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SAW: The Ride


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Looking goooooood! Sunday can't come quick enough! Originally planned to save it 'til about 2pm on Sunday to build some anticipation and so that the rest of the day wouldn't be an anti-climax - looking like it's gonna be an impossible plan to stick to though! What the link with the SERIOUS spoilers didn't say was whether there's actors in the actual queue - can anyone clarify this?

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I don't know exactly, but Thorpe will probably have a 5 year deal and may extend it if the ride is proving popular and needs to have effects changed(?)One thing to mention; the ride seems to be very friendly if the sponsorship dis run out. What I mean is that it isn't like tons and tons of things are going to have to be taken away, probably only 2 or 3 bits.

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Back from Thorpe Park now. It was surprisingly a walk on from about 4 o clock onwards.I have to disagree with people who are saying it is an amazing coaster.The theming is fantastic, far better than any ride I've ever been on.The dark section of the ride is amazing, and I'd rate it 10/10. I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone, but it has surprising twists, turns and effects that didn't get boring.It's just after you exit the indoor part of the ride that it all goes downhill. The drop isn't particularly thrilling; oblivion is far far more thrilling. And it really really really hurts from there onwards! When you go, watch the very bottom of the drop after the lift hill; there's a gap in the track or something, but it jolts you a hell of a lot, and it's really obvious when you watch people on the trains at that point. It continues to be bumpy from there on until the end, and I'd say that it is a serious problem.As well as this you have the restraints, which gradually push down more and more on you during the ride so that whilst waiting to disembark your legs are losing all circulation, and you can't wait to get off.There is also pretty much no themeing after you exit the building, except for the spinning saws, and.. well basically, to sum it all up, the ride is brilliant all the way up until the very top of the lift hill. From there, quite frankly it is not brilliant at all, and I think the fact that this new ride had a walk on queue with people like us (TPM members and annual pass holders) says it all.When asked by a member of staff what he thought of it, some bloke said, "meh". I hope for Thorpe Park's sake that he and I are in the minority on that one. :D

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