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Fear on a Ride

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I have sadly yet to do a 'proper' inverted coaster as I did Air (now Galactica) but whether you count it going upside down or not is a completely different question. Rita nearly scared me the first time and to make the ride worse, my head in the wrong position so my head banged from side to side of the OTSR. Th13teen meanwhile did not scare much as it didn't have inversions. This logic has made me wonder what is exactly the thing that scares people.

Is it speed/ height (like Stealth) that scares people? Is it inversions (like me) that frightens people? Or is it something else? This thread will be about what exactly scares you on the ride and then tips for how to overcome that fear on a coaster.


I don't know that I ever really been scared to ride a coaster, a little excited nervousness maybe for anything new, but even as a youngster I had an understanding that there is nothing to be actually scared of and that I was safe going on a ride, or it wouldn't be open.


I've always advised people who are scared of an aspect of rides to go on the most extreme example first, which will inevitably prove to be not as bad as they first feared, then that shouldn't be scared of 'lesser' examples. If I'm with someone who is scared I will generally trick them on to the worst, then when they've done it tell them they've already done the worst so there's nothing else to worry about. Works a treat!


One exception to this would be inversions. Both Smiler and Colossus would be the most extreme variant at their respective parks, but I think these should both be something to work up to if you are that concerned about inverting; both go on for a relatively long time if you don't like it, both can be quite rough compared to other rides, and with Colossus especially the types of inversion are quit extreme, with the run of consecutive rolls taken unusually slowly leaving you hanging and quite disorientated as they go on and on.


But really, there is nothing at all to be worried about, so like everything in life that isn't likely to kill you, just do it. Try it once and if you don't like it then don't do it again. Simple!

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It took me till 2011 until I went on my first upside down/ major coaster which was Nemesis Inferno. I was so scared of big rides before that even though I love them. Just tell yourself it's fine and ask the ride host to recheck your safety bar and you will feel good. After your first two rides you will feel really good and not fear it anymore :) 

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I am planning to go to towers also. How intense out is nemesis?

Nemesis is intense, I shan't lie. The inversions aren't really the intense bits though, the helix is the most forceful.

I know you may be scared, but Nemesis is arguably the best coaster in Britain, Europe, the World! So, just try and be brave and ride a roller coaster that is beyond incredible. It really will change your whole perception of roller coasters and inversions.

The good thing about Towers is that 3 of the big coasters do not invert (4 if you count Galactica as I do) therefore you can still have a thrilling day out without inverting!

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Going back to the inversions idea, one of my biggest regrets in life was not riding Blue Fire at Europa park. After just having riden Silver Star I felt unstoppable but when it got to Blue Fire, the idea about loops being scary got the better of me therefore I just wouldn't ride it. Now I always think how much of a stupid decision that was and it constantly bothers me so now I'm desperate to go back but it probably won't be a while till I actually go back.

When I went to Thorpe Park for the first time, before going I started to realise that people were over dramatising loops and by keeping that thought, I was able to ride Colossus first with no problem. From experience, I think Colossus is a great first roller coaster with loops. It has a variety of elements thus preparing you for other rides containing those elements.

After that day, the regret about Blue Fire came...

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I didn't actually find Smiler to be overly intense.

I found it to be (rough explanation) a much longer version of Saw without the drop.

I found it to be... overrated!

Overcoming your fears can be relatively easy, as long as you remember that everything is safe and don't overthink it. I used to have a severe fear of horror Mazes. I was with friends, I wanted to look brave, so I went in The Asylum. It was the most frightening 2 minutes of my life where I practically bricked it but now I have no fear of mazes.

There are 2 ways to conquer your fear:

1. Start small and work your way up, conquering your fear slowly (as I did with drop towers)

2. Start big straight away to conquer your fear straight away ( as I did with horror mazes)

Both methods worked for me, so I suggest you give one a try.

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yeah, before doing studio 13 a couple years back I hadn't done any scare mazes and I was absolutely terrified in the queue. I came out laughing my head off. they're all there mainly for a laugh and the actors know it, I don't think I've gone through a thorpe maze without an actor saying or doing something stupid. it's all good fun really, sure you jump - but I've never been truly scared inside a maze (even the ones at Towers). the only thing that I think would be truly scary would be face it alone, but I've yet to experience it yet

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I haven't done fright nights yet. I think with any fear you have to forget about what is in your mind and push yourself in to doing it. I know from experience that by really making an effort to do something I will come away feeling happy I have achieved something rather than going home feeling sad I haven't done something. As for face it alone I have heard a bit about it but I wouldn't let anxiety stop me from doing it.

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Did my first fright nights in 2013 and was bricking it - had only previously done a naff scare maze so didn't know what to expect and had to take a shed load of anti anxiety medication.  I think I over thought things and actually ended up having a laugh - yeah you get jump scares and actors will target you if you look scared so I generally just laugh and they leave you alone.  Most of the time they just grunt in your face :ph34r:


If you go to Towers you should really try to give Nemesis a go - it's an amazing coaster and the past few times I have been there has been no queue - my first ever ride on it I sat in the front which I would recommend as they are the best seats (unless you want a more forceful ride then sit right at the back) - it looks a lot more intense than it is.  Have you ridden Oblivion?  On my first trip to Towers back in 2013 I was fine queuing for other coasters.....then cried whilst on Oblivion (before the drop - I used to have a fear of falling) - was really dreading Oblivion but ended up loving it - and as I said before, if you have the nerves the do Detonator and Stealth I think you would cope fine with inversions

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