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  1. Matt Creek

    Stargazing Pods - New accommodation for 2019

    More accommodation then? Thats exactly what the park needs over better hours, F&B, Entertainments and support rides. Three accommodation expansions in five years is certainly not enough! They are not the biggest rooms in the world, but I’m sure they are better than nothing!
  2. Matt Creek

    TPM Meets Calendar 2018

    I would like to welcome Matt as the new meet organiser. I am sure he will do a Wise job there. I will do everything in my power to attend both those meets above.
  3. Matt Creek

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Definitely an improvement on the original version. The first advert barely promoted this as a coaster. The re-editing and inclusion of ride shots is definitely an advantage here.
  4. Canada’s Wonderland is perhaps the biggest and most famous theme park in Canada, who are part of the Cedar Fair Group. In 2019 the park will be opening Yukon Striker, their brand new dive coaster which will become the longest in the world. Valravn at Cedar Point currently holds that title. Promotional video and animated POV Not sure on the name or the second half, but there are some interesting elements in the ride’s layout. The drop going under the water which interacts with their swinging coaster Vortex, is probably my favourite looking part of the ride.
  5. Matt Creek

    Merlin Entertainments

    The recent confirmation of Merlin turning 43 million in the first half of 2018 is deeply concerning, especially when you consider the size of the corporation. Whilst park numbers being up nearly 10% seems a positive/good news at first glance, I am not so sure. The attractions have been pushing/promoting cheap season passes, potentially meaning the parks still aren’t making much/enough money to be deemed successful. I hate to see the comsequences but can expect further budgets on operations, investments and more, just so they try and recover quick turnovers. The parks already have enough areas closed/mothballed and that’s on a peak day, let alone an off peak.
  6. Matt Creek


    Having ridden Vampire yesterday, I certainly didn’t find it too rough or comfortable, although I think rows, weight and time of day may be contributing factors. I just wish they were able to return/restore the chandelier lights. They used to help so much with the atmosphere of the station. However now it just looks like a terribly lit school disco and will probably continue to do so for the forseable future. Restoration of the original soundtrack would be nice too whilst they are at it.
  7. Matt Creek

    2018 General Discussion

    Finally got round to visiting a Love Island late and apart from the very unfortunate power cut it was generally an enjoyable night. Managed several night rides on Swarm, Stealth and Saw There were a few breakdowns However they usually can’t be helped Operations were particularly good on Stealth and Swarm Tidal Wave was on three boats which was great to see The Love Island activaties seemed more popular than expected The Park was neither busy or quiet, but had a good balance between the two I personally think Thorpe has a better atmosphere during the evening/night but that might be me. I hope they continue more of these events in the future as evening/nights openings are definitely a good thing in U.K. parks, even if the majority of joe public arrive and leave between 10-6pm. Also got round to trying Sticky Sisters, nothing amazing really and quite expensive for what you get. The chips on the other hand are delicious!
  8. Matt Creek

    Merlin Name Mania!

    Hotel World- the world’s first area dedicated to hotels,
  9. Matt Creek

    Rameses Revenge

    Whatever replaces it is better than nothing.
  10. Matt Creek

    Park Operations

    I’m going to be controversial here and say that as much I love the themes music, there. Are definitely times in the season where the use of chart/general Music on the rides wouldn’t go a miss. For example the Ministry Of Sound and Love Island lates where it would give a different vibe to the park/areas and perhaps be advantage to both guests and staff.
  11. Matt Creek

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    As much as I’d be tempted to buy one, I can’t really warrant over £1500 (as of 23:20 30/07/2018). It may have been one of the last Wooden Mouse coasters, but would much rather spend that on other trips. I struggle to warrant £50 for a Mouse Wheel, let alone that for a ride car. I’m sure someone will buy though.
  12. Matt Creek

    General Discussion

    I think you should put your feet in a job, in when something goes wrong and isn’t your fault, people are short tempered, confrontational and intolerant regardless of how helpful, empathetic and apologetic you could ever be. There are are people who work in these parks that receive a considerate amount of abuse and threats, just because they are trying to do their jobs.
  13. Matt Creek

    Fright Night Ticket Enquiry

    Standard and Thorpe Pass Holders will need to pay a fee for each visit per pass. Premiums don’t need to pay, but do offer a £1 prebooking fee to guarantee your slot. It is usually £10 each per pass for each time you visit Fright Nights, however prices do vary depending on busyness. I would advise booking up at the soonest opportunity to avoid disappointment.
  14. Matt Creek

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Went to Blackpool with the TPM lot and here’s the key things I got from my visit: Admissions staff friendly and efficient Most ride operations either good or excellent Ride staff seemed noticeably more friendly and efficient than last time (except Nash) Several vehicles on everything except Grand National, Streak and Flyer (the latters excusable) Grand National staff were awful, they only ran a train each side and then suddenly made everyone leave the queue without an explainable reason Big Dipper felt noticeably rougher however Infusion wasn’t as bad Big One felt very painful and somewhat less enjoyable this time, to the point I was happy to get off the ride Valhalla was still mightily impressive despite some effects being broken, Alice and Caves were in an adequate state for classic dark rides, but not sure I’m keen on the green LEDS for the Cheshire Cat The revamped Coasters looks a lot more classy, modern and bigger than the original. My Quesadillas were delicious although the Mac N Cheese others got was less acceptable. Do miss the Disney music though. Seeing the empty space of Mouse was saddening but the area didn’t look as lifeless as expected Oh and they’ve also opened some new ride. They call it Icon. Despite the mixed reviews coming across I actually strongly enjoyed this coaster a lot more than I expected and am proud to call it my second favourite U.K. coaster. It doesn’t beat Helix but is higher than Blue Fire (as far as layout is concerned). Regardless though, I’m very happy the UK now has a ride like this and I hope it only brings greater things to the Macks and Thompson’s.
  15. Matt Creek

    Top 10's

    My Turn: Uk Only Top 10 1/ Nemesis 2/ Icon 3/ Wickerman 4/ Nemesis Inferno 5/ Stealth 6/ Thirteen 7/ Swarm 8/ Steeplechase 9/ Megafobia 10/ Grand National