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Hyperia - New for 2024

Mysterio Ka

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A coaster in the canada creek area would fit in really well, especially a woodie. however, they have cleared the land behind swarms island for the next big installation haven't they? I would love to see a B&M hyper or woodie go in here, a mack megacoaster would be good but they have stealth already so I'm not quite sure if this would happen although a mack launch and intamin launch are completely different.

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^ My future Thorpe competition entry was for a B&M hyper on the island behind The Swarm. My ride was called Slipstream and had a futuristic vibe.

Anyway, I'd love a hyper coaster.


I could really see a Hyper getting installed at Thorpe, this is a coaster that the UK lacks and it would fit in very well at Thorpe especially as they could exceed at least 200ft. Merlin like to market their rides as world firsts but it could be the UK's tallest coaster.

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Two Coasters in Canada Creek area for example a reasonable sized Wooden coaster and a custom layout Mack Coaster . then after that a B&M Hyper at the back of the Park along with a Loggers Leap replacement . 


2017 Mack Coaster is planned and Loggers is Replaced with another Mack log flume/ New Mascots are introduced  

2018 Mack Coaster opens to the public with construction of the wooden coaster commencing 

2019 Wood Coaster Opens B&M Hyper begins construction next too the Swarm Island.

2020 Hyper opens up along with a Trackless dark ride 

2021 Rumba rapids is revamped The Farm Island opens back up as a Zoo with a Boat service from the Sunken Gardens.

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Thorpe basically need something with airtime.  It'll offer a very different sensation to all the other coasters on park.  They also need a major family coaster if they want to seriously be considered as a family park.  So get a coaster satisfying those two boxes is a must in my eyes.  


Also, just thinking out loud here, and this is more an idea for a low-key investment, but I'd actually love to see Thorpe get a Junior Vekoma Boomerang.  Yeah, so the throughput is naff, but if it's marketed as a coaster aimed at kids / younger families, it might balance itself out at a park like Thorpe.  

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A Junior Boomerang would be a better investment for Chessington IMO, especially considering that they are in dire need of a new coaster of some sort - although high throughput would be preferable.

Tbh chessigton should do this but as a dueling coaster for throughput aka same design but mirrored, with both tyre lifts adjacent to each other and the exit abit like grand nationals

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