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Yeah, the netting's bearable but the cobra roll does feel a bit overcrowded it's been added there. The cobra roll's the worst area for "net looks" IMO.Last month I went on the 5th and 27th. On the 5th Colossus was closed because they were still doing the nets. You could walk upto to the shop and no further, that's where it was blocked off from. The cobra roll pit was empty then. This was before the nets were added here. Same story with cobra roll pit on the 27th, when Colossus was back open and the nets had all been put up.Like I say, it was perfect at the start of the season, but it must've lasted until about early May before it went dry again.

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Can we get Colossus some new trains, please! Would sort out roughness, and the awkwardness that is loading.

No we cannot. And new trains is not going to sort out the roughness. Don't forget each train has a new set of wheels for every season, and at the beginning of the seasons, the ride is still rough!

Not to mention the lack of legroom, argh it hurts.

Yes, as my mate with size 15 once found out!

Being dragged off the top of the lift hill is great!

Being dragged off the top of any lift hill is great! I must ride Nemesis at the back when I go back in February!
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