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  1. Phantasialand

    Taron is just simply bliss. It’s just as amazing to look at as it is to ride and one of my favourite coasters. I prefer Nemy but still like Mamba, which is well themed (even more-so) after the rockwork update. Chiapas is my favourite flume ride, the disco room is fab! Haven’t had the pleasure of Ripsaw Falls so unfortunately can’t compare that one. Phantasialand seems to be one of the best parks to combine both amazing theming and ride layouts. Apparently the China area (especially the hotel) has seen some updates recently, which imply this could be the next area to be redeveloped.
  2. Legoland

    I could probably think of worse names to be fair. I’ll be another for the ‘calling it Ghost’ club I expect. I still call Knights Kingdom Castle Land and Duplo Valley Duplo Land half the time, purely because I’m more familiar with their former names.
  3. Wicker Man - New for 2018

    Comparing Merlin to Disney in some ways is a bit like comparing Tesco to Waitrose. There’s some similarities between the two, but the latter generally offers a more premium price and one could argue is more upmarket. Whilst Merlin will never be up there with Disney, there’s no doubt that they can create quality attractions. Swarm, Wickerman and Gruffalo first come to mind. However what’s affecting these are limitations in budgeting, marketing and structure. The parks desperately need a complexion of themes that are upbeat, comical and mysterious. Less-so modern day dark/abandoned and bright garish themes. I understand the demographic have previously asked for these, however what was hot topic five years ago may be relevant today. Budgeting is another thing, as the parks typically only get funding for new attractions (investment levels rotated), basic maintenance and ‘essential’ safety improvements. Sometimes the parks really have to push for extensive upkeep (see the TLC scheme) which should never have to happen like this. The under prioritised upkeep from Merlin is the real reason little things like Vampire’s chandeliers and mothballed/removed rides have been happening. Merlin have the full ability to run all parks as high-level leading european Parks. Whilst they may not necessarily reach the heights of say Efteling or Phantasialand (which are operated differently), they have the potential to be near their league if they willing to pull out the right stops. It’s such a shame they choose not to and continue to tighten already stiff budgets, just because they want to make a massive profit, please shareholders and build dozens more Legolands. The parks themselves have a difficult fime through such limited budgets, however there are people who work in these parks that are definitely trying the best they can, even though they are basically expected to clean a toilet with just a broken toothbrush and almost empty cleaning bottle.
  4. Universal Studios Florida

    Fast & Furious Supercharged has now soft opened at the resort. Reviews so far seem to be mixed to negative, which may possibly be down to it’s unoriginal and bland storyline and being ‘yet’ another attraction that is nothing more than just screens. Some rumours suggest this may be one of the last attractions to ‘fully’ rely on screens. But let’s see what happens.
  5. Cedar Point

    I’ve never ridden an RMC, but this thing looks absolutely stunning full stop!
  6. General Discussion

    Typically for most ‘Coaster type rides’ in Merlin parks, RAP users will normally be positioned at the back row or last two rows (subject to the size of the group and train). Normally it will just be one group or wristband per train (subject to the user’s severities). Unfortunately sonething does not seem to be adding with Merlin’s use of the RAP system, as the queues and way they are managed seem to be rathe out of hand or late. Too often, there are cases of the RAP queue overflowing on busy days, where it reaches a point where users may wait around 30 minutes to ride or the RAP allocation has to be increased until the queue drops down. This is a lose-lose situation because it means some RAP users will become uncomftable (especially if they hate quieting) and/or main queue users will complain about the allocation. The staff receive regular abuse as a result of this. There definitely needs to be revised system for this, because the current one does not seem to work. Somehow a system which means that only those who require additional needs or cannot queue in any circumstances. Unfortunately there is no easy path and no matter which way they go about this, there always be angry voices complaining, which is not massively surprising. I don’t think this is a one size fits all situation. I should point out, not all disabilities are visual and the amount of people who use wheelchairs (or other forms of mobility support) are lower than you think. Too often in society, non wheelchair users ( who have a disability) get looked upon negatively if they park in a disabled parking space.
  7. Liseberg

    Probably late June I reckon. The tunnel has clearly clearly caused a few delays and issues. Always the tunnels
  8. X

    Regretibly never made the talk, but from what I’ve heard and seen looks like it sounded like it was a massive success. Have just watched a video of Phill’s talk and found it excellent. Very informative, polished and featuring some astounding facts. It’s amazing how much of a major project this was for the original owners, from groundwork down to promotional image. I never knew the entrance was originally intended to be located at the back and the fact there was very briefly a retail shop as well. Fingers crossed we can see more events in the future from both parties. Unless it’s already been posted, here’s a video of Phill’s amazing talk on the history of Project X.
  9. Alton Towers General Discussion

