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When you find out Loggers Leap won't be reopening next year

Peaj receiving his leaving gifts, Secret Santa (at 1:45) and the meet organiser announcement (at 14:55):     Gotta love Matt Creek's reaction to his vodka and also to the Clon

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Fantastic meet as always all, and a great finale (and an end of an era) for the one and only...Peaj! It was great meeting some new and familiar faces, Dungeons was great as always and Shrek and Tussauds were okay I guess. Olympia Looping was great too! :P


Have a good Christmas all, and thanks for another great meet Peaj. All the best mate. :)

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A great end to a year of amazing meets and an era.


Certainly up there as one of the best TPM meets ive been to from taking over the dungeon, the foggy Eye with TPM mannequin challenge and typical Nando's banter.


For the millionth time, big thanks to Peaj for organising so many amazing meets over the last four years and it'll be strange knowing all future meet ups won't be run by him.


Losing was my only lowlight of this trip. Not the role but my secret Santa vodka which was confiscated at Winter Wonderland, the loss is still spinning in my head.


Congrats again to Paige & Ryan to winning Peaj's job. I look forward to seeing you run meets. 

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1 hour ago, alexander said:

Good to see all of you! See you in like a year :D


Er a year? No no no - I need my carer for future meets! :crazy:



Really enjoyed the the meet guys - was kind of nervous thinking of the amount of people who would be there but as always the nerves went quick and I had a fab day and great laugh.


I missed a lot of meets for a long period of time but it's good to get back into seeing people again - as ever a big thank you goes out to Peaj not only for this meet but his dedication as meet organiser for the past few years - I know for me, if it wasn't for the meets I wouldn't have met such lovely people.  When you are made to feel welcome at meet ups it makes you want to go back and see everyone again and you create great memories which you can look back on.


Congrats and all the best to the new meet organisers who I'm sure will do a grand job - Merry Christmas all!





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Apart from me and Steven losing to peaj at air hockey (at the same time!!), this was a great meet!! :) Those views from the top of the London Eyes were simply magnificent!!. Winter wonderland was fantastic this year apart from me being an idiot and deciding to pull the restraints down too far on Olympia (which is a magnificent coaster especially for a temporary one by the way) which near enough killed my shoulders. Well done to Ryan and Paige on becoming the new meet organisers and all the best to Peaj (by the way me and Steven only let you win by the way....)

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