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  • 3 weeks later...

Been a long time since I did one of these, so a Europa heavy update...


1 - Nemesis (AT) - Pretty much perfect in every way. By far (until OzIris happened) the best B+M invert I've ridden. 

2 - Blue Fire (EP) - Fabulous launch, comfy restraints, and most importantly the best sequence of inversions ever. Another close to perfection effort.
3 - Wodan (EP) - Fast and fun
4 - OzIris (Asterix) - Immaculately themed, beautifully paced and just keeps giving.

5 - Zeus (Asterix) - Huge amounts of airtime and a pleasing roughness giving it some real character.

6 - X2 (6FMM) - In may ways quite a horrible painful ride, but it is so unique and does have its moments of brilliance.
7 - Goliath (6flags MM) - Because greying out is always fun. Immense.
8 - Ghost Rider (KBF) - Wood, long, fast. Some people moan about it's roughness but that's how I like it.

9 - Expedition GeForce (HP) - Relentlessly trying to fling me to my death is a good thing. 
10 - Salvation (6FMM) - This is the smooth fast style of Woodie AT should be looking at. And fire effects on a WOODEN coaster? Yes please!


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Go on then:

  1. Helix – Liseberg
  2. Bizarro – Six Flags New England
  3. X2 – Six Flags Magic Mountain
  4. Nemesis – Alton Towers
  5. Blue Fire Megacoaster – Europa Park
  6. Tatsu - Six Flags Magic Mountain
  7. Wodan - Europa Park
  8. Balder - Liseberg
  9. Kärnan - Hansa Park
  10. California Screamin' - Disney California Adventure


Other good stuff - Colossos, Piraten, Juvelen, Fluch, Winja's Fear, all 3 versions of Space Mountain.

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Doing Florida in a few weeks, but here's my list so far (only been to theme parks in Europe so far)


1. Helix - Liseberg

2. Shambhala - Port Aventura

3. Wodan - Europa Park

4. Taron - Phantasialand

5. Blue Fire - Europa Park

6. Furious Baco - Port Aventura

7. Silver Star - Europa Park

8. Stealth - Thorpe Park

9. Black Mamba - Phantasialand

10. Lisebergbanan - Liseberg


A year ago Nemesis would have been up there somewhere but when we went on it this year it just didn't seem exciting at all. Maybe I've been on it too many times, maybe it's just because of how short it is, but I'd much rather re-ride any of those than Nemesis. I think Furious Baco is probably my only weird choice, but it's just an insane coaster. The station is great, the trains are great, and yes it's too rough to ride more than two or three times a day, but those two or three times are so much fun. And that sweep over the lake!

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May as well.  New ones in bold.  Bare in mind I rate things for overall experience...



1)  Taron, Phantasialand.  Left me laughing and smiling during and after every ride.  Maybe because I haven't done many long coasters that feature plenty of airtime that it's at the top, but I don't think I've actually enjoyed any coaster more.

2)  Baron 1898, Efteling.  Finally decided; prefer this to Swarm.

3)  Swarm, Thorpe Park

4)  Nemesis, Alton Towers

5)  Joris en de Draak, Efteling 

6)  Troy, Toverland

7)  Anubis, Plopsaland de Panne

8)  Black Mamba, Phantasialand

9)  Goliath, Walibi Holland.  Been thinking about this for a while, and whilst it lacks any sort of atmosphere, it's still a good coaster.

10)  Nemesis Inferno, Thorpe Park.  


Near misses for the last two places include Winjas and Lost Gravity.  Platform 13 at WalHol might have even made it if the coaster section was better...



1)  Chiapas, Phantasialand

2)  Maus au Chocolat, Phantasialand

3)  Derren Brown's Ghost Train, Thorpe Park

4)  Hex, Alton Towers (might be closed but it still counts right...right?)

5)  River Quest, Phantasialand.  To be fair, I hate this to the point where I wondered if I actually wanted to do it.  But it's perhaps the only ride which genuinely terrifies me...

