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So, Kings Island have announced this - it's a GCI coming in 2017 called...



It looks like a really fun GCI from that animation, it really flies through woods. Also worth noting the mysterious shed element at the end, does it contain an inversion, a track drop or just a dark ride section?



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Seen some people suggesting that there could be similarities between this and SW8 what with the Mystery Shed here and the pre-ride indoor section of SW8.


Not necessarily saying I agree with the theory, but certainly not something to completely dismiss, depending on what happens in the Mystery Shed...

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I just checked out the Kings Island Central forum. There's some really interesting speculation there.


The more I think about it, the less I think that the shed will contain any kind of track feature and I now believe it will just be a dark ride section with animatronics and screens whilst the train sits on a block brake (If this thing is gonna run 3 trains, it's gonna need another block break, considering there's no MCBR).


Also, gamification and augmented/virtual reality are really becoming a big thing in the industry. That said, I believe the shed could contain an immersive tunnel-like 360 degree screen that could utilise some sort of motion sensor.


For example, the screens could show the forest 'reclaiming it's land' and this could be turned into an interactive experience if riders could destroy the forest using motion - so essentially like a shooter without the guns.


[Think 360 degree immersive Xbox Kinect.]


I doubt this technology is possible but I do now think that the shed will be an interactive dark ride section rather than any track element.

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13 hours ago, Project LC said:

Woodies are cheap to initially 


Are they?


This looks good, not amazing but good and solid. The sort of coaster it's ok to tack a gimmick on to the end of, rather having a crap coaster supporting the gimmick that all the effort goes into.

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Must say, this looks a pretty good coaster and can't wait to ride it in may. This and Mystic Timbers will make for one heck of a double act.


One thing that makes Cedar Fair my favourite park operator is the fact they give their customers/fans what they want!!


The Cedar Park fans wanted an RMC for so long - they get Steel Vengeance.


Kings Island fans for years have wanted a Giga - they are given Orion.


They may not be perfect as no company is, but I've got to credit Cedar Fair with some of their investments across their parks in recent times.

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