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  1. Cedar Creek

    Efteling Review - October 2018

    Glad you enjoyed Efteling. Definitely a lovely park with much charm and atmosphere. Their park music is excellent. Joris is is definitely a fun great ride, and probably my second favourite Woodie and best duelling ride I’ve probably done. Dutchman is definitely fantastic and features what is arguably one of the best ride stations out there. Glad you liked Python, I’m yet to do it since the retrack. I love Symbolica, Dream Flight, Bird Rock and Symbolica. Did you do Fata Morgana, Villa Volta and Carnaval? I know Baron’s drop isn’t the best but as a ride package I think it’s excellent. Bob for me personally was the weakest coaster, so you didn’t miss much IMO.
  2. Cedar Creek


    Wall in it would be nice. That’s one mighty styled wall. With nicer inkeeping Wuze touches.
  3. Cedar Creek

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    The true factor is that for better and for worse, demographic trends have changed. Everything in the 80’s/90’s was generally more creative, not just in theme parks, but everything including films, shops and products. Whether that be the likes of Labyrinth, Never Ending Story to things like the Lego Pirates and the launch of the original Disney Stores, which featured animatronic models in their early years. Theme Park’s big and small at this time we’re creating original definitive attractions. From the large scale Lost Continent, Discovery Land and Test Track at Disney and Universal, to the likes of Pirate Adventure and Magic Theatre (LLW). The U.K. was generally blessed with some interesting attractions in those years. Nowadays there is generally a lot more of a trend to go with popular IP’s from books, TV, film, other etc. As opposed to original ideas and more parks have been doing this a lot more especially in the last 5-10 years. Disney and Universal essentially only use IP’s for their attractions now (see Potter, Toy Story & Star Wars Lands). Even the likes of Europa and P.A are using IP’s more too. This isn’t to say non IP attractions aren’t being created though, but there is noticeable higher trend for IP’s. As choices go, Room On The Broom seems more fitting to Chessington currently and probably makes sense considering it’s a British I?P that’s quite popular and the park has another themed ride based from the same author. And Yes, I hate to admit it but the 90’s nearly started 30 years. Sure it’s 28 right now but it’s definitely much closer to 30 indefinitely.
  4. Cedar Creek

    The Alton Towers Dungeons?

    It was going to happen indefinitely and could be an amusing attraction for a good proportion of visitors. My biggest criticidm to the project project is not only the fact they are opening ‘yet another’ dark themed ride in what’s supposed to be a happy upbeat area, but the fact this could be an upcharge attraction. Something the park don’t necessarily need, at least in their current position.
  5. Cedar Creek

    Rumba Rapids

    It’s definitely a budget related reason why it is shut, especially considering it requires a minimum of six staff (two operators) now to run. It’s almost crazy how it could’ve run on just three staff a few years back, before the recent Rapids accidents. They are probably short on staff too psrkwide, I expect. The most affected guests will be those under 10 or ones that hate Horror/Scare Mazes, which is still a shame really.
  6. Cedar Creek

    Logger's Leap

    Just demolish, tear out and flatten Canada Creek for a fresh Western area with new buildings, theming and infrastructure. Then build Chiapas and Taron type rides interweaving between each other I would say, then you have an updated area with two great new attractions. There’s a better chance of them reopening Slammer than Loggers right now.
  7. Cedar Creek

    Hocus Pocus Hall

    Well we didn’t see this one coming now did we? Next thing you know, Rattlesnake will be rethemed to stick man or something.
  8. Cedar Creek


    After almost 34 years, the Bob ride will be getting removed and replaced by Max and Moritz, a double family roller coaster. Source- Loopings The ride will be based on a German story where two people make their village unsafe. Amongst a higher capacity, the original station building of Bob is expected to be reused. The Bob Ride has experienced countless problems recently which resulted in the ride being closed for months. However the attraction is expected to reopen one last time before it is shuttered for good next September. This is likely subject to how comprehensible the ride is in it’s current state. Given Efteling’s motives for keeping older attractions, this was probably a last resort from them. Especially given the likely technical defects and the ride was apparently becoming higher maintenance for them. Intamin apparently don’t supply for this ride type anymore.Bob marks the second major attraction to be removed from the park after Pegasus. Bob closing may be sad in some respects, but I personally found it the weakest coaster at the park. Hopefully it’s replacement will be a worthwhile addition, especially to it’s target audience. Add up next year’s Fairy Tale expansions and (the slightly delayed) 2021 launch coaster and the park has an exciting few years ahead (fingers crossed).
  9. Cedar Creek

