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The Walking Dead - The Ride: SPOILERS

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First time ride for me today. 


- It's really well hidden and has broken the flow around the area. No approach from Storm Surge, cut off the walkway around the store, and actual entrance isn't even in view when you commit to the path that only goes to it. All for an 'exit through the shop' opportunity?

- Pre-show is OK, doesn't rely too heavily on having to know TWD already.

- Long smelly corridors on entrance and exit remain long and smelly. No actors today.

- Requiring two riders per row remains an incredibly dumb and troublesome rule.

- The little scenes you shoot through are passable, the last one with the screens is the best but hardly breathtaking.

- The ride is too light throughout to be dark. Highlights the overall poor nature of the hardware the dark can disguise quite well. It's so obviously a kiddie/family coaster with an adult theme. That being a thing is still just mental.


Overall? Meh. It was far more enjoyable in its previous guise as a pointless but straight up cheesy fun rave coaster in the dark. I'd happily ride X a couple of times any visit, I'm not sure I'd want to bother going back on TWD ever again really.



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