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  1. New for 2018

    Is there any credibility to the Swarm VR rumours or is it like the American Horror Story 'rumours' that were completely baseless yet people still believed them?
  2. Tulley's Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2017

    Yeah, I was a bit disappointed there weren't actually any new mazes this year. Hellements I thought was worse tonight because the fire was going up in little poofs as opposed to one huge blast, it didn't really feel like a finale and then the hood off walk-through was a bit wtf. On the other hand the clown maze was much improved on last year. The carnival game bit at the beginning from last year (which I thought was awful) is replaced by a curtains maze with actors behind most flaps, it was great and gave the maze the scare factor it was lacking. Rest of the event was pretty much identical. Coven seemed shorter but I got on right before closing in just a group of two so I probably breezed through it. Very creepy maze in a small group. Had a brilliant night, Tulleys really is excellent.
  3. Vampire

    So what is it that stops them doing this now?
  4. Fright Nights 2017

    So yeah, I'll bite. What are they doing?
  5. Legoland

    I rode it the other night, for a screen based attraction it's really good. Love the explosion bits in the first few scenes.
  6. 2017 Season General Discussion

    Today was one of those frustrating days where the flats were one cycle waits but all the coasters were about twenty minutes due to one train operations. I have no issue with one train on dead days where the trains barely fill up but when you're standing in a queue that barely moves waiting for 4-6 trains it saps a bit of enjoyment out the day. For a park that charges similar prices to Europa Park and Phantasialand I feel the operation standards should be higher.
  7. Fright Nights 2017

    Announcing the return of a unanimously panned attraction is a terrible start. I was really hoping a shake up would mean the end of the outdoor mazes.
  8. Tulleys Shocktober Fest Scream Park 2015

    I think a bigger factor in the number of shutdowns is the parks clientele. Fright Nights is full of pikeys who like to hit people whereas Tulleys pulls a more laid back crowd who are more aware about this kind of event. Also Chop Shop scared the **** out of me last year so cheers dude! [emoji106]
  9. Fright Nights 2017

    If they insist on bringing Saw back for the 8th year running I'd love to see them change some scenes. I feel it's fine up until the Saw 4 room but the final two sections let it down. The pendulum trap should be swapped out for the cube trap (an actor in the middle of the room frantically stabbing their neck with a Biro would be way more exciting than that usually empty table) and instead of the carousel finale guests should crawl on their hands and knees through the steam room cage tunnels while being subjected to hot steamy blasts. The two outdoor mazes really need to go, Cabin ought to go too or maybe just tinker with the facility scenes to make them less open and repetitive. But yeah, things really need to change because this years event was poor. It's sad to see Scarefest get some amazing attractions while Fright Nights deteriorates year after year. Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Tapatalk
  10. How Busy Is It Going To Be?

    Thinking of knocking off Chessie and Thorpe on the 21st (Friday before October half term), can anyone speculate as to whether it will be absolutely manic or vaguely manageable crowd wise? Ta!
  11. Fright Nights 2016

    I was here last night for the staff preview, I had a fun night but I felt the mazes were poor compared to others I've been in. I feel the issue with Thorpe mazes is you walk into a room or corridor, have a load of actors shouting in your face and banging on the walls then you walk into the next room and repeat. There's little variety and there's not much tension. Good horror involves a constant build up and release of emotions which these mazes just don't really nail. I think my problem with the variety involves the costumes and acting style. In CITW why are there so many actors in ripped clothes and bloodied faces when they have that whole board of monsters to choose from? And why couldn't they have gone all out character wise in Big Top? I was expecting some really threatening clown masks, maybe a crazed huge Russian bodybuilder or something fun like that but it's just more standard actors. It's a fun event with some good jumps but for me it got a bit stale by the fourth or so maze. Looking forward to hearing everyone's reviews!
  12. Things You've Overheard at Parks

    I hope this is really bad satire?
  13. Been to the park twice now since DBGT opened and both times it's been down for the whole visit. Obviously I understand that downtime is a thing but it shouldn't take three (at least I hope!) trips to the park to have a go on the new ride.
  14. Airtime at UK Parks

    Totally forgot about that bit after the MCBR on Saw, always catches me off-guard! Something like Lightning Run would be amazing and would probably go down well with the public. Unfortunately the only way I can see a Merlin park getting an airtime machine is if it's a hyper they can market as the tallest in the country which won't happen anytime soon and I can't see parks like Drayton investing in a new coaster in the next few years. At least you can fly to Sweden for 15 quid... Edit: Or wait two years until that Mack Mega happens
  15. Airtime at UK Parks

    Airtime for me is my favourite part of a coaster but here in the UK we're definitely missing a pure airtime machine. However there's a few nice negative G moments sprinkled across the coasters we have. The camelback on Speed definitely takes the crown for me, it's not particularly sustained but what there is is pure ejector. Honourable mentions go to the second speed hill on Smiler, the camelback on Saw and the drop after the first turnaround on Megafobia in the back seat. What do you guys think?