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  1. Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

    I think the reason was that they didn’t have the right to host the Olympia theme or whatever (which I think explains why one of the 4 smaller loops doesn’t have any word on top of it).
  2. do you get sick on rides? please help me

    It’s weird with me... I’m that kind of person that can feel travelsick fairly easily but I’ve never actually been sick at a theme park. Pretty much any roller coaster or flat ride won’t make me sick, even if I’d had a rather large lunch beforehand. The only slight exception to this was when I was spun around on a park randabout for about 5 minutes straight (I was close to throwing up). But that’s not technically at a theme park, neither does it really count as a ride. With dark rides such as Forbidden Journey when your body moves out of time with the screen, I can feel slightly nauseous after too many rides (5 rides of FJ was enough for me) but it’s no where near as bad as my travel sickness (which generally isn’t too bad).
  3. SW8

    Agreed, it can’t really be classified as SW8 wood when it had no contribution to the actual coaster. They should’ve waited for when it gets RMC’d in the far future
  4. Colossus

    Colossus is now back on two trains, which is good I guess. Except I liked the fact that many crowds would be stuck queuing for Colossus (which is just so awful I don’t bother to ride it anymore) thus reducing the lines on other rides 😭
  5. Park Music

    The lack of apostrophe...
  6. Say Something About The Person Above You

    looks 5, is 15
  7. When people tell you about something that happened on a roller coaster that isn’t physically possible (e.g. Dragon’s Fury stopping halfway around the high-banking turnaround *insert correct element name*), and then say stuff like “well you weren’t there, so...” after telling them. Generally when the GP say you’re incorrect for a (theme park) fact that you could swear on your life is true. This has happened multiple times with the GP saying the drop on Sheikra goes inwards (beyond vertical).
  8. Universal Studios Florida

    I don’t understand why they weren’t relocated, Chinese Fireball was a strong invert (better than Inferno) which would suit many of those other American Parks we all know about. Hungarian Horntail on the other hand despite being rather crap, I’m pretty sure some park would have delightfully snatched it up. I’m just grateful that I got to ride them both before closure. But all I can really say is that there is a better invert in Florida anyway so despite losing this, we’re not hard done by on inverts in Florida.
  9. Fright Nights 2017

    Would the fact that it’s a short maze (based on literally eveyone’s reviews) increase it’s throughput?
  10. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Probably that glorious second launch. Back on topic, I’m actually really excited for this. It has a lot of similarities to Cheetah Hunt in a way (not talking about colour which is TBC anyway), the layouts have a similar style with their funny twisty moments and focus on constant speed. CH really did impress me, I even preferred it to Taron! And this does look right on par with CH so I’m sure that I’ll be satisfied by the ride experience.
  11. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    You could say that... But the ride was the first time I'd ever seen a glimpse of the Saw franchise (the first time I ever heard of the franchise was from TV adverts of the ride in 2009). So Saw The Ride kind of set the benchmark (which might explain why I loved the films so much). I know the ride doesn't perfectly replicate the films, but it's always made sense to me why: the films are an 18 (and that's what most of the franchise is) but the ride isn't, you can't really show a torn off rib cage to 10 year olds.
  12. TPM Christmas Meet Planning

    Well, I at least hope I'm not busy during this meet (like every other freaking meet this year)
  13. The Big Bad Movie Topic

    After having ridden Saw - The Ride numerous times (and having gone through Saw Alive once), I thought it would be an idea to watch all the films to understand what the whole ride is about. So after having seen all 7 Saw films, I think it is a brilliant film series. I honestly thought (and I may get burned on a stake for this) that the films got better as they went along (apart from Saw IV) and I felt that the way all the films are linked is effective. Here is my ranking from best to worst: 3D VI V III II IV I I know, the original Saw in last place. It dragged on way too much for my liking. Sorry
  14. Top 10's

    Don't forget about Shammy B
  15. Fright Nights 2017

    Possible. It took me like 20 seconds to go through MBV, so it won't be a first