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Stealth Ice Cream Shower Photo Shoot


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Good Afternoon to all of the fantastic members on here!

It is with the greatest pleasure that I can announce this FANTASTIC opportunity we have been given. It is something that none of you will want to miss! Thorpe Park are holding a Stealth Ice Cream Shower Photo Shoot and have invited us to attend it.

Date Thursday 25th July 2013
Time 07:00am to 09:30am (Please be there on time)
Number of places 30
Where - Thorpe Park Staff Entrance (By External Cash Machine)

So book the day off work and come (I already have)! The reason for this is they are hoping to make it rain ice cream at the park on Thursday 25th July to announce the start of their summer activity Sun Scream. As part of this they are doing a photo shoot on the morning of the 25th and need people to ride Stealth. This photography will then be used in all of the parks publicity materials throughout the year and possibly for longer. The images could be used in newspapers, on posters, on leaflets, on social media, Park signage, etc.

So if you attend please bear this in mind!

If you attend you must wear light non-branded, non offensive clothing (I.e. no logos or offensive language/slogans)

Everyone who takes part must be willing to sign a photography release form to allow us to use them in promotional material. If you are under 18 I will need to send you the form for your parents or guardians to sign that I will need to give to Thorpe Park early next week. Please can I also point out that general pleasant behavior will be expected at all times!

You will be required to ride STEALTH a number of times and there will be breaks in the middle to give riders a breather!

Please PM me immediately If you wish to attend as there are a limited amount of places - If you want to come but cannot due to not having a ticket please do not worry! THORPE PARK as an incentive to come due to the early hours mid week are offering priority passes for the day for those that come, which will include your entry.

Contributing members and those who contact me first will be given priority - for details on how people are chosen for an event please look at this topic http://forum.maniahu...rom-a-tpm-trip/. However for this event there will be slightly different priorities as we need a good mixture of both genders ;) - Deadline to book your place is on Monday 22nd July 2013

If you are coming to spend the day at THORPE PARK but cannot come to the photo shoot and want to meet up with the guys and gals from TPM there will be some additional meeting points for you all to come and join us. Outside the stealth rocks at 10:30am & 13:30pm. We will not wait if you are late! attend these meeting points and will still like to meet up beforehand you will all have my number so you can arrange to meet us in park.

I think I can speak for everyone that this is just a BRILLIANT thing for THORPE PARK to allow us to come to this event, and would also like to express my Thanks at this point.

Attending (33)

Amber J (Guest of Peaj)

Charlie R (Guest of Marc)







James & Co




Katie A (Guest of Stokeseyboy)

Kerry H (Guest of Marc)

Kimberley S (Guest of Stokeseyboy)




Mr. Fish

Phill Pritchard




Sarah S (Guest of Peaj)






0 Spaces Left! PM me if your interested and will put you on the Reserve List. Chances are people will drop out before the event!

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Hi again everyone,

Due to the overwhelming response - All spaces are now filled! In less time than The Smiler's usual queue time ;)

However if you are still interested in attending please by all means get in touch with me. I will put you on a reserve list for when a space pops up as going by past experience organising these meets there are always some drop outs leading up to the event.

Thank you everyone for your huge positive response!


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Hey coastergod. You can be any age to join the site and go on meets. And welcome all ages. Meets in the past have had people ranging from 13 to mid 50s if you want a rough idea of the demographics.

However if you are under 16 we would expect that your parents would have been told where you are for your own safety as TPM can not act as your legal guardian etc.

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