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  1. Cedar Creek

    Top 10's

    Top 10 parks I ‘havent’ visited A.K.A. My Park Bucket List: Uk & Europe 1/ Tivoli Gardens 2/ Parc Asterix 3/ Gardaland 4/ Tover Land 5/ Heide Park 6/ Grona Lund 7/ Walibi Holland 8/ Energylandia 9/ Legendia 10/ Lightwater Valley Worldwide: 1/ Universal Studios Resort Orlando 2/ Magic Kingdom 3/ Epcot 4/ Animal Kingdom 5/ Busch Gardens 6/ Sea World Orlando 7/ Hollywood Studios 8/ Tokyo Disney Resort 9/ Disneyland Cali 10/ Kings Island Slowly ticking them off (maybe).
  2. Cedar Creek

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    It’s pretty clear this is all fake news then! Now if you can excuse me, I have a contest to enter.
  3. Cedar Creek

    TPM Awards 2018

    Matt Creek’s Drag Race?
  4. Cedar Creek

    TPM Christmas Meet 2018

    Hope you all had a wonderful time. Sorry I couldn’t join, but hopefully will return next year!
  5. Cedar Creek

    Complaints, complaints and complaints.

    Negatives: Too many dark, abandoned and rundown themes Abansoned rides- including a sky swat and Log Flume (where myths say it’s returning) A rough Gerst and Intamin 95% Of DBGT 3 minute dispatches on an invert Positives: They have two B&M’s and one good Intamin It has rides It’s better than nothing (when it’s available)
  6. Cedar Creek

    The Small Parks Thread

    Might Be worth ‘finally’ getting to Helsinki now for this Taronesque style coaster. This park isnt too too far away from the City either, as I’m aware.
  7. Cedar Creek

    2018 General Discussion

    Coaster Studios (Tyler), a well known American Youtuber/enthusiast recently uploaded a video timing and comparing operations of Thorpe Park’s main coasters. See the video below. Anyone want to guess which rides have the best/worst operations?
  8. Cedar Creek

    Next Roller Coaster

    Let’s not forget: 1/ VR 2/ Pre-show 3/ cattlepens 4/ shipping containers 5/ ‘another variation of the Island theme’ 6/ Another disaster/abandoned/horror theme/story Boom! I will see myself out
  9. Cedar Creek

    Logger's Leap

    Canada Creek (now Old Town) used to be such a lively and atmospheric area of the park, but now its little more than a lifeless, bland and pointless dead zone in the park (with the exception of Fright Nights). Loggers Leap rotting away behind a concealed fence, fed fake/incorrect rumours of it returning CCR- station and building abandoned and rotting away (notice the real theme) Former Noodle Restaurant left derelict and abandoned Quick service kiosks left mothballed for most/all of the year Two kiddie rides cheaply ’slapped down’ in poor locations with garish/clashing colour schemes Slammer remaining SBNO/mothballed nearby So much needs to be done in this area to bring it back to life and the way the park have lied about Loggers reopening, when it clearly won’t is hugely disappointing.
  10. Cedar Creek

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Definitely no point in visiting when the park can clearly only invest in some popular family dark ride, some spinning aeroplanes and a coaster that manages to launch itself then! I’ll just visit Brighton Pier then! On the other hand, the pass thing is definitely not ideal when they said about a reduced rate and then do an even more reduced one.
  11. Cedar Creek


    Hahaha! Talking about Splashing Back. Might be worth renaming this topic Benin’s thread. Theres a better chance of Thorpe reopening Slammer than Loggers to be frank. In all serious, everything in the new area sounds perfectly adequate, if we can ignore that little torture device that’s ‘supposedly’ reopening.
  12. Cedar Creek

    Merlin Entertainments

    Interesting that they bought this all back again considering the sudden cancellation of the scheme previously. Will this go similar ways in the future? We shall have to see.
  13. Cedar Creek

    TPM Awards 2018

    I’m just saying hi, as the rewards go.
  14. Cedar Creek

    Park Operations

    I believe it is around the 18K guest limit as far as capacity goes, but yes this can definitely be affected on different issues. I believe for each coaster/major ride thats closed for a lengthy time/the day, 1k is knocked off the maximum capacity.
  15. Cedar Creek

    Next Roller Coaster

    Next Coaster: Hopefully 2020, not 2022 (or later). Thorpe desperately needs a new major attraction to (try and) bring visitor numbers back up amongst a complete review of everything else, such as customer service, landscaping and appearance, direction and image. Sure they had the Ghost Train a couple years ago, however this has not benefitted the park due to it’s poor reliability and not being overall successful. What I would like their next coaster to be: 1/ RMC Hybrid- Would perfectly fit within the park. However given the minor issues they’ve had, I doubt Merlin will take the risk. 2/ GCI woodie- a bigger Wickerman style ride would be great. But with Wickerman still being fresh for a few years, it may be unsurprising they hold off a woodie at Thorpe for a while (or forever sadly). 3/ B&M Hyper- The one thing Thorpe lacks is airtime. Something like this would resolve that. What they may realistically add: 1/ ‘Taron style’ intamin multi-launch 2/ B&M Dive Coaster 3/ A hyper (not from B&M)