6)  Nemesis:  Sub Terra, Alton Towers (yeah still counts)

7)  Jungle Mission, Bellewaerde

8)  Radju River, Bellewaerde

9-10)  Meh, nothing notable enough

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I thought I'd do a top 10 flat rides. Some of these are at travelling fairs so I'm just gonna call them their model name.


1. Mach 5/Booster (uncontrollable hugeness)

2. Slammer (nothing beats slamming forwards)

3. Time Machine (the most intense experience ever)

4. Rush

5. This flat ride which I can't remember the name of at Clacton Peir which was essentially a smal frisbee that went 360 degrees.

6. Ripsaw 

7. Samurai

8. Vortex

9. Submission

10. Enterprise/Zodiac


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I'm going to try and do top 10 overall not just coasters, this will be interesting...


going for rides I've ridden loads and consistency as there are some coasters and flat rides I had some of my favourite rides on ever, but then other times were terrible, *coughs* Furius Baco.


1. Shambhala - didn't really understand or appreciate airtime till I rode this, omg

2. Nemesis - my first 1.4m coaster and still one of the most intense coasters with the terrain, amazing

3. Nemesis Inferno - don't get the hate, really does make me question if it's better than the original, so much fun and rerideable

4. Megafobia - ridiculous and relentless especially on the back row, and surprisingly not really rough

5. Rush - amazing to make puns that never get boring... and just simply my favourite flat especially when the restraint is loose

6. Maelstrom - consistency at its finest, perfect every time (I wish Vortex could be that consistent...)

7. Air (Danters) - Ridden this quite a lot, it is simply insane, but not sickly! Shame it's a fairground ride and not at Thorpe Park haha!

8. The Smiler - a tangled mess of awesomeness

9. Stealth - what a race!

10. Hex - As you can guess I don't rate dark rides highly, but I have a real soft spot for this and the whole theme


Mentions go out to rides in Florida but 2005 was too long ago to judge against rides I've ridden frequently so recently, so until the day I return, then I imagine a lot of them will appear... next stop California though next month, it'll be interesting to see what my top 10 is after then haha!


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I'm gonna try cobble this together before Florida, just to see how much effect it has on this.


Nemesis: My night rides on this last year essentially locked this into place for now. Plus some amazing ones this year, and just it's Nemesis.


Oz'iris: I haven't come off a ride this impressed in a while. It's stunning all over and is a worthy podium sitter.


Manta: I still love this ride, and can't wait to get back on it! Simple and elegant with great force in parts.


Hulk: Down 2 :o I'm more excited to ride Manta than I am the original Hulk, new Hulk is different, but say old Hulk was still there the hype would be for Manta. Good luck new Hulk, the top is always open for grabbing.


Mummy: Thrilling dark ride coaster. It'll be a sad day when Uni remove it.


Tonnerre De Zeuss: First woodie in a LONG time I've got giddy with joy on. Troy is great, but doesn't have the classic feel to it. 


Stealth: I thought the buzz would wear off, but I get more of a thrill from it everytime I think. It's great! So many great memories with Stealth, and my engineering side loves it too! 


Everest: Great. I can't remember too much, which excites me that it may be better than what I remember! Or, it could go the other way


White Lightning: So much fun wrapped into a compact coaster. SW8 should have been a family woodie like this.


Blue Fire: The launch is great, such a smooth ride, great last inversion and pops of air. 


So, Mamba, Montu, Kumba, Troy are out but close. Kraken and WInjas are close too. Let's see what Florida does, oh and good luck to rides like Helix and Shambhala that everyone seems to love. We'll find out next year on them...


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Why not update now I've been on a few more rides.