    Rumba Rapids

    Hey don’t you bad mouth Rumba! Sure it’s no River Quest, Fjord or Kallerado but one thing it does well is being a entertaining ride for family and groups. With enough work and effort it could be pretty special. Honestly speaking I’m not surprised it hasn’t seen the season out, what with it’s higher staff and maintenance costs and also no longer fun at dusk. I also get the impression the park’s attendance still leaves something to be desired. Fingers crossed it won’t end up getting abandoned and rotting away like it’s estranged cousin Loggers.
  10. Cedar Creek

    TPM Fright Nights Meet Saturday 13th Oct 2018

    I too have only just realised/remembered about the pre-booking for passes and can strongly say £20 is not acceptable and as a result of Tomb not going amongst other things arising, I must make the difficult decision and unfortunately also decline attendance on this occasion. I would like to wish those that go, a frightfully enjoyable time and hope to see you all at another meet soon (fingers crossed for Christmas). Until then, Dead Creek Out!
  11. Cedar Creek

    Plopsaland de Panne

    Looks absolutely lavish, especially around the drop area of the ride. Animatronic dinosaurs also sounds great. Hopefully everything will fit in. I do wonder if the Dark ride is replacing the Forest Of Plop, because there were rumours of it being removed a little while back.
  12. Cedar Creek


    Fingers crossed it will be a good and successful event for them. Would like to see a U.K. park try to do a Winter event similar to something like Efteling or Phantasialand, although maintenance and schedules would need to be on point. Three months maintenance for Vampire is possible as some parks have even less time to prepare.
  13. Cedar Creek

    Alton Towers General Discussion

    Definitely not directly aimed at you and more intentionally as a perspective thing than any. I can see your point on the stacking as trains waiting does nothing for throughputs. When I was there, sometimes they wouldn’t stack for long, whereas sometimes all three trains stacked which was not ideal. every park will naturally have their good and bad ride teams regardless of size and location. Gate Keeper’s operations were slightly better on our second ride whereas Maverick’s were worse as 4 trains (two loads) were stacking more. Apparently China has very strict legislations and operations in parks like Happy Valley are paint dry slow. I'm not taking anything away from Towers or Bpb. As things go, Towers is generally still one of the better parks for operations. Wickerman and Nemy were run well on my previous visits. The only coaster with iffy operations generally is Galactica (VR to thank There). Blackpool’s operations have definitely improved in the last few years and found all major rides run efficiently except Nash. P.A is amongst the worst for operations.
  14. Cedar Creek

    Park Operations

    Wheelchair users only make up around 15-20% of Disabled people and to only consider those with a disability is just ludicrous. Not all disabilities all visible, there are plenty of invisible disabilities such autism/Aspergers, ADHD, learning difficulties etc. I do think something desperately needs to change with the park’s RAP systems though as the queues for it have become considerably longer during the last couple of years and it begs the question whether some are abusing the system for what it is. At times I have seen as many as seven people with a group of 1 RAP which is quite a lot. Whatever the system currently is, it needs changing to system which becomes something a guest needs, not wants and analyses whether the user 100% needs the service. Despite the high number of current users, some who need the system still to fall below the lines. I once spoke to a woman with an autistic son and was shocked to learn they hadn’t been given RAP as he certainly looked like he needed it. Changing the system may not be an easy job though, especially at a time when things are so sensitive and fragile on this subject. At least a quarter of people would likely resort to noisy complaints through social media, to the point the daily fail are contacted. It is not an easy one.
  15. Cedar Creek

    Universal Studios Florida

    Thought it was time to post in this thread again. The park have released some new art work for the brand new Coaster opening in 2019. It is crazy to think that (what could be) an Intamin will replace two former B&Ms. Interesting developments here.