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Hyperia - New for 2024

Mysterio Ka

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27 minutes ago, Vinlarr89 said:

Can’t see it being more than 82mph. In theory 84 is possible but that assumes zero resistance and going over the top at 1ms. Would have to be a fast lifthill to allow it to exceed the 80mph IMO

Thorpe have confirmed on Twitter/X it will be 81mph. (just view the comments) 



I don't think it even needs a very fast lifthill to reach it was just a thought. 

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32 minutes ago, Stuntman707 said:

All I will hope for is minimal trims. If we get some insane grey out bends and ejector hills I’ll be happy.

I think it may end up with some, but they won't be too noticeable. Dc and Hyper Coaster at Land of Legends both have them but don't trim much at all. 


Here is a pic of one screenshot from TPWs on ride video. This is on the first hill after the main drop... 







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The park have confirmed that it'll be 81mph, so if the wind is blowing in the wrong direction Stealth could still lift the cup for being the fastest on any particular day... 😂


In regards to the trims, I really do hope it's not noticable either - however I'd rather it maintain decent, consistent pacing throughout and not one massive trim before the breakrun at the splashdown - there's so much riding on this coaster being executed properly, I bet Thorpe are feeling it big time!

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A company with the same IPO representative as Merlin Entertainments has been found to have filed for these trademarks. Although the trademark applications didn't come from Merlin Entertainments themselves, it's not uncommon for Merlin to use shell businesses to effectively hide the trademark applications from unwanted eyes.





We can (allegedly, if proven to be true) see that Merlin originally filed for the name 'Icarus', but the application was opposed. The current trademark application is for the name 'Hyperia', which is currently being examined - but providing whoever looks into trademark applications don't have any objections (like they clearly did with the Icarus name), I think it's pretty likely we could be seeing the name of Project Exodus right here.


If this is the case and Hyperia is the name for the new coaster... I absolutely hate it.


It's not even just because I've gotten so used to the name Exodus that I don't like it, because I really like the sound of Icarus as a coaster name. It just sounds like they went "Okay, we're building a hyper coaster and we need a name for it - but it needs to sound like a mythological creature. How about Hyperia?"


Feels like it's been shoehorned into the name to emphasise that it's a hyper coaster. I really, really dislike it... (and that's me biting my tongue!)

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3 minutes ago, ML27 said:

Up until yesterday I’ve never seen that trademark page.


Icarus is a weird name but at least it’s unique.


Hyperia reminds me of Hyperion and Energylandia and also very basic 


My thoughts exactly. Hyperion also being a hyper coaster (albeit an Intamin and not a Mack Produkt) doesn't really bode well for originality sake. I can see people who have ridden both coasters (even enthusiasts tbh) mixing them both up on a regular basis. Heck, I even made a TikTok about this today and had to do multiple takes because I kept mixing them up!


It sounds cringeworthy and cheap - not something you should expect from a record beating coaster of Exodu..- ehem... Hyperia's stature.

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QR code takes you here:


The little fire bits floating around are called ember in the coding, I would be surprised if there was some fire in the branding considering Inferno is round the corner. Could be looking too much into things there, anyway...


Picture below from SLKSTN himself:



I don't really think "Thorpe Park" is needed on that sign - it does smack a little of a rush job, which would make sense if they couldn't register Icarus as previously mentioned...

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They should stop using project Exodus for starters.


Incarnating the name into physical signage isn’t ideal. It risks it properly sticking with people and anyway is anyone except enthusiasts going to refer to it as that. It could have really done with just saying 2024 Coaster.

Very much aware, one week they haven’t done anything, next week they have.

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  • JoshC. changed the title to Hyperia - New for 2024

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