    Well I’m glad they managed to fix something. It’s definitely better than nothing.
  10. Food Outlets

    Whilst I still miss Bush BBQ, I’m glad they are opening a new brand outlet as that’s one less derelict Park eatery. Fingers crossed Sticky Sisters will add some fine choice and quality to the park’s F&B choices.
  11. Tomb Blaster

    Regardless or whether the park are deliberately trying to run Tombs into the ground (for the sake of funding for a proper retheme or upgrade), I think it is a poor show for what is still one of the park’s main attractions to be operating in such an appalling state. Broken effects, lighting and audio, the ride literally feels like it is waiting to be removed in the coming years. The attraction was once a top quality leading dark ride, but now it’s just an embarrassment for both Chessington and UK theme parks. With the correct team and equipment, the ride could easily become great once more. But what’ll probably happen is they will likely announce a farewell event (perhaps similar to what they did with Bubbleworks) and rebrand it as a completely different attraction the following season. Ramesis will probably be ripped out around that time too (infavour of a new animal exhibit) I reckon.
  12. The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

    This week I had my first ride on The Walking Dead Ride (or X version 3 (or 5/6)if you prefer). Queue line is pretty much completely outdoors and seems to be your standard ‘rundown’ cattlepen. At first this may sound somewhat of a bad thing. However given this potentially cleans up the queue distribution (Main,Fastrack,RAP etc.) and the theming/setting, this may be one of the better uses for a cattlepen. The bagroom is now just before the indoor part, which is around where the ole bagroom many years ago once was. There is a pre-show, which neither great or terrible, but does it’s job to setup the purpose of the safe zone. The former queue/walkways have been rethemed to like emergency corridors, with flashing lights and bits. There didn’t seem much noticeable from when it was X , at least as lighting is concerned. We arrive at the station, which is noticeably darker and gloomier. The new setup means there is almost no queue which is nice. The trains remain the same (the two person rule unfortunately remains, but they probably have little control over that). For the ride itself, gone is the upbeat vibe and replaced a dark apocalyptic one. There are numerous parts of theming representing zombies and other items. There are a few screens, but no noticeable animatronics, which is a shame really. The third stop has returned, which features new effects such. Whilst this makes the ride’s pacing a little strange, it somehow works as the last part of the ride feels like zombies chasing you. The action doesn’t finish on the exit corridor, which now features a few effects and darkened areas making it gloomy and misleading. It’s almost like a scaremaze in one sense. After passing the bagroom, we take a strange detour on a path leading us into the megastore. Whilst this is a good upselling tactic, the route feels long winded and deliberately out of the way. The back pathway appears to have been removed, although it would’ve been a dead-end anyway. In Summary, there are some things I really like about this retheme and some things not so much. I like that the park are trying to turn it more into an experience, there are some decent effects and this is one of the better ‘low investment’ year addictions. Most of which in the last 5-10 years have felt rather far-fetched. However, the attraction has resulted in ‘yet’ another dark apocalyptic theme, bringing that number now upto five, six if you include Tidal Wave (which is arguably a more upbeat theme). The park desperately more than ever needs more upbeat/mysterious themes and seems to have somewhat lost one through this retheme. I also think the ride doesn’t need to be a 1.4 and more like a 1.2 or 1.3. After all that, I haven’t decided whether I prefer X or TWD, but there are things I like about both attractions. The park have done quite well here, but now need to focus on more upbeat themes.
  13. Legoland

    In all fairness Impossible isn’t that memorable. Hopefully the Train will reopen next year (with a possible sligh re-route). However Train attractions do seem to be a dying breed these days, who’s to say in five years (or less) the train is removed completely due to costs and redevelopment? Sadly it’ll probably just be a metal anywhere apart from the front. I do wish more parks would theme or conceal ride buildings because they detract from the landscaping and park experience a lot of the time.
  14. Legoland

    Legoland have officially announced the opening of the (revised) Ghost ride. It will be known as- The Haunted House Monster Party. This is expected to open in Spring 2019 and will feature a monsters tea party type theme/story. Makes sense being a made house really. The attraction will mark the third madhouse ride to open in the UK and become the park’s fourth major indoor ride.
  15. Energylandia

    Jeez at this rapid rate of expansion, they are making it remarkably difficult for the best time to plan a visit. Maybe when the RMCis finished. As for Hyperion delays, it’s not surprising really, however my main concern is if/how this affect the funding they have been receiving for the park.