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The TPM Quiz 2.0


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Thorpe Park Mania, in conjunction with THORPE PARK, are pleased to announce the all-new TPM Quiz 2.0! Its time to join in the coaster-related hoo-ha now that its finally here and prove that you know your B&M from your Intamin, your Merlin from your Tussauds, and your Disney from your Six Flags!

But what happened to TPM Quiz 1.0 I hear you ask? Well in short it never happened. An unfortunate combination of being too busy/lazy, early test runs not running smoothly enough to bring to a forum setting (and I sauntered off to Uni for a year, too), meant that the whole thing had to be cancelled at the last minute. But now it's back, bigger and better than Stealth ever, and the team and I invite you to take part and showcase your knowledge of both UK and international stages of parks, rides and coasters!

Nearly a year in planning (a ridiculous length I know but take that TTF!), and after rigorous test runs (eight of them!), question styles and scoring has been pruned, round infrastructure has been perfected, and I finally managed to build a spreadsheet powerful enough to collate all the potential data of an optimistically popular turn-out for the quiz!

A time and a date is yet to be decided, but it will be held in the Chat Room at some point every week. The time and date will be well-publicised on the forum though if for some reason you miss the quiz there will be ways of completing the round without losing points for questions you miss.


The live quiz will commence in Chat soon and run over four weeks, each week with a different category, so obviously there will be some dedication required to the time and dates the quiz will run. If for some reason you cannot make the live quiz, I have a solution which will be explained later. Each round will consist of 20-25 questions. I am pleased to announce that Quiz 2.0's categories will be:

  • Thorpe Park Round
  • Records Round
  • Picture Round
  • Multiple Choice Round

Naturally, a quiz on our home park is going to be the first one ;) The Thorpe Park Round will concern rides, notable events, installations and geography, as well as a general knowledge about Thorpe's past. As a quick overview of the others: The Records Round deals with world record-holding or notable roller-coaster/ride records; the Picture Round will involve answering questions with associated pictures/layouts of rides; and the Multiple Choice Round is as it sounds, at least question/answer-wise. More on this rather special round later.


In each of the quizzes, questions of varying difficulty will be asked. For the first three rounds, this is what you might see:

Q1) What was Thorpe Park's tallest ride in 2000? (2)

The number in the brackets after the question represents the number of points awarded for a correct answer. The harder the question, the more points available. Some questions may ask for more than one answer, and there will be according points available, e.g. -

Q2) Name any two of the lakes surrounding Thorpe Park. If you can't name two, name as many as you can. (4)

No points will be lost for incorrect answers or unanswered questions. It is hoped players will, in good faith, refrain from using the Internet in these rounds.

In the fourth round, scoring works a little differently. Information on this round will be available in this thread after the Picture Round is finished.


Here is the table from the latest test runs (notice how tight the scores are, with only 0.3 between 1st and 2nd place!) :


As you can see, there are raw marks, which are collected from the actual quiz marks. Because the number of available marks differs in each quiz there needs to be a uniform mark scale (UMS). The UMS is dependent on how hard I make the quiz. In the above example the UMS stays at 40, despite the quiz having more marks than that. The result is the UMS mark allows me to work out you proportionate scores on a regular scale (40), instead of one that jumps all over the place (45, 47, 63, 47).

You can see how the number of raw marks change in each round, but the UMS works out a ratio according to, in the first table example:

41 (points achieved) / 47 (total marks available) = X (UMS score) / 40 (UMS). Therefore: X = 34.9.

Don't even know if that makes sense, that's why Excel is doing the maths for me. Rest assured the table works. I wouldn't have spent a year on it to have a mistake in it! Why so difficult though? Well, it actually makes it easier for me to calculate having uniform marks at the end of each quiz, but harder for you guys to see who's in the lead right up until the last minute when the winner is announced! ;)


The Chat Room is where it happens. Please be in the Chat Room is you're playing the quiz, and have the kindness to refrain from entering if you are not playing. Special moderator guidelines will be in force during the quiz, so please, no cheating or distracting players, especially if you are a non-player.


To be confirmed! This is Marc's bizniz. There should be a prize for first, second and third place y'all! Could get very exciting!


It's not the end of the world, don't worry. I realise this will be the case for many people. What I plan to do is keep the questions 'live' for a week, until three hours before the next quiz the following week. If you miss part of the quiz, tell me which ones you need in Private Chat in the Chat Room, and I will send them after the quiz. Anyone who misses the entire quiz will have to PM me stating so, within a week after the live quiz has closed. However, you will only have 30 minutes to send the answers back, to keep in the same sort of time-frame the other live players were given. If I do not receive your reply PM 30 minutes after I send the questions, then you will not receive any marks for that round. Please keep on your toes for my reply email.

This all sounds very strict and boring but actually the quiz is a lot of fun, from what I've heard from my guinea pigs. Hopefully it'll be great fun for all. Looking forward to all you getting your geeky hats on! This could be a great success but then again maybe the failure of Quiz 1.0 suggest this could be a fail. Let's just hope for the best, ja?

Sidders :)

P.S> Those of you interested in playing, please make yourself known by posting below!

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Haha great news guys! Hopefully its not too short a notice!

I'm sure everyone will do well. The first round is on Thorpe! :P There's a couple of questions on Thorpe's past too so I've tried to incorporate different eras to give everyone the chance to show off knowledge others might not have. Time to start swatting up!

Here's the current table of players! And yes, I can confirm the Thorpe Park Round will have 60 points available!


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PM'ing not a problem. :) Such a great response guys! Anymore for any more? Here's how the table is looking right now:


All rows filling up very nicely indeed! I hoped 20 would play and right now, with just 26 hours to go, we have 17. Really really positive turn-out :) Of course, there's still time to voice your interest if you want to join in the fun! Come on, there could be some great prizes! :)

I've finalised the question line-up for the Thorpe Park Round (and nearly finished the Record Round questions!), which will feature 25 questions on the history, future, notable events and geography of Thorpe Park. :) Look forward to seeing you all there!

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