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  1. I love the look of the new intamin track, hopefully they will blend the settings though because seeing Hogsmeade whilst riding this will take thrming back to the pre-historic days.
  2. Things are far from perfect right now for many people. I’ve had several trips delayed/cancelled, life plans on hold and continue to be furloughed for the time being. Whilst it’s really easy to just go on a rant and wave about everything not working out, I just try to remember a few things. There are a lot of people in a much worse position, whether they have lost their jobs, battling an illness or have lost a loved one. 2020 has been an awful year for almost everyone, but I’m trying to focus on the first 2.1 months of the year which were actually enjoyable. Plus one day, there will be something to look forward to again. For everyone.
  3. Well in an unsurprising move, Black Mirror Labyrinth will be delayed until 2021 now. Source-Thrill Nation 2020 has literally felt like an episode from the series in many ways.
  4. A fairly interesting selection of merch there. I particularly like the look of the new Rangers Mug. Shame about Total Thorpe Park closing. I guess that makes TPM the last fansite purely dedicated with the possible exception of TTSP?
  5. Interesting how Merlin are going about not reopening these dark rides. I’m guessing the poise of social distancing measures are somewhat more difficult to achieve in these spaces given they are enclosed. Shame if all these ride types can not reopen anytime in the foreseeable but only time will tell.
  6. Not a fan of the changes done to the Blue Fire queue line, but understandably this is to make social distancing easier. On the other hand, love the changes they’ve done to Geisterschloss and Schweizer. Love when parks plush their older attractions. The Batavia area and preview look excellent, especially the facade area. Cant say I’m a fan of the EP radio thing. I’m sure it will serve some purpose to it’s visitors but much prefer themed audio. Already miss hearing ALLO ALLO in the French area.
  7. Is it too soon for me to say it’s a great big beautiful tomorow? Regardless it’s great to see the parks slowly reopen, even if current situations are limiting things such as shows and capacity. Some parks in Germany also opened today such as Europa (albeit on much lower capacity and changes with social distancing measures).
  8. That is true, however the park have also removed a noticeable amount of attractions including the shopping area in the park. When I visited last June, the park was remarkably quiet despite some school groups. Ride staff even pleaded us to re-ride at the end of the day it was that deserted. Even if they are owned by a “bigger” organisation, I’m still pessimistic for the park’s survival especially given current situations.
  9. Not good on any accords but not surprising either. Given the imminent fine will likely be in the six (maybe even seven) figure amount, I can see the park going bankrupt anyday now.
  10. Haven’t been to Port Av around that time, but I remember hearing some/all of the water rides aren’t open which given that time of year is understandable. There may winter attractions to compensate though. Was supposed to be going to Helsinki July time as part of a park trip, but that’s finished now (Pun intended). Might as we’ll rename this thread “2020 trip cancellations” with all going on.
  11. The music here is honestly delightful, upbeat and suites the theme perfectly. The ride itself doesn’t look like anything to write home about but I’m sure it will perfectly compliment what seems to be a decent enough park.
  12. I guess one of the benefiting factors with Efteling is that it’s large footprint and scale likely make it noticeably easier for social distancing and operations, especially given it is just as much a nature park as it is a theme park. The new restrictions may slightly deter the escapism but are completely understandable given the position of things currently. The restraint system is an interesting one, but given how the park have handled things I have full reassurance this is perfectly viable. Whilst some parks won’t get around these like this, it must be remembered each country has different different safety regulations so what might be ok in a Dutch theme park probably won’t be in a U.K. one for example. Also a few exceptions most of Efteling’s attractions are generally “family Based”.
  13. Here’s mine: 10/ Dino Splash, Plopsaland De Panne- lovely themed flume and probably my favourite ride in the park (considering I couldn’t ride Heidi or Anubis). 9/ Kallerado! Liseberg- Fun large rapids and great with groups for a laugh. 8/ Tidal Wave, Thorpe Park- intimidating, soaking and one of the best themed rides there. 7/ Le Grande Splasch, Parc Asterix- fun and quirky with lots of features between the drops add to the experience. 6/ Poseidon, Europa Park- Mighty impressive to ride but also watch. 5/ Loggers Leap, Thorpe Park (RIP)- one of the best examples of any classic log flume out there. Shame it is gone for good. 4/ Fjord Rapids, Europa Park- Fun rapids with loads of theming and interactive elements, j’adore. 3/ River Quest, Phantasialand- Made, crazy but simply Marvelous and one of the craziest water rides I have experienced. 2/ Valhalla (pre-2020 at least), Blackpool- Stunning soundtracks, effects and scenery. You get more soaked than a hail storm, but that’s the fun. 1/ Chiapas, Phantasialand- An absolute masterpiece. This ride is practically perfect in every way.
  14. Glad to see the attractions are slowly reopening segments (albeit with restrictions and limitations). Just got to hope these all go to plan and don’t get breached. As far as current developments go, construction of (yet to be announced) Jurassic Park coaster are still going ahead, although we are yet to know when the park’s worst kept secret actually opens. Construction of Epic Universe on the other hand has been delayed for the foreseeable future, so we could be waiting many more years if this development is even still going ahead. The parks can currently submit reopening plans to the state governor, although reopening likely won’t happen until July most likely.
  15. Safe to say Talocan has done more travelling than I’ll do this year! Glad the place is reopening though.
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