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If we want to add to speculation. Read this over on CF and it could be very true as when Universal Dubai was being planned and even partly built it was to have a Hulk clone (Kong themed apparently) and the ride was fabricated but never used in the end as the entire project was scrapped.


The entrance was built and still stands I believe. But yeah, so maybe Universal do own some new B&M track already that would work perfectly on Hulk as it is an exact clone. Believe what you wish. Speculation is fun!

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Plopsaland recently tore down their Zierer Tivoli and replaced it with EXACTLY THE SAME MODEL... Purely because the first one was ancient...


Track on rides does get replaced on a regular basis actually, with Hulk they've just decided to do it all at once in combination with a refurb (new trains/launch system/etc)... Which for some reason has caused the enthusiast community to panic for some strange reason...

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My favourite thing about Universal is that they're not just throwing in attractions left right and centre but the work they're doing with Hulk and done with Spiderman in the past, shows how the Harry potter license has completely reinvigorated the parks. 


It's quite something.

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So it doesn't look like it'll be long before one of the iconic theme park views in the world is removed.


The water has been drained, cranes are in place. I just can't imagine this park without that view. Guess we'll have pictures of it soon enough.


Au revoir. So does this mean the experiment has finally worked? Or just until summer 2016.


In other news, bit more general Orlando this, the Skyplex tower seems to have hit a snag. Already being pushed back to 2018, the project is put towards the council end of the year for approval but currently the recommendation is 4-3 against the project (but that's only a recommendation). But, the biggest objection comes from Universal. 


Universal were happy with 300ft, but are not happy with the 500ft proposal. Many arguments they put out such as it being an eyesore (its I-Drive, get used to it) and light pollution. It all seems a bit strange, but the Skyplex would be quite close to the old Wet'n'Wild site which is rumoured to become a CityWalk.2 and with this project so close that might kill that. All strange, especially as it is competition that got Universal to where it is today. 


It's okay though, Universal are helping with all the light pollution ;)

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Really hate this universal hissy fit stuff about them not wanting I-drive and literally knocking them down at every possible opportunity.

Okay, they need competitive tactics and the like, WDW knocked off their original plans and built the tram tour, but the way they are generally tackling I-drive is unprofessional. You don't see WDW slating Volcano Bay or Mako or Sea World doing the same with the likes of Star Wars Land or Kong, so isn't an acceptable approach. There's businesses then there's brutally ruthless bullyng, this case seems to be the latter.

Further proof of Uni's skyplex hissy fit (simply a brutal tactic to reduce competition) is the light and height pollution thing. First of all, several of their rides are already fairly high, yes 500ft is a completely different matter but then there's the Orlandi Eye down the road which is 400ft, which begs the question of if they didn't want the height thing, why didn't they oppose this project? Simple, it's not competition in the conventional sense.

Then we go on to light & noise pollution, Universal gives off lots of light pollution due to its size, function in addition to its frequently used soundstages (the image above proves this) and no doubt I drive residents can hear Uni's outside rides very distinctively including the recently silenced roar of Hulk so these claims make no sense and are surely invalid. I think the aspect of Universal wanting the land for their own development is another factor.

Whilst apart from its height, idrive probably won't be a patch on other parks in the area, Uni's method of reacting to it certainly not sound. It's a shame really they've acted the way they did as aside from that, they're probably the park/resort in Orlando that are potentially improving the most, especially when you compare it to earlier updates such as Disaster & Rip Ride Rocket to the likes of The Potter expansions, Transformers and Kong which look superior in comparison.

I'm yet to experience the likes of Orlando in the present (though I have several big parks coming up), so can't properly address the situation as much as I know a fair amount here have been here at least once.

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