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On 3/23/2019 at 10:18 AM, JoshC. said:

I'm loving this campaign they've got going.


They can tease the fans as much or as little as they like. They can 'reveal' names (this appears to be the Cyclonator), but if there's a negative reaction, they can change it. Plus the general style and theme is fab.


Going to be fantastic for the park. And with this and likely a major investment at Flamingo Land, there's potential that 2020 will be a great year for the UK.

Oh if only 2020 had been a great year for the UK .... and the world!

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It looks as though Paultons Park received an inadvertent publicity boost the other day when Boris Johnson praised his recent visit to the park in a speech to British business leaders: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-59373237


Let’s hope that this translates to some additional ticket sales for Paultons! If nothing else, it will certainly make the park quite an infamous place within political circles…

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I went to Paultons Park on Friday for the first time in a few years and it really makes you realise how strong they are as competition to Chessington.


We started over at Cobra and then gradually moved our way around to the right hand side of the park. Doing this you could see so easily how the park has evolved over time to get more and more detailed with their theming going from Cobra and Edge which are essentially completely plain, to Lost Kingdom and finally Tornado Springs.


It’s not just themeing though that’s impressive for a relatively small park, it’s the fact that everything is immaculate that stood out the most. You could tell they work hard on repainting, cleaning, gardening, etc. It’s probably this that makes the biggest difference between here and some of the Merlin parks, like Chessington, where many elements just look tired now.


I’m looking forward to see what Paultons have to bring in the future as they’ve got so much potential. I think Chessington have started to see them as a threat and have been gradually improving over the past couple of years but I still feel that if I was recommending a park to a family with younger children then Paultons would be the top suggestion.







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Yep its a great park and agree so much potential given their efforts in the last few developments. It also helps that they care for and continue to touch up and clean the place so well. Also even when busy outside of Peppa Pig World queues rarely get above 20/30 mins which makes a more enjoyable day. 

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It is definitely a park with much charm and potential. 

The way they have developed in the last 10+ years is simply incredible. Building new rides and areas that perhaps would not look out of place at a European theme park. 

They also seem to be one of the few uk parks to keep their values and deliver top quality customer service for their consumer. No surprises they come towards the top of attractions on Tripadvisor. 

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Paultons sent out a survey today to get some ideas about their future:




Good to see they're looking ahead, especially if Merlin turn a corner in investing in Chessie and Lego.


Thrill coaster, water ride and indoor are certainly the next logical steps. Especially if they retheme the more tired areas to fit into the standard they've hit recently. 

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Water ride and dark ride (and indoor attractions more generally) should be the park's next logical steps. They have enough coasters, and enough variety in coasters, to cope without adding a new one for a few years.


In terms of next coaster, a woodie is a really obvious next step. Or even one of the family friendly RMCs the manufacturer has touted as possible could do the trick.


An out and out thrill coaster would be an interesting and bold development for the park. But certainly can work - look at Plopsaland with their addition first of Anubis, then of Ride to Happiness. I could very much see Paultons becoming the Plopsaland of the UK, and that is no bad thing.

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