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  1. @Han30 honestly same with Det, I just can't in case it gets stuck. I'm proud to say coaster wise, basically been on no breakdowns, RNR at Paris was alright as the music kept playing. Water rides however, just don't go on one with me. Most my breakdowns have been water rides, lift hills, boats piling up and all that. Best flat was Rocky, 40+ rides in one day, get on one and it jerks forward and stops. We waited for the engineers and kept the ride host company. No point in trying to get on anything else, capacity day and 30+ heat so nah.
  2. Holly

    2019 Season

    Went for the first time in years, most of what you guys have covered I agree with. It's all just a bit run down and looks dirty. The most shocking thing for me is not being able to stand for long periods of time and having to join the fastrack queue for Colossus and having to wait for 20 mins. I understand why they have changed the RAP to minimise waiting times for people who physically need to use it but basically saying to me that I need to physically be in a wheelchair to use it to the full is ridiculous. Plus a £50 deposit for a wheelchair is fantastic for people who can afford
  3. 1 point for bad pun. I for one am looking forward to visiting next year to see all the new win things being built.
  4. I was joking, I promise. I have a dry sense of humour and I find not everyone get it! Absolutely shout me if you are Reading way, I'll let you know when the best times to go anywhere, not even just pizzahut. The thing with Crealy is that when you have small children then it's a great park for just that, families and creds really.
  5. Holly


    Just showing everyone I'm alive, it helps very now and then.
  6. Ngl all I got out of your report was that Readings PizzaHut is bad, when did you last go? Cause I think you will find it's a lot better. Glad you enjoyed Crealy(ish). Always went to one of them as a kid and it's good little fun family park. Plus no shade to my Mr 9
  7. Holly


    They shouldn't. Just sayin'
  8. Pics or it didn't happen. I'm rather disappointed to hear that once again Loggers will be closed. Makes the excepctations go up for when it eventually re opens.
  9. Holly


    ^ it's interesting to see where people are after so many years, really happy you're doing well! I on the other hand pull pints and live off my student loan for my food and drink needs. Catch me in a few years hopefully I'll be a solicitor by then.
  10. I forgot living in student halls that I live with students, who get drunk, scream and make loads of noise. I have a room that is in the courtyard. I need a decent night sleep.
  11. It's all about strategy, marketing is a complicated subject to talk about because it relies on opinions. It's up to the person running the small account to decide what's important to show and what's not.
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