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So, the new movie themed park is well under way now! I know it's a little late but here are some photos from May 2013, showing the newer style Colossus taking shape:

Looking Similar:


New style of drop:


Moving on to June 2013 now:



And for some reason the final inversion is through a tunnel


I've got to say, the new style of the clone is much more pleasing to look at, the inlines seem much more open with a fraction of the supports and I can only assume that to be down to the tri-railed track making it strong? Or Intamin realised it looked somewhat ugly to have a support every 5 foot!

Photos used from TheParks.it, the rest of th construction galllery can be found here: http://www.theparks.it/cinecitta-world-p1147/avanzamento-lavori-giugno-2013-pt595/

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It looks so lush without the messy support structure, flip between tri-track and bi-track, and the new first drop could be pretty intense.

On the bi/tri track note; why is the airtime hill still bi-track if the whole rest of the ride isn't?!

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Concepts of the Indoor Intamin Drop Coaster and Mack Supersplash (which is basically a Mack version of those two drop Intamin splash rides) with some fan concepts of the Drop Tower...


I'll be intrigued by the theme of the Drop Coaster, as that'll make or break it, especially as it's completely indoors...

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