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Most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a single day?

Matt N

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Hi guys. Often when at a theme park, you'll find an attraction you really like and want to reride it. Sometimes, you might even be inclined to ride it over and over. You might ride it as many times as you can hack, or as many times as you're able to queue for it for. So my question to you today is; what is the highest number of rides you've ever had on one attraction in a single day?


I'll get the ball rolling with my answer.


My current record is 6 rides on Silver Star at Europa Park, and this was set very recently, on 29th April 2022.


For some idea of previous record holders, here's my top 3:

  1. Silver Star at Europa Park - 6 rides - 29th April 2022
  2. The Swarm at Thorpe Park - 5 rides - 7th September 2021
  3. Megafobia at Oakwood Theme Park - 4 rides - 26th May 2019

After that, there are a fair amount of attractions tied at 3 rides in 1 day.


But what is your current record for the most rides you've ever had on one attraction in a day?

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Think I did Revenge of the Mummy (Florida) 10 times in a day after some constant use if the single rider queue.


Done similar numbers for RnRC at Paris (7 times in 1 hour, before the park had anything else worth riding) and 8 times for Raptor in Gardaland.


Inferno used to get a lot of rides too when single rider was a thing. Just walk off and straight back in sometimes. Glorious days those were. 


Gonna discount rides done during Exclusive Ride Times because that's cheating.


I don't think I could be bothered these days to constantly re-ride things. Guess it depends on what it is though. But even going back to Liseberg I didn't go on Helix loads of times, even with using the disabled entrance. 

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1. Loggers Leap 51 times. Sure this could be cheating as we were doing it for charity and didn't have to get off the ride but I think it still counts.

2. Nemesis Inferno 48 times. Back when Single rider was a thing and you could notch up loads of goes back to back in the first couple of hours. 

3. Rameses Revenge 15 times. But I think this was back when you automatically got a second ride after the first and it didn't require a minimum amount of riders. 


This was all back when I was a youth though, There's very few rides that I could be bothered to ride more than a handful of times. Driwvelwind & Velocicoaster for example. Everything else is a one and move on.

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Using some form of ERT...

Stealth - 20 times

Colossus (TP) - 11 times

Taron - 11 times


Not using ERT, my records are...

Swarm - 10 times

Taiga - 9 times

Colossos (HP) - 8 times

Vuoristorata (Linnanmäki) - 7 times 


I've ridden quite a lot of coasters 5 times in a day, but usually I don't visit parks on quiet enough days to get in loads of rides on a day and get all the creds. 

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A few come to mind for me:


10 or 11 on Rage (one of two numbers, I can’t remember).


10 or 11 on Appocalypse (also one of the two).


10 on Stealth, I basically spent the whole afternoon doing that since it was roughly a 20 minute queue every time.

9 on Saw during a staff ride, was probably not a good idea.


8 on Abismo, there was no queue and I actually really liked that ride! Just don’t push the bar down too far and you’re fine!

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Love this!  

Inferno takes it for me - years ago (pre-saw) on a quiet day towards the end of the day we’d often head to Inferno and just stay on the train for as long as we could (as long as nobody was in the air gates, we’d be allowed to stay seated!)


I have no idea what my record would have been, but it was something ridiculous 😂


Good times and great memories.


Do they still allow that at Thorpe?



On a side note this has really pulled on my heart strings.  I spent hours doing this with a friend who lost his life a few years ago.

Thank you for posting this and letting my re-live such happy memories I’d forgotten I had 😊

Weird how such specific things bring the memories flooding back isn’t it.

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It certainly is dependent on the access and length of the ride. A tiring day at Universal, Rip Ride Rocket using the single rider queue, therefore those stairs, and with permission, a staff gate, got me to 77 rides. 

Stealth is my favourite but though the team tried to count, they lost it and I know that days count won't be beaten. I consider myself lucky if I get a bonus ride. The ride will shut down if the sensors detect weight on the train between offload and load.

I did like Slammer, but a one off and for me, not re-rideable.



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I think I managed more than 8 on Ramases revenge a long time ago.


Stealth- 8 times I think is my record fairly recently (although I wasn't being that accurate with counting) and at the end of the day they allowed people to re-ride from the exit, partially because the front row queue was still fairly big.


Also, a bit different as its a waterpark, but recently at Siam park in one day I did the Kinnaree 10 times and Singha 8, having to go up the stairs is the main obstacle by the end!

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I haven't counted rides for a good few years now but I'd say these are the top 3 I've done in a day.


Nemesis: Back when it had single rider and it was right next to the exit. It never had a queue and most of the time you got on the same train you came off if you were quick enough. Used to love lapping this. 


Inferno: On a very empty annual pass day a good few years ago we stayed on this for an afternoon. No idea on a number but easily 20+


Stealth: Quite a few times last year on offpeak weekdays they just left the gate in the station open so you could re-ride, most of the time getting on the train in front. Unsure on ride counts but easily 20+ a couple of times.


I've also rode Slammer for pretty much a whole day before but wouldn't have been a high ridecount due to how long it took to load. Used to do Detonator quite a bit in a day too.


On 5/14/2022 at 7:30 PM, Inferno said:

just stay on the train for as long as we could (as long as nobody was in the air gates, we’d be allowed to stay seated!)


Do they still allow that at Thorpe?



They do yes. I find Thorpe are definitely the most lenient with re-rides out of the merlin parks. Alton isn't even worth asking.

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