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  1. Not once did D.M.K mention crowds or the park being busy as a source of disappointment. All the issues raised were operational and customer services ones completely in the parks control.
  2. I think the spike is at the end of the layout like on Fury. The lift hill right before must be the accelerating one then spike before rolling backwards into the brakes. Looks like a fun layout.
  3. Does anyone know the throughput this thing gets? I don't think I've ever waited less than half an hour for it even when the queue looks tiny
  4. I went last week, it's 2.60€ each way and you pay the driver. You can find the times on the DB Navigator app.
  5. Any word on a staff preview like in previous years? It's getting worryingly near the start of the event now.
  6. If the rumoured line up of Saw, Living Nightmare, Blair Witch, Santum and Platform 15 is true then why should anyone be excited? Admittedly Sanctum is a rumour but it's looking like the ratio of indoor mazes to outdoor mazes is about 50/50 so for what reason are you so optimistic?
  7. Looks like we're heading towards 3/6 of the mazes being outdoors. Really disappointing if so.
  8. I was there Thursday evening from 7:00 and I was a bit disappointed too. I was so excited for Living Nightmare but it was closed the whole time. If it closes early why can't Thorpe say so on the website or queue time app? I would have gone to the park a few hours earlier if I had known it would shut at six. Same with the rapids, tried at about 8:30 and it was closed, why not put a big sign at the entrance saying 'Ride closes at dusk' or say so on the app? Operations were alright, two trains on everything but Swarm and around a ten minute queue for the main coasters from 8:00. Swarm was a diff
  9. ben199


    When I went on it last weekend some scenes like the bats and screaming heads were taken in complete darkness to hide the work being done. It ruins the flow a bit but it's much better than the ride being closed.
  10. Such a shame most of these turned out to be nonsense. Anyone know what happened?
  11. If you think more people riding obscure coasters is somehow a threat to your ego and status as an enthusiast then that's ok, I think it's an odd reaction but if that's how you feel then that's how you feel. That doesn't offend me. However you definitely were condescending in that original post. There's a fair chance you're the only one on this forum who's been on both an Aquatrax and a tilt coaster so to say that everyone who's not you is part of the 'unwashed masses' is a bit rude and condescending and I think that's worth calling out.
  12. Wow, you come across so smug and condescending. Some of your posts are really cringey to read!
  13. Is there any credibility to the Swarm VR rumours or is it like the American Horror Story 'rumours' that were completely baseless yet people still believed them?
  14. Yeah, I was a bit disappointed there weren't actually any new mazes this year. Hellements I thought was worse tonight because the fire was going up in little poofs as opposed to one huge blast, it didn't really feel like a finale and then the hood off walk-through was a bit wtf. On the other hand the clown maze was much improved on last year. The carnival game bit at the beginning from last year (which I thought was awful) is replaced by a curtains maze with actors behind most flaps, it was great and gave the maze the scare factor it was lacking. Rest of the event was pretty much identical.
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