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Paultons Park


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I don’t know how much more the park will be able to expand, if I’m correct the open grass land by the edge and kobra is not aloud to be built on and I believe the had to fight to keep both rides due to Building them both on country park land, here is a article from 2009.  



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Very excited by this, Paultons is a lovely park and their recent additions such as Lost Kingdom prove they are going in the right direction. 


Their next area is set to be called Tornado Springs, which implies some sort of American theme which makes for an interesting choice. It’s not yet known what the area will include, Apart from some sort of Diner style restaurant. 


Would love the park to get a small woodie along the lines of Kentucky Flyer or Twister as something like that would really suite the place.

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An interesting tweet from the Tornado Springs account...



Purely speculation from my part, but...


-'Valid until 5pm 14th Feb 2019'. Potential announcement?

-Storm Mac. Hint to Mack?

-55mph winds. Launch coaster, 55mph?

-Tornado Springs / Storm Chaser. Spinner?


As I say, shameless speculation, and I could just be following a false trail the park are laying. But it certainly would be an ambitious step for the park to take, and really solidify them as a perfect family park.

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Honestly I think it would be insane if we got a new coaster soon, we just got Lost Kingdom in 2016 and Paultons isn't a chain park so they don't have the excess cash to flash about..

If they do though then I think it would solidify Paultons as a must do for parks in the UK.

I find it funny how the smaller parks are making more out of nothing with investments (BPB and Paultons) while Thorpe is just throwing money at crap like TWD and DBGT..


Fingers crossed this is true, it would be a ballsy move though.

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11 hours ago, JoshuaA said:

I find it funny how the smaller parks are making more out of nothing with investments (BPB and Paultons) while Thorpe is just throwing money at crap like TWD and DBGT..


It's because these parks can actually look at additions without the need for any nonsense from upper management telling them it NEEDS this, that and the other...


Fortunately Paultons' focus on guest experience is allowing them to grow, with the help of Peppa Pig's cashflow...


A new coaster in 4 years (it's not opening this year is it?) isn't outside the realms of possibility, especially given the two Vekomas probably cost enough to get a Curly Wurly and a Coke from the corner shop after...

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Regardless of what the coaster could be (if there even is a coaster), this looks to be another fantastic development in this lovely park!


Paultons have been improving in leaps and bounds in the last few years, not only through investment, but the right type amongst keeping their business clientele returning and entertained!


Cant wait to see how they develop this!

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Quick rundown:


Yay new cred (people hoping for an inverting Mack Spinner should bear in mind that Dwervelwind exist, which still isn't a bad thing but possible more suited to Paultons)!


New water ride? Or perhaps a re-theme of the Dinghy slides?


Gyro swing of some description would be a MASSIVE ride for Paultons, even if it is just a small Zamperla model.


Some mini-spinning towers as well, those are great fun ❤️


Potential new car theme for the tractors (or perhaps a car themed flat ride like a Demolition Derby).


The train will return!



Presuming the quality of the finished product is akin to Peppa Pig and Lost Kingdom this will be a fantastic addition.

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I'm loving this campaign they've got going.


They can tease the fans as much or as little as they like. They can 'reveal' names (this appears to be the Cyclonator), but if there's a negative reaction, they can change it. Plus the general style and theme is fab.


Going to be fantastic for the park. And with this and likely a major investment at Flamingo Land, there's potential that 2020 will be a great year for the UK.

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The marketing from park so far has been some of the best we have seen in the U.K. for a while.


Very interesting to see the park adding some more thrill attractions, however I’m sure they will still remain a family based park as places like Plopsaland, Efteling and Europa are all family parks, yet still have thrill attractions. 


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Hi all, went to paultons park today and had a lovely day, weather brilliant too and of course being the middle of the week, crowds were quite light.

thought I would post a brief construction update, wow I never realised this new land covered so much ground , it’s covering quite a big area that what I thought, I’m really excited to see what paultons are capable of achieving, if lost kingdom is anything to go by, I think we are in for an impressive treat 

constuction pics are hard to get, there is a bit construction fence all around the area with no peep holes, and no big high advantage points, I could have poked my phone over the fence but didn’t want to take advantage and faced being told off by staff, the only ride that kinda works getting any pics of the scope of the area is on windy castle which works when your car is stopped at the top so here is the best I could get


so things we know for sure or rumoured


name tornado springs(confirmed)

at least 5-6 new rides according to gossip heard (only rumoured to the exact count but we know there will be a few, another new coaster maybe??)

rio grande WILL return and will be extended to run through or around the new area(confirmed as the park have said will return in 2020)

wave runner WILL feature in the new area and be rethemed to fit in the new area(confirmed as the park was doing work all around the ride putting up timber sheets around the outside of ride.

New area opening may 2020(confirmed as the board around the area says so)

RIP panning for gold and mini golf attraction which is making room for the new area, it’s all gone :(


Super excited to keep up with construction on this, can’t wait to see how it looks 






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