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I give it two days.

I think people might be reading into the extent of this a little too much. Samurai wasn't given a refurbishment last season, it was pretty much left as is. It ran excellently over the last two seasons

Just bin the bloody thing.

Posted Images

Contact with trees never happened at Chessington - too tall. ;)

Samurai has a new entrance sign / information board. Proof the thing isn't moving to Canada Creek? Ta Matt for the pic.

Sorry mate, but that doesn't confirm anything. Like Mark said about Bubbleworks, they love spending money. Well sometimes, you have to wonder if Thorpe do. They'll replace the least priority things first knowing them.

I was lucky enough to see some girl's hair get ripped off by those 'evil' trees

How the hell did that happen? :D
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Well the members at TPG are under the impression that Samurai is definately being taken back Mondial in Holland at the end of the season to be re-themed into Canada Creek, they also suspect it will be given a new name. I'm not sure whether this is true but its just what I heard them talking about even thought they had no proof. (the member who mentioned it has a pretty good record for not spamming). ;)

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Black would look great, have silver pods with some red detailing to look like blood splats. But maybe as the majority of Dylan is in black, having another mainly black ride next to it would look a little bland?

I quite like that idea. It may sound bland but I'm thinking it would like pretty similar to its Chessington paintjob which was pretty cool, but I don't think fits into a Canadian logging village, as it looks quite oriental.I just don't like how black rides fade very easily, which is why I'd prefer it to be brown, plus Loggers and Slammer are brown and its generally an area that uses a lot of wood.And Matt, I don't understand why you'd admit that ;)
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I disagree, Samurai's original colours were far better than the aquamarine and red colour scheme it has now. I'm with James; a black paintjob would look great, but a very dark brown wouldn't be the end of the world either. And hopefully Mondial will fiddle with the mechanics of Samurai to help it withstand being used at its fastest setting for long periods of time without the ride breaking down every few weeks (or so I'm told that is why Samurai runs on a lower setting) ;)

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