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  1. **Immediately books up to visit that random German park** Just kidding, but it looks quirky to say the least. Gerstlauer still Gerstlauer then.
  2. It’s no secret that B&M are very much the Rolls Royce/Lamborghini of ride manufacturers to this day. Whilst they are arguably less innovative than in the 90’s, they continue to build strong, reliable and often popular re-rideable coasters. Many companies such as Sea World and Cedar Fair frequency buy models from them, with their dive and hyper models still being remarkably popular. Duelling Dragons is the only B&M known to be fully scrapped to this day. The introduction of a launch coaster would be a great and logical move, especially when these types of coaster are especially popular with the likes of Taron, Helix etc.
  3. Given the whole situation of this, we could, we could easily make a whole topic about “exposed” theme park sheds. But that’s for another day. I have seen worser looking sheds than this.
  4. In an interesting but understandable decision, the Splash Mountain attractions at Disneyland and Disney World will be getting Princess And The Frog rethemes. Information can be found Here. Heres some concept art. This will definitely be a very mixed with fans across the globe, but given increasing tensions on certain matters, it was probably only a matter of time. I haven’t done either of the originals so can’t comment for one, but the new theme chosen is definitely a good choice for replacement.
  5. I don’t remember the queue being a major problem when I visited, but that’s not to say it’s easy. With the right tape and placements, it should be manageable. If the Ultimate isn’t reopening with the park, my only reasons for seeing this are: Not being able to reach minimum operating capacity due to social distancing Insufficient funds to maintain and/or operate the attraction If the latter is why this is closed this is very concerning for the park and could mark the indefinite beginning of the end for Lightwater. However one could question the downward spiral has been hitting for years, with numerous ride removals!
  6. To be honest given the current madness worldwide, that time frame may be the most beneficial to the park, as long as they survive what’s happening. I'm just glad they are able to open something new at all.
  7. The thing with WDW is that when they opened, they essentially became their own council/government. Whilst there will still be enforced restrictions and limitations, reopening for them should be noticeably easier. Not to mention at around 25,000 acres, they have much more land to play around with. Disneyland on the other hand is a lot smaller and doesn’t have as much power as authorities go, so will likely be the last resort to reopen by a noticeable margin. Then again with cases on the rise within the states, the chances of delaying a full reopening is likely.
  8. Lightwater Valley will be reopening on the 18th July, with all details found on their website. A number of attractions will remain closed which includes Apollo, play areas, Raptor and The Ultimate. Raptor is understandable given it is indoors with distancing being more difficult, however having the Ultimate closed as well will no doubt put a lot of people off visiting and is literally the only standout attraction at the park.
  9. Can completely understand why Thorpe would charge more than the others. Got to get the money back from the ghost train somehow I guess!
  10. Very surprised about Duel being unavailable. Surely they could just fill every other car with groups or something, plus distancing in the queue shouldn’t be too tricky. Hex is perhaps more understandable given the positions of guests and the number of riders it is required to operate on. Still a major blow considering Congo is the only major non coaster/Beeb attraction pretty much. Least the park is open though.
  11. It’s an offer I’m tempting to make, but I might be broken eventually.
  12. Decided to create a piano cover of the original Vampire theme.
  13. It’s strange yet uniquely interesting now most of Efteling’s rides use a cattle-pen like style, although least they seem somewhat presentable. Apparently when Droomvlucht (Dreamflight) originally opened it featured a more elaborately themed queue hall, which was straight ahead where the grand entrance is. However the ride became so overwhelmingly popular the park needed a better solution to handle the crowds, which is why the cattlepen round the side was built. This probably explains why pretty every large addition (bar Dutchman) features a cattle-pen type queue.
  14. Definitely heard of some of these and they look a great bunch of attractions p. Reading this makes me want to plan a euro road trip at the soonest opportunity, but also lament on Linnanmaki not happening for now.
  15. Well, I wouldn’t say no to checking it out but that will depend on all factors worth considering such as queue line and priority. Plus as much as I would like to, I'm certainly not overweighting it against such rides as Baron, Symbolica or De Vlieglande Hollander. I understand what you mean by the disappointment, as aside from the station I think perhaps more theming/interactive elements could have been done.
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