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Paultons Park


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Disappointing but not surprising either. This project is a massive investment for the park and to delay it (as difficult it would seem) was likely the best thing the park could do. Even if/when the parks begin to reopen, it is unlikely visitor numbers would settle at expected levels due to previous things going on.


Will definitely a spring a visit for them for the future.



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It certainly makes sense from a return on investment point of view. If there is any sort of season to be had this year people will be queuing up to get in without much encouragement this year after missing out for so long, so the investment would be wasted. Holding this back until next year when hopefully things are back to some sort of normal should get people through the turnstiles again and give them a return.


I really hope it works for them.

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My concern, for lack of a better word, with it being pushed back to 2021 is that it now creates a further competition with them and Chessington, with their drop tower.


I know Chessington is just getting a drop tower (and maybe tarting up Forbidden Kingdom a bit more to go along with it) compared to Paultons whole new area, but Chessington have the brand and the ability to access much more money. Along with the pull of a Merlin Annual Pass, it does leave a potential uphill battle for Paultons. Sure, they've got the better investment for that year, but that doesn't always translate.

I'm sure Paultons can cope, and I'm sure they're clever enough to be able to still be successful with the launch, but there's no denying that opening in 2021 adds another, large, challenge to the project once its opened.

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But they have a roller coaster, and with the fair backing of positive reviews across the board. Beyond Merlin getting bogofs and over the top WORLD'S FIRST CROCODILE THEMED DROP TOWER advertising (compared to how Paultons have promoted the area) there's nothing much new for them that they're already competing with.


That's also assuming Chessie's development doesn't get delayed as well.


I also nearly fell off the sofa when you spoke about Chessie having access to more money. You have SEEN the Rainforest addition right?

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Yeah, I get what you're saying. 


My point with Chessington and money is that if Merlin choose to do so, they can splash out on marketing more. At this point it's impossible to say of course, but Chessington could benefit from a wider Merlin marketing push when parks reopen compared to Paultons, who have less chance to access that.


I can't really think of a good word to describe my thoughts on the situation. I'm not 'concerned' because I don't think Paultons will suffer. But assuming Chessington do open their drop tower on time next year, it feels like there's potential for that to have an impact on Paultons' development. 

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The thing here is, Tornado springs isn't finished yet, its unknown when contractors from abroad will be back on site for the project to be completed, Paultons ultimately dont want to open a half finished area where rides are not ready.  This season is going to be a difficult one for all parks and attractions and simply put dont need any bad press and complaints from sloppy openings ,( cough cough Vortex,Smiler etc).



I think its better to put 2020 behind them and focus on weathering thIs storm so 2021 can be a success

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And of course, today was the day Tornado Springs finally opened.


The whole area looks wonderfully themed, with a perfect mix of attractions for everyone, and should be bang on the money for Paultons. I'm incredibly looking forward to my visit on Thursday!


For anyone who wants to see pictures, there's plenty posted by CoasterForce, Thrill Nation and Attraction Source:




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Yep Yep, fantastic additions to the park, Cyclonator is probably the best frisbee ride I've ever done. Crazily forceful and intense for a park like Paultons. Storm Chaser is solid Mack and the perfect family ride with kids absolutely loving it. 


I haven't been since 2009 and the difference between the new rides then (Cobra and the Edge) are like night and day when compared with what they add now. Lost Kingdom, Peppa Pig World and now Tornado Springs are such beautiful areas, full of things to do and packed with little theming areas that make the areas feel alive. Cobra's area feels like a corporate away day for big business in comparison, soul-less and empty. 


What Paultons really nails for me is the in between stuff. They know a park isn't just headliners, its about the little kid play areas, the restaurants, the little theming touches sprinkled around that engage everyone in the family so no one feels left out. Lost Kingdom just seems to keep going, the amount packed into what is in reality, a very small area. It's real testament to the owners of the park in understanding their target audience perfectly.


Clean, beautiful, well maintained. Easily the best park in the country right now. 

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Somehow I forgot to share my thoughts here after my visit last week.


I guess my thoughts will pretty much echo Mark's. Tornado Springs is one of, if not, the, most complete theme park areas in UK. It has something for everyone - play areas, rides of varying height restrictions and thrills, eateries, etc. It's seeping with detail and theming all around. It is brilliant. Some parts feel a little cheap and bordering on tacky admittedly (the hay bales in particular feel a bit out of place), but that is nit picking.


Storm Chaser is a solid coaster. Not as spin-y as the other Mack spinner I've done, but still packs a nice little punch. 


I think one thing that the area does highlight is the park's ambition going forward. High quality rides, with high throughputs. If anything, it perhaps overshadows the rest of the park slightly, and shows some of the shortcomings even more - especially operation-wise. Storm Chaser with its two trains can power through the crowds, but the rest of the park's coasters trudge on by. That's not a criticism per se, but it shows that the park have used this opportunity to level up.


I can't wait to see what the next major development at the park ends up being.

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Today, myself and others made our way to the park to check out the new area. Here’s just some of my thoughts. 

Tornado Springs is a lovely area and really adds another dimension to an already great park. It’s must be amongst the best areas I’ve seen in recent years. 

Storm Chaser is a lovely fun coaster with a very reasonable throughput, Cyclonator is surprisingly thrilling, the drop towers are fun and the tractor ride pleasant. Rest of the area further compliments this. 

Rest of the park still great and surprisingly busy. The comparison of newer areas to the likes of where Cobra and the Flume are located is remarkable. Hopefully they’ll sort those next. 

All in all great park to see if you can. And worth the longer drive compared to say Chessington.


A few photos. 






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Paultons was indeed excellent on Sunday.


Tornado Springs is a stunning new area and Storm Chaser is an incredible addition to the park.  I really like how it's a coaster of two halves, you get the calmer first half with views around the park, then you dive into the helix which is packed full of force before the final few turns throw you around a bit before you reach the brakes.


Genuinely, I think it's the best Mack coaster in the country.  It left me with a real "wow" feeling when I hit the brake run on every ride, and had me eager to get straight back on.


As others had said, it does outclass the other rides in terms of throughput, but it also looks very promising for the park's future.  Just a brilliant, delightful area and the very best of UK parks at the moment.

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Went to Paultons, another person to approve of Tornado Springs. Fantastic area design and look to it, Storm Chaser was good fun and a little bit intense with the right spin. Cyclonator was ridiculous in it's intensity but proved popular with the number of schoolkids there so hopefully that'll give Paultons a positive answer for a few more "thrill" rides in the future.


Accessibility in the new area seemed good, with dedicated queues rather than up the exit for everything. Can really tell the lessons learnt from Lost Kingdom. Though certainly some confusion over whether staff needed to sign off our pass as we hired a wheelchair from the park as ours is broken. But as the largest queue of the day was 35 minutes in PPW that didn't really affect us. We also only rode Storm Chaser twice so didn't abuse it because we're nice like that.


Definitely the park needs a new water and/or dark ride as next big investment as there's no quality in that aspect. So fingers crossed going ahead there. Hopefully the park will revamp all the older areas as well as it looks really bad compared to the newer stuff. Main Street and Cobra areas especially so.


Good day, good park. 

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