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Posted ImageJust ordered this rather adorable laptop bag in an effort to combat withdrawal symptoms! In fairness I tried to get it whilst there, but it was out of stock in the Emporium :o International shipping cost the same again that the actual item cost...

:o 3 months on, I've just left rehab from Disney. ;)
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LOL. Loving the looks of Tulisa and Kelly's legs... they actually look like they're made of plastic and melting in the heat. Louis' trying to butch up by standing with his feet at two different post-codes and Gary's doing his best Cowell impression. But wait, that's not the response they want is it...? Let me try again...NEW PANEL OMFG NEW PANEL! Yay! It's Beyoncé's wannabe cousin, and council house chav, a geriatric Irishman and Gary Barlow!Hurrah.

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