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  1. Hello! I'm Fred! I last logged in on this forum in 2014 LOL and this is weird. My name isn't actually Fred but I did it to hide my identity whilst I worked at the theme parks. Oooooh I like trains, theme parks and trains in theme parks!
  2. Thanks for that post Mer - It's always good to see how far we've come on from utter rubbish music in the past few years. Still got some way to go in some areas, but this is definitely a track to be proud of going.
  3. Phantasialand is one of the easiest to get to by public transport too. Flight into cologne (there's approximately 4 million flights to cologne from across the UK every day), then a simple 2 trains and a bus (taking a whole 45 minutes in total from plane to park) and you're there. Proper cheap too.
  4. Cheapest way is to drive there - very easy to eurotunnel and then drive (about 2.5hrs after reaching france). I stayed on their on-site hotel which is very reasonably priced. You'll easily cover the park on two days. I got a bit bored after the first day really, and just spent the second day constantly reriding their quality rides.
  5. Fred

    London Eye

    I'm a bit late to the discussion - but London Eye pays amazingly compared to Sealife/Dungeons/Shrek next door - all of which pay their hosts £6.50 per hour. London Eye most staff are permanent and on a salary basis, purely from the days of it being BA sponsored, so they still 'benefit' from that.
  6. I'm definitely talking about the Ride Access Passes - they're not Merlin Policy. Each park themselves choose what who they can allow for Ride Access stuff, who needs to accompany them etc. (Lego wheelchairs use main queue on most rides, Thorpe used to only allow a maximum one helper onto rides whereas Alton it's 3... stuff like that). The only thing I think which is a universally adopted policy is the admissions free carer ticket - anyone with DLA/proof of disability can get a free carer, and that seems to be the case throughout all Merlin attractions so is therefore probably a Merlin admissions policy. But Ride Access isn't standardised, so isn't Merlin policy.
  7. They can't open beyond 9pm I believe.. so that's the latest possible. 7pms were quiet.. however they should be at 7 or 8 in the height of summer. Gives incentive to visit, gives incentive to stay over, gives a lot for people to do in the evening if staying over. They can always reduce staffing as it gets quieter to save on costs. Maybe one day..
  8. Whut? That's not Merlin policy. Each park is different, but Alton's is... Disabled guests need to be accompanied by at least one helper (over age of 14). They're there to assist of loading and unloading of ride, reassurance should the ride break down and to assist in evacuations.
  9. Luckily Fury's queue is miles away from any such noise - so the atmosphere needs to return (why remove speakers?!). Truckers obviously you can't hear anything. But I'd much rather remove Truckers than sort out the noise of lift2
  10. Use your fingers - you can manually release it using your middle fingers. Staff these days are bloody useless!
  11. Yup, and as for May I can only presume it'll increase again (Easter was 'extended' back to 5:30 throughout, May Half Term is now 6pm...). It's better to have 5pm on website and then update closer to the time, than have 6pm and reduce closer.
  12. Well to be fair they are building Shrek's Adventure elsewhere.....
  13. The track. Obviously. Oxidation of the steel creates rust, the wheels run over it when wet and ends up in the drip trays. That then ends up pouring onto whoever is sitting on the ride. Happens on all rollercoasters, but you only ever notice it on inverters cos the track is above you. Thorpe like to keep the ride open and force everyone to wear ponchos. Towers closes the ride (hence it being closed first day of Half Term. The first rainy day of main season will also have Nemesis closed this year too.. unless it rains on Friday). Happens every year when the ride hasn't run for a while.
  14. Maybe the new sign is deliberate with the hint of edge behind it? That'd be quite cool. I like stuff like that which are deliberately done to add a bit of substance to the park. Disney style. Maybe.
  15. The Blades been confirmed as being open at Towers, leading to a presumably full ride availability this Sat (unless Rapids are delayed). Meanwhile, the rides confirmed being closed at thorpe remain too large for comfort. Shame.
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