10. Mias Riding Adventure

9. Quantum

8. Spinball Whizzer 

7. The Blade & Black Buccanneer

6. Rattlesnake 

5. Kobra

4. Congo River Rapids 

3. Thirteen :wub: (although my only ride was on the back row and the loud sound of glass smashing (I think) left me actually properly shaken)

2. Dragon's Fury :wub:

1. Vampire :wub:

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I had to update it after going to Portaventura recently.

My Top Ten Roller Coasters In Europe:


10. Stampida: After riding it back in 2013 and hating it, it seemed to be a lot smoother after riding it recently.

The layout is great, the dueling element is cool, and the ride is fun.


9. Furius Baco:

The definition of "Marmite" in the enthusiast community, so people love it, some people hate it.

I'm on the side of liking it, mainly for the launch, and the hangtime on the Inline Twist.


8. The Swarm:

Great Theming, smooth, fun. But a little short, and IMO forceless.


7.  Dragons Khan:

A fun and very forceful B&M.


6. Silver Star:

Has a few good moments, just very weak Airtime compared to Shambhala.


5. Wodan:

A very fun GCI, just a overall solid woodie.


4.The Smiler:

Such a great coaster. Great theming, long layout.


3. Nemesis: 

Should I even explain?


2. Blue Fire:

Smooth as butter, also pretty well paced. Plus the inversions are so fun due to the restraints.


1. Shambhala:

After riding it a few days ago...

Shambhala is like a heaven to people who love floater airtime.




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  • 3 weeks later...

My newly updated Top 10:


1. Shambhala - What else can I say? It's long, it's fast, there's airtime eveywhere, the drop lasts forever, it's just perfect! 


2. Manta - This ride just blew me away, the pretzel loop really pushes you into your seat and you are flying the entire time! This was the best roller coaster that I rode in Florida which was surprising as it was my 3rd most anticipated ride before the trip. You'll never see Air/Galactica the same way again.


3. Mako - This defines relentless, from the steep drop to the awesome airtime to the surprising over banks, even the ending was great as you were just hanging over your lap bar! You will keep riding this as the line never gets long (basing it off my experience of what was meant to be "peak season").


4. Cheetah Hunt - This is not a family coaster, I don't know why people keep saying that. You keep your momentum the entire time and a lot is packed in! You have speed, you have airtime, you have some force, the twister section just makes you laugh and you have that 1 great inversion. This is heavily underrated and in my opinion, the best ride at Busch Gardens Tampa.


5. Sheikra - The main thought that occurred is that this ride is big, the drop is big, the trains are big, the track is big, the immelmann is big, the people riding it are... you get my point, everything is big; and that's what I love about it! It is very re-rideable as the line never gets too long and you will remember every single part of the experience. Sorry Oblivion.


6. Silver Star - This ride is quite roughly placed on this list as I havent ridden it since 2011 and when I rode it, it was the first time I can remember experiencing a drop so I was screaming the whole way (I did ride Splash Mountain in 2003, but cannot remember it at all). Normally I enjoy long rides which are tall and fast and as this is one of them, I suppose if I were to ride it now, I would enjoy it but I may be wrong. It may completely change...


7. Space Mountain: Mission 2 - With this ride, what I loved was the immersiveness due to the fact I felt like I was flying through space! The on board soundtrack was amazing and it somehow made smaller elements such as a long curve seem a lot grander so you could imagine how it made larger elements feel (you won't forget the corkscrew). This ride does prove that not all Vekomas are bad.


8. Rock N Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith - I was expecting a rough mediocre ride but what I in fact got was an action packed thrill ride that just rocked! From the pre-show to the launch to the rock music playing to the layout itself you are on a fun journey that is bound to have you smiling (sorry Alton Towers but this ride deserves that description more than The Smiler does).


9. Montu - This is personally my favourite B&M invert that I have ridden as it has everything you could want from an invert. It is a long ride with great height to it, the inversions are back to back and some are actually rather intense. Overall, it takes your average invert and makes it larger which is simple but it does make it an amazing experience!


