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Thorpe Park Opening Trip 19th March 2016


What Day/s can you attend Thorpe Park?  

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  1. 1. What date/s can you attend Thorpe Park?

    • Saturday 12th March 2016
    • Sunday 13th March 2016
    • Saturday 19th March 2016
    • Sunday 20th March 2016
    • Saturday 26th March 2016
    • Sunday 27th March 2016

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Good Morning all of you wonderful people!  ;) I'm very excited to officially announce plans for our Open Season Meet at Thorpe Park 2016! Where we should hopefully get the chance to try out the new Derren Brown Attraction  :DThe date for the event will take place on Saturday 19th March 2016. After a very close voting poll!


The Outline of the day will be as follows:

Meet by the annual pass entrance at 09:30 am by the cash machine just on the off chance the gates could possibly open earlier than advertised such as a couple of seasons ago. As soon as the gates open we will go into the park, if by any chance you happen to miss this meet point due to travel arrangements or just plain lateness you can either a) phone or text so we can arrange to meet you or  B) meet up at the second meeting point later in the day. This trip will have the return of the popular Ice Breaker game called Spooning (Last year was probably the most competitive yet). Those who have participated last time had great fun and if you do not know what it is everything will be explained on the day. The prize for the winner is an Easter Egg  :closedeyes:. This first part of the morning we will make the most of the quiet park and churn out those rides. Please bear in mind we will leave without you if you are late as it’s not fair on time keepers! Punctuality has improved dramatically in the last few years so long may this continue. If you do miss the meeting point you will have my number and we will arrange a meeting point for you in park - We used to meet by the stealth rocks later in the day for those arriving later, but have found we no longer need to do this as arranging something convenient for you seems to work better. We will then continue visiting the attractions and it will be arranged beforehand that we will try our best to get on all the attractions people wish to ride. One thing that has been annoying in the past is the decision making on where to go next and then the group changing their minds if a queue is above a certain level. This just ends us up in the past riding less as we spend a lot of the time deciding where to go. I know not everyone will want to do some of the rides at THORPE PARK. If you decide to not come on please be polite and wait for everyone to come off and chat to other members whilst you are waiting. Or go off and do another attraction as long as you’ll be back after the group has finished riding the attraction. If you are going I will be talking to you beforehand to see what attractions you are most keen to do so I can make sure I can arrange the day so that everyone gets a chance to ride what they wish to ride. Please respect other people’s wishes who wish to ride certain things that you yourself may not be too keen with. During the day, around half 1, we will stop for a bite to eat where you can go and eat where you like and we will arrange where to meet after everyone has finished eating. (Who knows we might all want to eat the same thing anyway  :P ) After lunch we will group together for the Official Group Photo for the meet and continue going round the park and riding the attractions people want to do until the park closes.  ^_^

I will be handing out my phone number for everyone who is attending the meet that day, should there be any problems. We aim to stay together as a group for the day, going from one activity to the next, enjoying getting to know people you share very similar interests with, the idea is to just go with the flow and enjoy the day with some awesome people. There will be many photo’s in the day being taken I’m sure and the possibility of a few video clips. Whilst we cannot force you to stay with the group, it is the general purpose of these meets! You will have my number (and some of the senior teams) if you become split so by all means use it. The meets are a fantastic laugh and everyone is invited, even if you’ve never posted before or been to any kind of meet at all. If it's your first meet, I understand it can be nerve breaking - but we were all there at one point so know how it feels, please don't let this stop you from attending - Once there you'll be part of the group in no time!

Once again, everyone will have my phone number so please use it on the day  :D If anyone has any issues or concerns or even nervous about coming, feel free to post here, or PM myself and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you feel like my response is taking too long another member of the team will be more than happy to help. We will all try and help you out as much as we can.

Please PM me or post here to say if you’re attending. If you are bringing a mate along with you, please also include who they are so they are not known as ‘Plus 1.’ The events with TPM have been fantastic this year and this one will be no different


Attending Meet (28-34)






David B

EC! (TGI Friday & Creams)


GladiatorFanKyle (TGI Friday & Creams)











Matt Creek




Mr. Fish


Peaj (

Phill Pritchard







TopsyTurvy15 (TGI Friday & Creams)

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After a very close Poll the date has been decided by you guys as Saturday 19th March 2016. See you there  ^_^


And for those wanting food after park shuts - I think I would be shot if I didn't say we will go to the new TGI Fridays in Staines which now also has creams I keep forgetting so a proper destination now  :good:

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