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  1. Interesting footage and amazing how so much has changed in that time (for better and worse). 0:00-0:12 would never be allowed now, due to strengthened safety such as lock-offs. Doing similar now would no doubt result in the immediate dismissal of the operator and staff involved. Think their safety procedure was strengthened around the late 2000’s when an employee was killed when entering the ride area at one of their Legoland parks.
  2. Looks even better than expected and one of the best looking coaster of the year. I look forward to hopefully riding it in my lifetime!
  3. Very good start so far and with time I’ll sure it’ll only improve further. Interesting write ups which are about the right length and cover a variety of subjects. I did like the one about theming and can see the understandings of the themes you like and dislike. I think also the park also depends on the theme too.
  4. I made another upload. Welcome To Jurassic Park! Piano Medley.
  5. A very disappointing and poor move from the park IMO. Whilst I understand the ride is (likely) high maintenance and getting on with age, by keeping it closed for the forseable future (if not forever) substantially reduces the appeal of the place. Not just for park enthusiasts but families and tourists all-round, who have much less of a reason to go there. The park’s recent moves seem to shadow those from the American Adventure, which shut forever in 2007 as a result of their “so called” young family marketing backfiring.
  6. It’s quite ambitious I know and I’m hoping to cram it all into this time frame. So far I’ve only managed a trip to the Post Office and my local takeaway.
  7. Right given the state of the ongoing pandemic, I’ve had a bit of a rethink. The kitchen The Living Room The Field A long trip to Iceland B&M (Bargains) M&S Car Park Maybe a trip to Thorpe Park!
  8. A very sad time indeed. I remember my first (and only) visit to the park in June 2019, which was ok for what is was. The park was very quiet aside a few school groups and they were struggling with numbers. Raptor was an underrated gem not just for the park but the U.K. park industry. It’s amazing how a few simple animatronics, theming and surroundings can make for something special. The Ultimate’s days are likely numbered and who’s to say that will soon follow? I think the park’s days may be numbered.
  9. Metaphorically and speaking in terms of principles yes. Having done rides like Banshee and Valravn (also mentioned), they personally ruined both rides for me to the point I consider them towards the bottom of my B&M rankings. I think the vest restraints are fine on wing riders but inverts and dive machines should stick to the classic design.
  10. I’d rather have the coaster called Monster and have those “old school” restraints than being Blue Harvest with those horrible new vests. Excellent move by Grona and B&M.
  11. Is there any way in the future of increasing the size of photo attachments for avatars? Too often uploads get rejected due to surpassing the maximum attachment size.
  12. Haven’t done as many as some, but here goes. 1/ Hex- Alton Towers No surprises here. I adore the soundtrack, the buildup, storyline and that the whole thing is nestled within the original Towers. Excluding the main hardware of course. Still remember my first ride on this and instantly became obsessed with it. The story ends there. 2/ Villa Volta- Efteling Simply stunning. I love the decorative exterior and interior, the hidden effects and the marvellous orchestral soundtrack. Kudos for this being the original madhouse. 3/ Defi De Caesar- P
  13. Regardless of whether how reputable or successful ones work is, it’s great to see someone create an original project with much of the park community. And for a good cause with the charity thing too. It’s a fact that the last year has (and unfortunately) continues to be a challenging and difficult time for almost everyone. People can’t meet up and catch-up with their family, friends etc. And it can be hard indeed for many. Until that hopeful time in the future arrives where we can enjoy life properly again. Not everyone will be tolerant (let alone impressed) by people’s
  14. I'm fully aware things have imperfections but could you be more specific.
  15. With Europe likely to remain closed for some time yet, I decided to create a piano medley based around the soundtracks of Europa Park.
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