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I feel the same way about Thorpe Park sometimes.

I thought that was the general theme of any Merlin park.

So this epic boat jammin' sesh happened yesterday... (Not my own photo, tis from teh Facebook) Nothing serious of course and something that happens sometimes! Although I can't believe that purple

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Indeed, going back to Thunder River would mean very little, since the likelihood of them doing anything else other than a name change and a paint job would be slim. It arguably wouldn't make sense either, given the 'Rumba Rapids' name is a better fit to the Jungle area than 'Thunder River'.

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1 hour ago, JoshC. said:

given the 'Rumba Rapids' name is a better fit to the Jungle area than 'Thunder River'.

IMO Thunder River actually sounds like a much better fitting name than "Rumba Rapids" which just makes me think of Ribena. But then again "Thunder River" would overhype the ride for what it is and I doubt TP are going to redo all the signage for just an insignificant name change. That said, based on unofficial vlogs of Monks Walk it seems there's been a lot of activity at Rumba this closed season - some speculate it might be a repaint. I just hope they actually use this year to improve the ride.

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Someone saw someone with a pot of paint, doubt it's anything much. The brown fences are probably continuing to be repainted as some of those were touched up a little towards the end of closed season.


What upsets me is the care for the boats (and other ride vehicles in closed season), they just get left in the outside vulnerable to all sorts of weather. If this park actually bothered covering ride vehicles they wouldn't be in their awful aesthetic condition.

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