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Did Derren Brown "Stick You"?


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Okay for those of you who watched the show on Friday will know that a large number of people did not stick, including myself, so hes a chance to say if he did, didn't or sort of did,Also Admins if this topic is a bit pointless feel free to delete :),So post here what happened to you, for those of you who didn't watch it there is a HD video on Youtube that does work even though Derren Brown said videos on Youtube don't.

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My mother said I was stuck there for 10 minutes! I can't quite remember though: it was a very strange and blury experience.

I watched it at my school with around 30 others and one guy vomited, the video was quite wierd, wait you could have been stuck for 10mins, they played this beep which unstuck anyone who got stuck about 2mins after the video was played.
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It couldn't work if you just watched the clip though.  The whole show had loads of suggestion in it, a few subliminal messages (despite Derren saying there would not be).  That whole build up is an essential part of him being able to stick someone.

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I'm pretty sure he says it doesn't work unless you had watched it live. The repeats etc wouldn't have the same effect or just work. His whole thing is suggestion, misdirection and showmanship. Only those who are suggestable to put it have it work on them. On his live shows, he will say it won't work on certain people when the frisbee is thrown into the audience and does ask sometimes for it to be passed to another person because they don't suit the criteria, they aren't suggestable (or are a keen group of teenage girls who didn't get the memo that Derren is gay :P )

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