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Guildford Meet 2016 (Now Includes Air-hop)


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Good morning all of you wonderful people!  ;) I'm very excited to officially announce plans for our Guildford Meet 2016! As usual you had the power to vote and you changed the date of the meeting once again so the meet at the moment is provisionally on Saturday 2nd January 2016.


Due to popular request there will be an additional event to the line up this year which is Air Hop. A Trampolining park down the road :D  So if you are going to be there from the start meet at Air Hop at 11:30 - Prices for it are £10 but £11.50 if you don't own airhop socks!

Here is a link so you know how to get there




The Outline of the day will be as follows:

Meet outside Airhop for 11:30am to get yourself ready for the safety briefing for our session between 12pm and 1pm. After this is done we will make our way to the Guildford Spectrum where we should arrive around 1:30pm as shown in a cheeky helpful picture below (in case you don’t know the area). We will then have a quick snack/ eat within the spectrum which currently offers a Wimpy (Burgers), Trattoria (Pizza), The View (Like the 360 Bar), Costa Coffee (Coffee  ;) )& The Strikes Bar (Drinks), so this should cater for everyone’s different tastes. This then gives us time to go get are skates and lockers ready to hit the Ice as soon as the session starts at 15:00. Price’s are yet to be confirmed for 2015 but at the moment they are approximately £6.00 for the session and £2.00 for the Skate Hire (10p more than last year for the second year in a row  ;) ). During the skating session those who do not want to skate can be a spectator to all the comedy you’ve been framed moments of us falling over (and maybe get the cheeky video clip  :P ). The session will finish at 4:30pm where those who have not come to Skate and only want to show up for the meal and bowling can meet us within the Ice Skating arena. Before those skaters leave who do not want to bowl we have The Return Of The Group Photo so you can all have a picture to remember your day. Then we will get to play 2 games of bowling starting hopefully at 17:30pm which is priced at £5.70 each (20p more than last year :P)which should provide a good amusing end to the day.

The event will approximately finish around 8pm if you want a rough estimate and after which you will be free to do whatever you please - Most likely we will end up at a Frankie & Bennie's as per tradition  ^_^ .

I will be handing out my phone number for everyone who is attending the meet that day, should there be any problems. We aim to stay together as a group for the day, going from one activity to the next, enjoying getting to know people you share very similar interests with, the idea is to just go with the flow and enjoy the day with some awesome people. Whilst we cannot force you to stay with the group, it is the general purpose of these meets! You will have my number if you become split so by all means use it. The meets are a fantastic laugh and everyone is invited, even if you’ve never posted before or been to any kind of meet at all. If it's your first meet, I understand it can be nerve breaking - but we were all there at one point so know how it feels, please don't let this stop you from attending - Once there you'll be part of the group in no time!

Once again, everyone will have my phone number so please use it on the day  :D If anyone has any issues or concerns or even nervous about coming, feel free to post here, or PM myself and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you feel like my response is taking too long another member of the team will be more than happy to help. We will all try and help you out as much as we can.

Please PM me or post here to say if you’re attending (and which parts your attending). I’ll update the lists where appropriate!

Meeting place is around these stairs outside the spectrum.


Attending Meet (20)


Celia Mae (All Activities)

CWOAFanMalcolm (All activities but will watch the skating)

DeanGaryCox (all activities until the meal)

EC! (All activities until the meal)


J.S217 (All Activities)

Kinnaird (All activities and hopes can get in airhop)

Mer (All Activities, still undecided about skating)

NathP & Lorna (All Activities from ice skating)

Peaj (All Activities)

Phill Pritchard

Rocket (Skating & Bowling)

Ryan (All activities from skating but will watch the skating)

ScaryCoasterBoy (All Activities)

Smidget (All activities but bowling)

Styles (Bowling & Meal and will watch the skating)


Toofpikk (All activities but will watch the skating and hopes to get in airhop)

TopsyTurvy15 (All Activities)

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