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TPM Official Fright Nights Meet 15th October 2016


Day Of The Fright Nights 2016 Meet  

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  1. 1. What day/s would you like this meet to take place?

    • Saturday 15th October 2016
    • Sunday 16th October 2016
    • Saturday 22nd October 2016
    • Sunday 23rd October 2016
    • Saturday 29th October 2016
    • Sunday 30th October 2016

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The traditional annual Spooky Meet is upon us. Always one of the most popular events of the year!

Voting is now closed! :D The date is now set to:

Date  Saturday 15th October 2016
Time 9:30am
Where - Thorpe Park: Outside the Entrance


As it is a long day and you wish to come to the meet later in the day there will be additional meeting points. As you will have my contact details we will arrange the most convenient place for you to meet the rest of the group. We will not wait if you are late! (Even I have been left behind! :P).

I will be handing out my phone number for everyone who is attending the meet that day, should there be any problems. We aim to stay together as a group for the day, going from one activity to the next, enjoying getting to know people you share very similar interests with, the idea is to just go with the flow and enjoy the day with some awesome people. There will be many photo’s in the day being taken and the possibility of a few video clips. Whilst we cannot force you to stay with the group, it is the general purpose of these meets! You will have my number (and some of the senior teams) if you become split so by all means use it. The meets are a fantastic laugh and everyone is invited, even if you have never posted before or been to any kind of meet at all. If it's your first meet, I understand it can be nerve breaking - but we were all there at one point so know how it feels, please don't let this stop you from attending - Once there you'll be part of the group in no time! Just look at the past trips this year!


For the older members after the park has closed we will be arranging for those who want to go to try out Brave It Alone, if it returns... This is a fantastic experience to which I would highly recommend. If you would like to take part in this please contact me so we can arrange to experience it at similar times. Tickets last year were £20.00 but it's OVER 18'S ONLY. However if you do not wish to take part or too young and want to know the reactions of those poor fools you are more than welcome to join us after in Finn's for a social drink before we head home.


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I can definitely attend if it's the first weekend 15th or 16th October. Other dates possibly subject to getting time off work. would be up brave it alone to. I have never been to fright nights and it's something I will be doing this year. Hopefully it will be with you at this meet.

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2 hours ago, ThemeParkCrafter said:

Do we have to do scare mazes?

Whilst the group does a scare maze you are allowed to go off and do a ride (preferably with someone) as long as you meet up with the group after.


Besides, scare mazes aren't as bad as you think (unless you're really young), it's literally walking through dark rooms with people who are dressed up, and you get used to it very quickly. Last years fright nights meet was the first time I had done a scare maze, I was nervous beforehand but ended up laughing half the time for some weird reason (trust me, there's no laughing gas).

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2 hours ago, Peaj said:

Sorry on the delay, but I can co firm the meet will be held on


Saturday 15th October


and no you don't need to do this are mazes, in previous years we split the group into those that do and those that don't ^_^

Thanks for confirmation. Shall definitely be there.

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