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"BACK TO BASICS  Theme Park set to go back to old fashioned roller coasters after losing trust in modern steel ones. Alton Towers Resort have submitted plans for a roller coaster to made ent

I predict SW8 will open before WC16...

I look forward to seeing "AQUATRAX" posts for the next 2 years.

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The problem is with Rita is that it is such a short basic ride which then thorpe park made faster and taller with stealth, and other rides around the world which people love... So even before people ride Rita they go in with a bad attitude and hate the ride regardless.

I actually really enjoy Rita, it gives me such a rush on the front or back row as well as a nice bit of airtime in places, of course the themeing/scaffolding and announcement is a bit naff its still a decent ride, although unfortunately it's a basic launch coaster as it may put Alton off getting another launch one while Rita exists.

I also love 13, and sonic spinball as they're both great fun... Unfortunately 13 was hyped to be some amazing scary ride when in reality its a family ride like sonic spin ball, so again I go on the ride not expecting to be scared but instead to have a good fun time and that's why they're my favourite coasters at Alton towers, besides nemesis obviously!

Here's to hoping SW8 is on schedule and a damn good ride, not left feeling like it is unfinished like with The Smiler!

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What sites have they potentially proposed for SW8?


Nothings been proposed as such, but rumored based on previous planning documents/development plans are:


- Air carpark

- The Flume site (replacing The Flume)

- Corner Coaster (sort of behind Charlie, planning noise problems there though)

- Cross valley (very unlikely but always in my dreams!)

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Flume site incorporating some form of water based coaster would probably be my pick of the bunch (thinking logically, who wouldn't want a woodie/B&M Hyper in the valley?)...


Coaster Corner would be great for an indoor one mind... Let's get Revenge of the Mummy in!

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Well if BBC put enoughh funds into it, it can be a coaster... But remembering that it's the BBC who could be getting the IP it's still likely to not be a massive huge 7000ft long mack upside down 20 times 4 launch 70mph 500ft coaster. We were discussing this yesterday at Thorpe and we thought somewhere along the lines of a Ben 10 kinda ride. 

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Well if BBC put enoughh funds into it, it can be a coaster...  


BBC don't put ANY money, in fact they take it out with Alton to buying the rights from them.


Anyway, I think you are mistaking next years Cbeebies expectations with the SW8 discussion here. I don't think there's any suggestion that SW8 will be Ceebies based, or for a number of years. 


If the last couple of efforts are anything to go by I doubt Alton themselves have the slightest clue what SW8 will be yet, so we'd have trouble guessing!

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I loved Rita when I first went to Alton, back in 2008, but now I've been on Cheetah Chase, I think Rita is ****. I understand the appeal of having Stealth and Rita, but I would have loved to have had the original, extended Stealth at Thorpe Park, which I think would've been a lot better.


As for a launch coaster, I think it would be great to have that Broomstick (fake?) motorbike coaster in Gloomy Wood, but then I don't see the need for Gloomy Wood, when we have Dark Forest. I'd rather they combine Gloomy Wood with Katanga Canyon.


So I hope they do something with KC and GW for SW8 or in the future.

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Perhaps a Gloomy Wood retheme could be an idea in the future, though whether to link it to Katanga or potentially produce a brand new area would be an interesting development...


Given that only Duel resides there these days, anything could really be done to it, even a flat ride could be added in the old wooded area (assuming they can actually cut some trees down)...


I've decided I want a Chiapas style Flume replacing the decrepid one Towers own currently as well, themed to Mutiny Bay of course... Make it so Towers!

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