was on my 5th birthday (we went in both parks) which I know was a dream come true at the time but memories are very faint. Words of wisdom: If you ever go to a theme park with a school, music club, etc. you must be prepared for disappointment.
  10. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    So I just watched the fourth Final Destination film thinking it was the first... For starters, why was it called “The Final Destination”? There was literally no way for me to tell it was the fourth film (seeing as there was no number in the name, and that every other sequel had a number).
  11. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    I think the reason was that they didn’t have the right to host the Olympia theme or whatever (which I think explains why one of the 4 smaller loops doesn’t have any word on top of it).
  12. do you get sick on rides? please help me

    It’s weird with me... I’m that kind of person that can feel travelsick fairly easily but I’ve never actually been sick at a theme park. Pretty much any roller coaster or flat ride won’t make me sick, even if I’d had a rather large lunch beforehand. The only slight exception to this was when I was spun around on a park randabout for about 5 minutes straight (I was close to throwing up). But that’s not technically at a theme park, neither does it really count as a ride. With dark rides such as Forbidden Journey when your body moves out of time with the screen, I can feel slightly nauseous after too many rides (5 rides of FJ was enough for me) but it’s no where near as bad as my travel sickness (which generally isn’t too bad).
  13. SW8

    Agreed, it can’t really be classified as SW8 wood when it had no contribution to the actual coaster. They should’ve waited for when it gets RMC’d in the far future
  14. Colossus

    Colossus is now back on two trains, which is good I guess. Except I liked the fact that many crowds would be stuck queuing for Colossus (which is just so awful I don’t bother to ride it anymore) thus reducing the lines on other rides 😭