10. Oziris - Parc Asterix have really made an effort here, this invert is truly unique due to it's lack of pre drop and hugely extensive theming. This is a great layout with an amazing theme therefore I can conclude that this ride is brilliant! It's a miniature Montu which may not be quite as good but there are some areas where it is better than Montu.

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You lost me at Cheetah Hunt. I don't get the hype for it at all. Launch, slow to a crawl, Launch, slow to a crawl, do a tree thing, drop and slow to a crawl constantly. Rides like Taron and Helix blow it out of the water.


Points for having Space Mountain in your top ten though. I'm a big fan of it :wub:

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I think it's about time I wrote out my Top 10 favourite coasters. So. Let us begin!


10. Shiekra - Busch Gardens Tampa Bay - The first out of two dive coasters on this list, I really enjoyed this ride. The height is gut-wrenching, and so is the first drop! The only reason this ride is so low down is due to the MCBR. It kills the ride for me and leaves the ending rather flat.


9. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit - Universal Studios Florida - Another Florida ride, I do love RRR. The non inverting loop is such a great element and there was not one moment when there wasn't a smile on my face. It is slightly rough, but nothing too major that affects the enjoyment. 


8. Stealth - Thorpe Park - I do love Stealth. Despite it all being over in 20 or so seconds the adrenaline rush you get from it is like no other. It's the scariest ride in the UK for me. The tension when you're standing in the station watching everyone launch and then when you finally get on and launch yourself! It is a feeling like no other. 


7. Saw The Ride - Thorpe Park - I did not expect this ride to make it on this list, but I thought and then thought some more, and despite the hatred that goes towards it, I really like this coaster. This year especially, it has been a much smoother ride! Quite short, but nicely short in a sense. Whilst the theme is not the best, it's not one that I detest. 


6. Raptor - Gardaland - This spot was either going to be awarded to The Swarm or Raptor, and after careful consideration, Raptor wins it. The first drop is far better then the standard inverted drop and the final barrel roll with all the near misses are the best part for me. The theme is also slightly better than Swarm, even though they are both pretty much identical. 


5. Manta - Sea World Orlando - Two words: Pretzel Loop. The most intense inversion and the best inversion I've ever experienced is here on Manta. The feeling you get when going round it is insane! Not to mention that the layout of the ride is brilliant. It's the flying coaster Alton should've got imo -_-


4. The Smiler - Alton Towers - Another ride that I did not expect to be on this list but here it is! It seems I like Gerstlauers more than I thought. The Smiler has the most inversions in the world, and while inversions aren't usually what make a ride for me, this twisted mess that lies in X-Sector is a great ride. The theme is one I love and the soundtrack is one of the best ride soundtracks ever. Great ride. Great addition to this list. 


3. Oblivion: The Black Hole - Gardaland - Oblivion The Black Hole is the dive coaster of my dreams really! It has the vertical drop, great speed and height, not too many inversions, a wonderful airtime hill... If only the theme was just as great. Don't get me wrong, it's good. And the indoor queue is one of the best I've seen. But it doesn't live up to the excellency the ride has. It is the best dive coaster I've done, and the best ride Gardaland has.


2. Expedition Everest - Disney's Animal Kingdom - Just the mountain automatically puts this ride on the list for me. From the moment I arrived in the car park I was blown away. The ride itself, also absolutely blew me away! From the moment I walked into the queue line I was immersed into the environment; if it wasn't for the searing heat I would have believed I was in the Himalayas! The ride is brilliant and very intense for a family coaster. It is the most immersive attraction I've had the pleasure of riding! If the yeti was working however, it may of just taken the number one spot ;)  


1. Nemesis - Alton Towers - The one. The only. The original! Nemesis at Alton Towers Resort. 8 rides over the last three years, and each time it has blown me away! It doesn't need height, it doesn't need speed either. The terrain around is fantastic and the force (especially on the back left) is astonishing. Even for 22 years old, it is still remarkably smooth and it is a throughput monster. Nothing can be complained about this ride. The best rollercoaster ive ever been on without a doubt :wub::wub::wub:

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well after California of course I was going to have to update my top 10, and had the best time, but honestly shocked how my Top 10 still contains so many UK coasters and still haven't found a new number 1!


