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McKamey Manor


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Feel like people like Peaj and people who did/or have done Brave it Alone would like this. And the question is, would you?



This isn’t your average haunted house… it’s honestly a walk through your worst nightmares, and by walk I mean gauntlet. Located in San Diego, McKamey Manor is one of the most intense and scariest haunted houses on the planet….. and that’s putting it lightly. Russ McKamey is the evil genius behind this haunt that he started about 14 years ago.


Here are a few requirements you must pass to even be able to enter: you now must be 21 years of age (previously was 18), you’re required to sign a wavier, and you must be in excellent physical condition. Only two people go in at a time, and get this… it can last anywhere from 4 – 7 hours. They actually now only take four people through the haunted house each week.


They’re allowed to touch you, gag you, put a bag over your head and pretty much anything that’s not illegal. It’s also one of the few haunted houses that stays open year round, and the only haunted house in the world where admission is free….. I’m serious. Check out the promo video below, it’s from 2013.




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Yeah, I love Face it Alone, but this is too far.  I like the idea of it being like a horror film, but when the only way the experience ends is when you complete the 7 hours or they think you're medically unfit to do it, that's a bit too far for me.


Like Turtle mentioned, there's a video online about the newer experience.  The individuals mention how they get locked in freezers, eat live worms, simulated waterboarding and christ knows what else.  


I like scare attractions, and would love to try some of the stuff in the States (Blackout looks good, but probably my limit).  But this attraction sees the 'line' of going too far, spits on it, then does a 100m dash past it.

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Jesus christ, there's a members only facebook group for (I think??) people who have survived the manor (or it could be people who have been picked/near the top of the waiting list), and on it there's screenshots of one of the workers there confirming that every run-through of the manor is streamed to a group of "pre-selected"  anonymous people in Las Vegas, who then bet on how long people are going to last in the manor..


Creepy as hell. The more I read up on it, there's so many theories and things regarding the legality of it but the stuff I've seen from the facebook group is pretty damn concerning.


This place weirds me out.




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I don't see why people would want to do this... I feel sick just watching it!

It is a type of torture, not a haunt. It has literally gone to the extreme and to be honest I don't think it's long before it gets completely out of hand and gets shut down. Absolute disgusting, I would never even set foot near this place.

'ST – So just how physical is the show? Your videos show rough housing throughout and the aftermath survivor videos show a lot of bruising, black eyes etc'

People come out of this physically abused. I don't understand what sick mind has created this and why actors are willing to torture people inside. The closest they can get to illegal abuse I would imagine, absolute disgusting.

Just also read from the Independent that there are 24,000 people on the waiting list... Yes that's right, 24,000! And not one person has survived the full 7 hours yet, everyone so far has been taken out as they physically cannot survive any longer(passing out etc). Don't see why so many people want to take part as it really doesn't look like fun and I imagine its worse in person.

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It's worth remember that McKamey Manor has operated for several years, though of course no where near this level of intensity.  Indeed, at times, it was simply a 'very extreme haunted house'.


This year, the new 7 hour tour was introduced and (by the sounds of it) was only tried by a few people, before being scratched for a shorter version.  People have survived the older MM tours (just check Youtube), but it seems this one was a step too far.  


So yeah, clearly a step too far and surely no one could survive it.  Maybe the older versions of the place were the physical human limit?


A link to the Youtube account - https://www.youtube.com/user/McKameyManor 



(EDIT:  If link doesn't work, just Youtube McKamey Manor...)

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