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The most up to date info, and plans of the new dark ride, can be seen here: http://thorpeparkmania.co.uk/news/30-10-2014/2016-Attraction-Plans-Released Mr Monkey is staying around; no need to go bana

After nearly 3 years of no posting in the Banana thread..... Happy 20th Birthday Mr Monkeys Banana Ride!

Yes because volcanoes erupt bananas with monkeys on them.

Last time I went on it (Sunday 3rd May) it made a really horible and loud screeching noise at the start, is it still doing this?Also the opp said something really funny while it was going on, he said "sorry Mr Monkey is a little constapated at the moment" :P that made me laugh so much.

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I went on this Ride too it was fun and just the right amount of scary lol I hate the one at Chessington that one is too big, like your going to fall out of your seat, but the one at Thorpe park is the correct height to be fun and enjoyable, it felt more secure.

I agree with you.Mr Monkey's Banana Ride is alot better for me too than Black Buccaneer.When I ride Black Buccaneer, I have to sit in the middle otherwise I might be seeing my lunch! :PWhereas, Mr Monkey's is a great ride with cheesey audio! :P *Hi 5 Mr Monkeys!* :P:P
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