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I forgot to add that it would be interesting to hear the EU's thoughts on the proposals now considering they were none to welcoming the last time to Scotland, but knowing the EU they'll just welcome them with open arms this time.


I've given up trying to have a reasonable discussion about Independence with our Scottish half of the family (who were all for it first go around) because as soon as you make any mention of their ability to sustain themselves on oil and whiskey you might as well just set off the nukes there and then, they've all got this attitude of 'shut your cakhole we'll be fine' and never actual address the slightly huge black hole in the piggybank.


Trade deals work two ways though, think the EU have forgotten that.

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First off, I don't know a huge amount about all of this and what trade deals and the free movement of people deals.  But a thought just popped in to my head.  What would happen if Scotland left the UK, remained as part of the EU and the Britain had restricted terms for the movement of people?  I doubt a situation like that would occur, but just curious.

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That's exactly what is (potentially) going to happen with Ireland and Northern Ireland.


You'll probably find they'll be some sort of regional agreement where residents of each side get free movement but outsiders won't, so for you question an English passport holder will be able to travel to Scotland and vice verca, but a German passport holder working in Scotland will only have travel access to England (no right to work, claim benefits etc).  


Much like how a Canadian visits America now, flash your passport at the border check, answer a few questions and drive on through, but remember to go home when you're done (not quiet that simple in reality tho).

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47 minutes ago, Ryan said:

They did that in our Civil Service website a few years back; odd how they feel the need then to send as many emails apologizing for the inconvenience.

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10 hours ago, Benin said:

Two things tonight then;


Russian ambassador in Turkey shot and a hostage situation going on...


Berlin marketplace gets a truck ploughing through it, currently 9 confirmed dead at time of writing...


2016 has been just dreadful...


Don't forget the months and months of Aleppo.


Humanity sucks.

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In 2010, Beckhams's charity work with Save the Children earned her a nomination for the Do Something With Style Award, an awards show, produced by VH1. She is a patron of the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Beckham promotes faux/synthetic furs. Her stand against the fur industry generated praise from animal rights organisations, including PETA. Beckham has stated that she is "supportive of its [PETA's] high-profile anti-fur campaigns," and pledged "never to work with fur in any of her own fashion collections".


Merry Christmas. :good:

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Another added to the much to big list of celebrities we lost this year. RIP Carrie Fisher



David Bowie

Alan Rickman

Terry Wogan

Paul Daniels

Frank Kelly

Ronnie Corbett

Maurice White

Eric Baurersfeld (voice of Admiral Ackbar)

Kenny Baker


Victoria Wood

Caroline Aherne

Sylvia Anderson (Lady Penelope voice)

Frank Sinatra JR

Jimmy Perry (Dad's Army)

Jo Cox

Christina Grimme

Andrew Sachs

Harper Lee

George Martin

Gene Wilder

Tony Warren 

George Michael 

Greg Lake


Rick Parfitt

Liz Smith

Muhammed Ali

Anton Yelchin 

Zsa Zsa Gabor

Richard Adams


And many more




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What I don't understand at the moment is the current protests about Trump taking place in the UK. He is an elected official of a different country. The people of the united states may have elected a right wing extremist but the point is he was still elected. 

What exactly are these protests trying to achieve?

They know who he was and they still elected him so continuing to call him a racist/sexist I don't think is going to change the American populations mind.

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