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  1. RMC Colossus confirmed...
  2. Terry Terry

    Video Games.

    Last Friday after my last exam for 1st year at uni I decided to buy a switch and hop on the odyssey bandwagon (well almost 2 years late!). Much like everyone else here, I’m absolutely loving the game! I cannot decided whether I prefer this or Galaxy (which was my favourite video game of all time). I’m so glad they went back to the non-linear formula because whilst 3D land and world were good games in their own right, they just weren’t true 3D Mario games so odyssey was a smart move!
  3. Surprised the following 2020 coasters have barely been mentioned on here but I just wanted to comment about some of my observations. Many of us know about the two B&M “hyper” coasters coming most likely next year to Hershey Park and KI (the latter isn’t confirmed but is like 99% likely). Everyone has seemed to go with the idea that KI’s will be a giga based on what cedar fair has done in the past with other parks, the fact they already have a hyper as well as the layout plans. I noticed something from the track that may confirm it. Whilst I couldn’t find an image of the track for the lift hill, I noticed a piece of track below where the spine seems to widen to what looks like the start of a B&M giga style lift. For the B&M most likely going to Hersheypark. It’s height is unknown but I think the lift hill track suggests a hyper given it doesn’t have the wider spine as seen on gigas. I don’t know if anyone else has commented about this online somewhere else, if so I’m sorry if this sounds really obvious.
  4. I would’ve wanted to go, but it’s right in the middle of uni exams and concert season 😭 But I do hope everyone else going has a pleasant and enjoyable day 👍
  5. I got to try out Gamefx a few days ago and I had a decent time in there. There was clearly a lot to do, though I do wish there were more Nintendo consoles as I would have to wait for a free NES or N64 whilst there were plenty of PS1s, PS2s, XBOXs available, that appeared to be more of a balance issue (that last comment is biased as Nintendo is my go-to company). But it was fun getting to play some retro games that I hadn't played before such as Mario Kart 64 or Simpsons Hit and Run and I think overall it was a nice event to have at the park to enhance the day. However, I really want to bring up something about VR in general. I had never played a fully interactive VR game before so I decided to get a token and try out Job Simulator, and I must say, it was probably the most fun I've had in a video game for a long time. Literally 10 minutes on Job simulator was so much more enjoyable than the whole of DBGT! And I think it came down to the fact that it felt real due to the high amount of interaction. I was completely unaware that I probably looked liked a complete idiot whilst playing (sorry if all this is starting to dive into other topic areas). Now I've only done 2 "fully dedicated" VR theme park attractions which were DBGT and Galactica, and neither of them felt real at all and many people also seem to find underwhelming (hence why Galactica no longer has VR). This is where I must say that from my point of view VR just doesn't really work unless you properly interact with it. Also, after my last ride on DBGT (which was fully functional aside from a few glitches), I literally have no desire to ride it again. Yes I have ridden it many times now which probably has a huge impact, but that VR game made me realise just how poor the attraction is.
  6. I do wish the Digipass perk came with the Merlin pass too 😥
  7. Yeah I saw that in the FAQs, they said you can do that if you purchased your pass after September and if the ID number starts with 99 (which I don't know about mine but it probably does).
  8. Annoyingly I left my annual pass at uni and do plan on going to TP during the holidays. When getting your pass reprinted, do you need to know your pass ID? Because I have no idea what it is. Also I purchased mine online around November last year and don't remember if I assigned it to an attraction (it would've probably been TP if I had assigned it) and the confirmation email doesn't suggest anything. So will I be able to get my pass reprinted at TP?
  9. Terry Terry


    Here are a few more pieces of classical music I’m rather fond of: Brass Chorale from Mahler 2 Fanfare for the common Man The great gate of kiev Tam O’Shanter Overture (slightly biased towards the drunk trombone solos)
  10. The game is bad enough as it is, but when the same ride wins all the time (this is probably to get back at me after hating against it 2 years ago) then it just becomes pointless. And when it’s pointless it’s no fun.
  11. How about the same game using members instead of rides?
  12. Looking at the those dates, I might be able to do Blackpool and Alton Towers as they are both during uni holidays! Plus finally being 18 will allow this. If London is during uni holidays then I’ll go. Much like last year, most meets I won’t be able to attend but because of uni this time round rather than just being busy in general. And travelling from Leeds for a crowded day at TP is maybe not quite worth it. Also Blackpool would be a great opportunity to reach my 100th on Icon!
  13. Which rides were shut? For me as as long as Olympia Looping, Hangover, Blizzard (with horizontal rotation) and a few other flats are open then that’s fine for me.
  14. I would be fine playing it again in a year if Inferno was off the list. Not because I don’t like Inferno, but because it will win again next year if it’s on the list (and trust me, I’m not the only one annoyed by this). Besides, it will be fun if the winner is actually a mystery. I find it so annoying with me how stupid games like this really get to me 😂
  15. I always say this to myself but I really need to do the preview event this year if I get home from uni seeing as the amount I spent going on 6 rides was probably not too much less than the wristband itself. Has anyone here actually been to a preview event? (Me with all the questions again 😆)
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