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Paultons Park


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Fingers crossed this will be a 2017 addition as I'd like to see something along the lines of a new water/dark ride there one day.


An interesting move the park are expanding the Peppa Pig area. Then again Beeb land has had two expansions and Thomas having four. Suppose it could rival these considering they're all getting new stuff this year.

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"Meerkat Manor and the African Aviary will be closed during 2017. This area will be re-developed to prepare for an exciting new animal attraction opening in 2018".


Taken from Paultons Park website: https://paultonspark.co.uk/ride-maintenance


Another exciting development to look forward to for 2018 across the European theme park Sector! ^_^

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Apologies if this isn't allowed, but here is a barrage of photos of the new construction area and signs at Paultons... there is a building being constructed too, but I think that is more part of the 'Little Africa' thaaang.


I'm just posting the pictures that were particularly interesting.... ;)





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Visited Paultons a few weeks back and couldn't have been more impressed, having not been for around 10 years it was amazing to see how much the park has progressed.  Lost Kingdom is fantastic and my favourite themed area at a theme park, the two new coasters are both great fun and the landscaping/theming is of a very high standard.


Operations across the park were good, staff were friendly and the park is extremely well presented, everything seems to be focused on customer experience and I'd say it offers a much better day out than other parks targeted at the same visitor range.



Cobra x12

Flight of the Pterosaur x12

Velociraptor x7

Jumping Bean x5

Catterpillar x2

Magma x2

Dino Chase x2

The Dinosaur Tour Co. x2

Raging River Log Flume x1

Wave Runner x1

Edge x1

Pirate Ship x1

Kontiki x1

Boulder Dash x1

Windy Castle x1

Rio Grande Train x1


First impressions count for a lot;



Lost Kingdom;













Cobra is still amazing;







Japanese Garden;




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Paultons really is a fantastic park and such a joy to visit, I make sure to visit the park every other year and always find myself having a great time. The staff are always great, the general atmosphere is lovely and it's just a pleasure to be on park.


Lost Kingdom was an amazing investment and the product as a whole is outstanding, I really hope it helped boost their visitor numbers, cause God knows they deserve that after producing such a high quality new area.


I've been thinking for years, if only Paultons had the marketing budgets and was located slightly nearer London I could quite easily see them doing damage to Chessington's visitor numbers. I know which park I've rather visit!

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Paultons are doing a Drayton!






Fans of the Entertainment One’s (eOne) hit TV series will be snorting with delight when the two new rides, The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride and Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club, are unveiled to the public on Wednesday May 16, 2018.


The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride will take families on a tour around the newly extended part of Peppa Pig World in individual coaches on a monorail that starts from the top of the Queen’s castle, a signature point of the attraction. Children and parents will also be able to hop aboard boats at Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club where they can cruise along the new water route around Peppa Pig World and discover Pirate Island.


As well as the new rides, Paultons Park has also created an additional dedicated baby care centre and a new catering outlet called The Queen’s Kitchen, in Peppa Pig World

Stephen Lorton, commercial director at Paultons Park, said: “This is a very exciting announcement for Paultons Park. Peppa Pig World continues to be very popular and attracts huge numbers of visitors from all over the world in the six years since its opening. A magical aspect of the expansion is that the Queen’s Flying Coach Ride offers panoramic views of Peppa Pig World and the Park beyond.”


Katie Rollings, Head of UK Licensing at Entertainment One, said: “We are delighted to work with Paultons Park on the expansion of the ever-popular Peppa Pig World. Paultons Park offers families the opportunity to fully immerse themselves into the world of Peppa Pig and since opening in 2011, it has become an instrumental part of this beloved brand.”


A must-see destination for fans of Peppa Pig, Paultons Park has twice been awarded TripAdvisor’s top accolade of best UK amusement park and has welcomed millions of visitors and scores of celebrity faces since first opening in 2011, including Katherine Jenkins, Alesha Dixon and Holly Willoughby. Peppa Pig World is one of the many highlight features of the park and extensive planning has gone into the creative development of the new extension which offers fans new rides and facilities.


With the addition of the two new rides there are now nine rides in total at Peppa Pig World, as well as an indoor play area, water splash area, and the largest and only dedicated Peppa Pig shop in the world. There is also a chance for children to visit Peppa and her family in their hilltop house.


The Queen’s Flying Coach Ride and Grampy Rabbit’s Sailing Club will be open to the public at Paultons Park – home of Peppa Pig World, from Wednesday May 16, 2018.


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Neat investment from the park, and not that surprising really.  A bit of a shame that there's not a more exciting family water ride coming, but it still fills a gap.  And their concept art always is realistic compared to the final product, so that bodes well too.



One thing from the press release though...


the largest and only dedicated Peppa Pig shop in the world.


Looks like someone has been attending the Merlin School of Marketing... ;)


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Not strictly "doing a Drayton" though.


That would involve only expanding your golden IP area while letting your non IP line up crumble. Oh and closing your family boat ride and ruining your madhouse.


Plus don't forget Drayton's ride offering is f**king awful, Paultons has a lovely little line up.


Bring it on I say, will hopefully give them enough funds to get my Gravity woodie.

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Just been to the Christmas event, and it's definitely the best I've done. Most of the park was open, apart from Cobra, Edge and the rides around that area. The grotto was very well themed with animatronics and a proper storyline about helping Rudolph find the North Pole. There were so many cute little details and animals everywhere, accompanied by a frankly terrifying snowman thing, and a dragon (?). We then went through a very Bubbleworks-esque Toy Factory before being sent through to Santa. He spoke to us for a bit, we had a photo then out where my sister got her present, an art book thing that she likes. Me and my parents got a pretty disgusting fruit punch, which probably would've been okay cold, but it didn't taste nice warm. My dad described it as tasting like "Blackcurrant Lemsip", and a mince pie. You can also have orange juice which I would recommend.


The Lost Kingdom is still great, Pterosaur feels like it's got better since last year and Velociraptor was good. None of the animatronics were working in the cave on Dinosaur Tour Co.


Little Africa looks finished, and some of the animals are in. We didn't see much of the Peppa expansion but the castle looks like it just needs to be painted. Cat-O-Pillar broke my shoulder.


Ride Count

Flight of the Pterosaur x3, one middle, one front, one back.

VelociRaptor x3, one middle, one front, one back.



Pirate Ship

Dino Tour Co. 


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Custom Mack Mega-Lite or Gravity wood next. Followed 2 years later by a large scale water ride. Followed another 2 years later by an elaborate dark ride.


A man can dream...


However when I spoke to the park manager during Lost Kingdom media day, not only was he fully aware and excited by a lot of the products available, something I'd be surprised to hear from some other parks, which is very encouraging. He also told me how much he likes Twister at Gronalund and is aware they are lacking a big dark ride, which is interesting.


I have so much faith in Paultons, good luck to them.

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So I saw on the towertimes forum that Paultons park have filed these trademarks
-Storm chaser
-Tornado springs 
-Al’s auto academy
-Route 83
-Al’s general store

I believe that this is going to be a new themed area called Tornado springs around the kobra and edge area of the park, with storm chaser being a retheme of the kobra rollercoaster and from looking at the trademark online  Al’s auto academy is going to be a driving school. If this is what Paultons are planning  then merlin really need to up there game. 


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