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Mail out from Dungeons...


Hi Peter,


In 42 days the NEW London Dungeon will open in a new location, on London's popular Southbank, next to the EDF Energy London Eye.

Bigger, bolder, better. Pre-book your tickets to experience London's latest must see attraction.

The London Dungeon - Fear is a Funny Thing


As part of our build up to launch, we will reveal some of the heroic villains of London's past that you will meet in the London Dungeon.

Sweeney Todd

This week meet Sweeney Todd - he'll give you a short back and sides just for starters.... 'Sweeney Todd's Barber Shop' is just 1 of 18 shows you will experience in the new attraction.

Celebrate the launch of the new London Dungeon, open from 1st March.

That's it for this email, but you can stay up-to-date online too -
Join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

18 shows? Not sure I agree with that wording!

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Looks great :) I had a look on the website at all the rooms and I am glad to see some new ones which I have not experienced including the descent and Sweeney Todd :) looks awesome better make a trip down there then!

Does anyone know if you buy the early saver tickets, do you get the priority entrance because it won't let me book a time slot for my friend and it does not say if you get priority- this will decide whether we early or late book!

Thanks guys

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The ending is not chronological as you are in Jack The Ripper (19th C) and then go back in time to Newgate Gaol (18th C).

The turning room might well just be a rotating trommel tunnel thing. But - who knows...?

Some nice surprises in the map: Plague Street and House sounds quite intimidating, and I'll be interested to see how they do the Labrynth a la Jack The Ripper. I hope they make a lot more use of low lying dry ice and one-way mirror effects. I also wonder what Coughin' Coffin is, as well as The City Gate experience. It seems they're making a lot out of little moments (going through a gate, for example).

Image wise - I don't know why they've gone for some "attraction" names being red and some being White... but, whatever.

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From a mailout I received yesterday..

Meet The Gong Farmer


So, we love you. But we also want you to meet the Gong Farmer. He loves anything to do with toilets in the same way that we love you. He collects poo. No, he really does. So he smells.

And our new toilets at The All New London Dungeon will have a few surprises. We can't wait to take a dump in them.

The Gong Farmer is one of the pungent characters waiting for you at The New London Dungeon from 1st March. Head to The London Eye on the Southbank and follow the smell. Book your tickets now with our Early Booking Offer and get 25% off!

We're pretty excited about the whole thing. We're bursting with anticipation...

See you soon at The All New London Dungeon: new shows, action, costumes and special effects. Only 15 days to go until it all kicks off.

The team at The London Dungeon.

Sounds, err, delightful! Smell effects coming our way I guess!

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^ Thanks for the plug ;)
But they originated from this website. http://now-here-this.timeout.com/2013/02/19/in-pictures-london-dungeon/

It really is looking fantastic. After standing outside County Hall a couple of days ago, the dungeon does fit in so well with its new location.

The atmosphere is great, the music was playing quite loud and resulted in a lot of interest from the crowds walking past.

Having also seen the television advert, it was essentially an animation showing off the sets and characters. Extremis also appears at the end.

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Well it was filmed in a studio but the sets resembled the theming in the Dungeon. One of the managers came out with his tablet when we were taking pictures of the exterior on Sunday, we were shown the advert and were asked to fill out a survey afterwards.

I was with the owner of theme park guide and he has written a summary of the advert.


**Spoilers to follow**
The new TV advert is a montage of everything at the dungeons, the entrance titles shows that they have moved next to the London eye and the sea life centre then turning into a shot of people outside a old market place floating mid air. We cant remember everything bit by bit but there were shots from the lift, drop tower ride, guy forks and miss lovett's pie shop. The new dungeons is set to open to the public on 1st March 2013 and we will be going up there for the annual pass day on the Tuesday before to be the dungeons “test subjects” we will of course try not to spoil it for people that don't want to see the inside at all so everything that could potentially spoil the experience will be in there spoiler tags. Stay tuned for more updates and a competition!
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