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Top 10 deceased attractions you wished to have experienced

Exodus Matt

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Unfortunately in the world of themepark saw we receive many new/updated attractions every year, we also see many close & disappear.

What's everyone's top 10 attractions in the uk/world they sadly never got to try but would most want to ride/experience.

Mine are (uk only)

10/ vampire- pre 2001 bat trains Chessington

9/ Trauma Towers Blackpool

8/ Runaway Coaster Rotunda

7/ Magic Mountain Blackpool

6/ Noah's Ark Blackpool

5/ Magnum force Flamingo

4/ Knightmare Camelot (assuming it doesn't run again in the uk)

3/ Toyland Tours Alton Towers

2/ Corkscrew Alton Towers

1/ Black Hole Alton Towers

Rides I've ridden but miss the most

Phantom Phantasia, nutty jakes gold mine, rocket racers, Magic Theatre & Magic Mill

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You can still ride clones of Black Hole and Corkscrew (though Black Hole clones don't tend to be located in tents, you can just close your eyes instead)...


The one ride that should be on everyone's list is Eagle Fortress (http://rcdb.com/1337.htm), and other things for me are Ozark Wildcat at the defunct Celebration City and Ring Racer at the Nurburgring (all it had to do was run for this year and I would've got it)...


Suppose it would've been nice to visit American Adventure/Mingoland before it got spited/spited the two Schwarzkopfs, but such is the way of the world at times...


Also Camelot sucked...

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I only know a few, so here's a few top 3's:


DEARLY MISSED RIDES (I haven't been on)


1. Terror Tomb - Chessington

2. Haunted House - Alton Towers

3. Mr Rabbit's Tropical Travels - Thorpe Park ( :P)




1. Professor Burp's Bubbleworks - Chessington

2. Miss Hippo's Fungle Safari - Thorpe Park

3. Flying Fish (original) - Thorpe Park



  • 5th Dimension - Chessington
  • Wicked Witches Haunt - Thorpe Park
  • Corkscrew - Alton Towers
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1. Virginia Reel at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

2. Black Hole at Alton Towers

3. Haunted House at Alton Towers

4. Water Chute at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

5. Terror Tomb at Chessington

6. Professor Burp's Bubbleworks at Chessington

7. Toyland Tours at Alton Towers

8. Thunder Looper at Alton Towers

9. Noah's Ark at Blackpool Pleasure Beach

10. Fifth Dimension at Chessington


Wicked Witch's Haunt at Thorpe is also one that I really wish I had ridden!

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I've learned a few things from this thread!


Noahs Ark and Trauma Towers have both been closed bt BPPB? That's outrageous! Both clasics. It's a while since I've been!


Didn't know they'd given up on Ring Racer entirely.

Status SBNO[1]

Opening date 31 October 2013

Closing date 3 November 2013

 12 million Euros well spent there then. How has this no bankrupted S&S?

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I've learned a few things from this thread!


Noahs Ark and Trauma Towers have both been closed bt BPPB? That's outrageous! Both clasics. It's a while since I've been!


Didn't know they'd given up on Ring Racer entirely.

 12 million Euros well spent there then. How has this no bankrupted S&S?

Trauma's been closed for ages (like the Ark), since the Nash fire if I remember...

Ring Racer did originally also open years ago, but blew up and had lots of problems since... The new owners of the Ring saw it as a burden and spited it as a result...

Good call on Son of Beast, that also narrowly evaded me by closing forever about 2 weeks before I visited... That was sans loop of course, that would've been an experience...

Annnnnd finally I think New Beast was a smaller version of Black Hole, rather than an exact clone... Sure someone can check RCDB for this...

+1 for Moody Blues ride as well, but not for Alien Encounter, not at all sad to say I wussed out thirteen years ago...

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Yeah sadly Blackpool has lost quite a lot of rides in the last 10 years, here's some of them.

Monorail closed 2012

Bling closed 2011

Gold Mine closed 2011

Swamp a Buggies closed 2011

Magic Mountain closed 2010

Alpine Go,f closed 2009

4D Cinema closed 2008

Noah's Ark closed 2008

Trauma Tower closed 2008

Space Invader closed 2008

Clown coaster closed 2008

Junior whip closed 2008

Spin Doctor closed 2006

Black a Hole Waltzer closed 2006

Drench Falls closed 2006

Turtle Chase closed 2006

Big Apple closed 2004

So that's it. At least 17 rides gave been removed from the park in the last 10 years which is depressing, what more at least 6 of those rides haven't been replaced by anything, ark & trauma I fact technically still SBNO.

2006,2008 and 2011 seemed to be notorious bad years for ride removals. Hopefully the park will be doing better now (especially with it's recent trip advisor success) and will be going back to growth again.

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(New) Beast was a larger version of Black Hole - a Jet Star 3 rather than a Jet Star 2. It's also still operational, at a park in Columbia (thanks RCDB!).

My most missed rides are Toyland Tours, Noah's Ark, Thunderlooper and Virginia Reel (though I never actually rode the last 2). Knightmare will be added to that list assuming it ends up getting scrapped.

There are other rides that could be added but in all honesty I can't get too emotional over international rides I was never likely to get a chance to go on anyway (Eagle's Fortress), or rides that were removed long before I even visited the park they were at (Magnum Force/Bullet - Reel is an exception). Thunderlooper is the one that got away for me, as by the time I was brave enough to ride it had gone.

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I wish I could ride Black Hole again it was my first 1.2 ride XD I also really want to ride Toyland Tours again along with Tropical Travels I only rode each of these once I think I may have done Wicked witches haunt but when I was like 4 or 3 so I don't remember that well.

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My parents seem to think I've been on Wicked Witches Haunt and Tropical Travels but I've no idea! So that'd be nice :P

Corkscrew was okay, better than the one at Mingo Land that's for sure! Knightmare was the only decent thing about Camelot (although that diesel powered mine train was odd!) Noah's Ark was decent, the log flume thing before Infusion was okay to! Water Chute just looked weird, nothing much to it I guess other than nostalgia.

As for deceased rides I wish I'd been able to ride: King Kong is the only one that comes to mind as it closed the first time we went to Florida in 2003. I miss Jaws and Back to the Future was much better than tuff Simpsons but hey ho.

Original Vampire and Fifth Dimension would have been cool to, and I miss Rocket Racers too. Might as well throw Submission in the mix ;)

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In regards to rides worldwide, I wished I could've ridden

1/ Wildwasserbahn 2 at Heide Park, it looked quite a decent flume attraction with theming and a big final drop, better than the remaining one there.

2/ Studiotram Tour (FL) I know there's one in Paris, but this is one if the original WDS rides.

3/ Big Bad wolf- it's an arrow suspended coaster. Enough said.

4/ Maelstrom- I know it isn't closed yet but by the time I ever set foot in WDW it'll be Frozen ;)

5/ Jaws- looked a great ride

6/ Back to the future- great Scott!

7/ The Original Test Track

8/ Colossus- magic mountain-

9/ Mr Toad MK

10/ Gwazi- I know it's still open but it's on the chopping line and I doubt I will get chance to ride it

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Can't think of 10, but the links of Son of Beast (because vertical loop on a woodie), Ring Racer (because fast), Thunder Looper (because why not?) and Big Bad Wolf (again, because why not?) all spring to mind.  


Wouldn't have minded being able to have tried out Space Station Zero, just to see what it was like I guess.  And the broncho bikes at Thorpe sounded fun.. :P

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