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  1. Cedar Creek

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Enthusiasts not at Blackpool opening weekend be like,
  2. Cedar Creek

    Paultons Park

    Regardless of what the coaster could be (if there even is a coaster), this looks to be another fantastic development in this lovely park! Paultons have been improving in leaps and bounds in the last few years, not only through investment, but the right type amongst keeping their business clientele returning and entertained! Cant wait to see how they develop this!
  3. Cedar Creek

    Heide Park

    Am I the only one that sees the uncanny resemblance? Oh and it probably has some Wickerman in it too.. Still looks interesting enough as new concepts go.
  4. Cedar Creek

    Top 5 Coaster Manufacturers

    Might as well chip in, 5/ GCI 4/ Intamin 3/ RMC 2/ B&M 1/ Mack
  5. Cedar Creek

    2019 Season

    **WORLDS FIRST RETIREMENT HOME DEDICATED TO THEME PARKS AND SCREAMING** Seems an odd first for Merlin if you ask me. Residential developments don’t go well near them parks though, especially in the U.K.
  6. Cedar Creek


    DOUBLE POST***- but that was over two weeks ago. Carnaval won’t be the only classic set for drastic changes, as the park’s Vintage Car attraction (Oude Tufferbaan) is set for a major renovation. Loopings reports approximately 1.8 million euros will be spent on the Tufferbaan renovation, replacing the vehicles, rail and operating system. It also mentions the car horns will interact with new scenes on the ride. There will also be a new double station which should help capacity, as ride often receives lengthy queues. Great to see Efteling developing their attractions further, showing what a top park does. 2019 is definitely a busy and exciting year for them indeed!
  7. Cedar Creek

    The Small Parks Thread

    The same could be said really when the Thompson Family shut down Frontier Land in 1999 or (the original) Pleasureland Southport. I’m sure there’s other examples out there too. Doesn’t stop this still being bad though. I'm another who remembers seeing Volcano The Blast on a ride documentary( anyone remember the name), which included other rides such as Men In Black and Millenium Force (an attraction I’ve actually ridden). Still a shame it’s closed though despite it’s numerous issues, let’s hope a decent replacement surpasses it. Dynamite looks great though, it’s nice to see a small park buy a quality Mack coaster there.
  8. Cedar Creek

    'I'm a Celebrity' Maze

    There will definitely be people who remember the Rangers, a lot of the people who grew up with them will have nieces/nephews or even have children of their own. The Rangers were park icons (especially in the nineties) and only really started disappearing from prominence around the mid-naughties.They had four rides and a show in their heyday. That however said, it would feel a strange, bizarre and almost shoe-horned if we suddenly saw them either roaming the park or at a meet and greet place. It’s certainly a shame they have been ditched especially when other parks still heavily maintain their mascots, Pardoes, The six Dragons, Ed Mouse etc., but I don’t think Thorpe is that kind of park anymore. Not without a major facelift/revitalise.
  9. Cedar Creek

    2019 Season

    That’s not a good sign at all. Plus I’m sure DBGT will still not open in time either!
  10. Cedar Creek


    I like the idea of new trains on Colossus as it could make the ride more enjoyable and pleasant, especially as the park’s original ‘thrill’ Icon. But lets face it, there’s a higher chance of the ride getting demolished or abandoned than this ever happening.
  11. Cedar Creek

    2019 Season

    I understand a number of their visitors are chavy, cocky and ‘self entitled’ but for the park to class them inferior to pass holders is going a bit far really?
  12. Cedar Creek

    2019 Season

    I think the current social media team are trying to get fired with their current attitude. There is a fine line between banterous social media and damn right offensive and immature posting, the latter seems to be much nearer to the latter. They arw basically cominf across like they are deliberately trashing their own product, even if it’s a potential dig at their parent company,
  13. Cedar Creek


    The changes to Carnival sound interesting, especially as they will largely affect scenes that some have considered racist. Loopings have uploaded concept art of the changes being made to the African scene. The outfits definitely seem more authentic, but hopefully fitting as if they’ve always existed. I'm not sure what the China and Japan scenes will entail after the changes, but I expect the figures will the teeth are the most likely to be adjusted/removed. As long as these scenes still fit in within the current attraction, I don’t mind the change. One could say, this is Efteling’s equivalent to when Disney changed the ‘Red Head’ scenes in their POTC attractions. Carnival isn’t my favourite Efteling attraction, but I’m aware it is probably one of their most popular and iconic, at least with native guests. Monseur Cannibal is a strange and interesting one as it’s also quite popular but would argue is a lot more offensive than Carnival. Will we see the attraction ‘watered down’, completely rethemed or removed entirely?
  14. Cedar Creek

    2019 Season

    ‘If we can hold off anything depicting a referendum, that would be great’. Thorpe of all the main Merlin attractions (by far) has the most significant issues concerning brand, marketing, identity and as an overall product. Chessington and Towers are not immune to noticeable issues, but are doing comparatively better as whole. The park was booming in the naughties, but is now slipping in a worrying state as a result of poor product offering, decisions and experience. The park for most guests is probably seen as an overpriced, run down place with unreliable horror themed rides with an abusive clientele and ‘over worked’ staff. They are likely one of the lowest performing major tourist attractions in the U.K. The possible soloution is to get back to basics. Look at what they are offering and who to? Create marketing to appeal to that offering and stick with it. Work on park appearances and experience. When these are sorted, start investing in some quality ‘long term’ reliable hardware and infrastructure. I think they are probably overdue a new entranve too considering their existing one has just been updated cheaply every few years.
  15. Cedar Creek

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    Well, least it’s better than nothing. The important thing is, it isn’t worse than 2018’s opening hours (yet).