On holiday the two RMCs were really the standout coasters for me, I still cannot  really get over the intenseness, relentlessness of speed, how forceful the ejector airtime is and just all round how much fun they are, I need to ride more!


A surprise to me was also the two Superman launch coasters at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom & Magic Mountain, one with some pretty forceful backward and forwards launches and a fun compact layout, and the other being the 100mph backward launch then up a 400ft tower with the most incredible views ever (I'll put a photo at the bottom aha)!


There were also quite a few disappointments from the trip, mainly at the Six Flags parks which I was sort of expecting all the coasters to be amazing, but Goliath was a real disappointment, the two floorless B&Ms (Medusa & Scream) were just not that enjoyable and so rattly, same goes for the Stand Up B&M Riddler's Revenge which I thought woild be amazing and better than Shockwave at Drayton but it honestly wasn't! Also as I love B&M inverts (Nemesis & Nemesis Inferno), I was really looking forward to a couple more, and while Batman at Magic Mountain had a nicely themed station and queue area (oh yes, another thing that shocked me was how well themed the queues and some ride areas the DC coasters were!), and felt a lot more forceful and lengthy, as much as I wanted to just couldn't seem to like it, and then at Knott's with Silver Bullet, it looks amazing, except the most bizarre one gradient not even steep drop, and just seems to have so many elements that would be cool, I do like the overbanked turn a lot, but apart from that it seems quite forceless and not very fast and doesn't flow overall as a ride. Also GhostRider I had high hopes for to beat Megafobia, unfortunately it broke for the day after the first ride so couldn't get more goes to judge it properly, but I found it too rattly at times, and while at times it did feel incredibly fast and out of control which was great, as well as being a lot taller and longer than Megafobia it just couldn't beat it or make it into my Top 10.


Honourable mentions should go to California Screamin at Disney, a smooth intamin!? Fun launch and cool on board sound track... Also really enjoyed Hyperspace Mountain really surprised me how good it was with all the effects too, same goes for Revenge of The Mummy at Universal Hollywood. Manta was also a shock at Sea World San Diego, a really fun Mack Multi Launch coaster with sort of an immersive tunnel at the beginning, some nice bits of airtime and the most comfortable seats!


Now finally to my updated Top 10...


10 - Tatsu

9 - Superman Escape From Krypton

8 - Superman Ultimate Flight

7 - The Smiler

6 - Megafobia

5 - Nemesis Inferno

4 - Nemesis

3 - Twisted Colossus

2 - The Joker

1 - Shambhala


Here's that view from Superman: Escape From Krypton ?


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On 07/09/2016 at 0:22 PM, 'Airtime Falcon' said:

Shambhala takes it again! :lol:


We now have the group of Shambhala fans:

  • Equoaster (myself)
  • DeanGaryCox
  • Ryan
  • imindetonator
  • ben199
  • Marc
  • EC! (granted nothing has changed since California)
  • TPJames

Do be aware that I may've not covered everyone...


The only group of fans who I know actively dislike Shambhala is Theme Park Review. It's a good ride thats for sure, I'd have ridden it a lot more if it wasn't at PortAventura.

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Might as well Update my own! Top 15 cos I wanna mention a lot of things haha


1. Shambhala 

2. The Joker

3. Twisted Colossus 

4. Wodan Timbur Coaster

5. Nemesis

6. Blue Fire

7. Megafobia

8. Xcelerator 

9. Stealth

10. Superman Escape from Krypton

11. Tatsu

12. Ghostrider (I only got on it 1 time but it was fab I thought!)

13. Manta (Seaworld San Diego)

14. The Smiler

15. Superman Ultimate Flight (SFDK)

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